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shall be absent for about a week, back on 4th or 5th .. and this time there really will be no internets .. yes more holidays ~

you must be thinking, all I do is jet around .. but it's more, due to staff shortages and an unsympathetic boss, I must grab my leave when I can .. after this my nose will be pressed firmly to the grindstone for the rest of the year, give or take the odd break
~ however we DO happen to prefer travel in autumn or spring :}

anyway, if any commishees happen to complete a work in that time, please submit already, no need to wait for my approval ~

in the meanwhile, check out :icongravija-sunrise:'s irresistable offer, otherwise I'll be grabbing all the slots

and :iconereshkigal234: is having a commish drive to cover those unpleasant medical expenses, so please consider :}
  • Listening to: watever's onthe radio ~ alternative/classical
  • Reading: Amy Tan
  • Watching: um .. not as many as I ought ..
  • Playing: ~ in the jungle .. er, garden
  • Eating: healthystuff ~ fish, tofu, endamame ..
  • Drinking: enough caffeine to kill a small mammal ..
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Submitted on
April 27, 2008