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Children's book illustrator. Nerd. Wife. Mom.

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Doctor Who, Star Trek, ATLA, Steven Universe and more
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VNV Nation
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Guild Wars 2
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PS & Wacom Ciniq 13hd, pencil & paper

June Update

2 min read
Hey everyone! It's been a while and I finally have a moment of time to write a new journal. I try to get back into the habit but it'll be a while until it's really a regular thing. Anyway, here's what I've been up to: Magic May As you may (or may not???) have noticed I did a little art challenge in May. In the end it's only been like two weeks of art cause life got in the way (when doesn't it?!?) but I really enjoyed doing it and some of the artworks turned out really well. I hope you enjoyed this little series. Do you have a favourite? Life stuff a.k.a. kid update! Well, yeah, to the surprise of no one who knows toddlers this was the reason I had to drop the challenge midway through. Little one had a terrible time sleeping which meant that me and my husband had a terrible time sleeping as well. It all started when he was getting his molars and then he learned how to walk and now he's starting day care - so there was always a lot going on for him and he had trouble dealing with
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Magic May

2 min read
What I've been up to Hello everyone! I know it's been a while I posted a journal but I've been incredibly busy in the last 2 months or so. My main priority was to get my portfolio and my website in order. I've been working as a children's book illustrator in a specific style for years now and it was time to show it. If you're interested you can see it all on The goal with tidying everything up is of course also to acquire new clients. I still need to send out my applications but I've already had the chance to show my stuff to one of the bigger children's book publishers here and they seemed to really like my work and gave me some super helpful pointers. Fingers crossed! My #MagicMay Challenge To keep myself more busy with art and train that terribly neglected creativity muscle of mine I made plans for a little May art challenge for me. Sadly I've been hit with a mean cold so I can only start now but now that I feel fine again I hope to stick with it for the
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Anyone of my watchers still here?

46 votes
Yes! And I'm still active on dA!
Yes, but I mostly lurk around.
No, I left dA and only show up to answer polls!
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You have come such a long way! Got yourself a nice style and a lot of experience in your gallery.

Happy Birthday! :-)
happy birthday!
Soon, it's going to be yet another regular day. Birds will sing...cats will meow...dogs will bark...geese will honk and steal peoples stuff.  

A typical, simple, regular day.

However, there is a small, tiny, exception.  The exception is for you, for that is the time when lightning was thrown from above by Zeus to herald your appearance.  Cast in the molten fires of Mount Olympus, and granted with a great creative power, you have been released upon the world to conquer it in whatever manner you see fit!  For it has been foretold by those who can see the future that you are great and true, and that it is your time to shout your joy to the heavens, and revel in the knowledge that on that day, it is written for you to have a Happy Birthday, with many more to come to increase your power and complete your creative conquest!

Also there's hand made cake and ice cream from down the street.  Those folks make some mighty fine cake indeed. Yum! :D (Big Grin) Have your cake and eat it too

I haven't been active here for a long while but I appreciate how you still post a wonderful comment for my birthday every year. :hug: