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Random and Sporadic

Journal Entry: Tue Sep 13, 2011, 9:38 AM
that prettymuch sums up my activity here for most of this year ~

which will be even more unpredictable over the next few weeks, as I shall be away on holidays after this weekend.

There will be internets, but my opportunities to access it may vary from "nothing better to do" to a week's abstinence.

This is mostly a heads-up to the following artists, who've been in irregular contact over large~ish and ongoing projects:

:iconbastet-sama: :icondurandus: :iconfatalholds: :iconthejettyjetshow: :iconlaceycrombie: :iconmeiphon: :icondarrengeers: :iconsmyton4tw: :iconmarcianek: :iconkandoken:

yes most of them are my regular art-slaves, bless them :}

also the following, who have yet to invoice me:

:iconshikami: :iconkeh-ven: :iconbastet-sama: (for that second project)

You know I'm always prompt about these things, I'm mentioning it here so you know I haven't skipped the country.
well technically I will have but .. I haven't forgotten

I've messaged some of you already, and I should be back in touch by the 25th.

For the rest of you, nothing else new ..
I have been busy though~!
and always commissioning art, as expected. I've received plenty of sketches and other wip's, such as the one above - you know how I adore progressions~!
plus some speeds and completed pieces not here on dA.

To keep your interest, here's a few celebrated artists with Alacrity-art impending, whom you may already watch:

:iconbleuacide: :icondaverapoza: :icondrazebot: :iconnashya: :iconorin:

Actually I'm also listing these few here cos I haven't heard from them for 6+ (even 12+) months .. I know they're very busy~! so don't hold your breath for anything from them, not this year at least ..

There's also a lot of other artists whose works I greatly anticipate; I shalln't name you all, but you know who you are, and no pressure to get anything done, as always.
I'll be busybusybusy myself for the rest of the year, I know how it is.

*now there are contemptible handful I've written off, none deserve naming anywhere, :poo: oh well that happens.

The rest of you do make the effort to keep in touch, many thanks;
even those rough drafts you eventually discard are muchly appreciated :}

Shall be back in a couple of weeks~!!

sketch by Virus-AC
  • Listening to: some language I shoulda spent more effort learning
  • Reading: Morning Calm
  • Watching: mostly those I commish regular ~
  • Playing: no time to play~!
  • Eating: seaweed
  • Drinking: enough caffeine to kill a small mammal ..
Bastet-sama Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2011  Student Digital Artist
Good luck then! When I send you I note I'll wait patiently for your answer. Have a nice holiday! :D
Presteza Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2011
please take your time ~ for the next week or two, I may be able to check messages etc but I may (hopefully) be too busy to reply
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September 13, 2011