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Gone for a bit ..

Journal Entry: Sat Nov 12, 2011, 1:40 PM

hello everyone~!

  • another journal to say I'll be away in few days ~ this time for a month.

    I'll have very limited access to the internet, as anyone travelling overseas with a toddler will know~!

Here's a feature of some recent artworks:

Alacrity rooftop escape by mrpranny You've seen this one before - but~!
this week, mrpranny has modified her for a smoother animation, put a spring in her step and a bounce to her breasts :}

3D_alacrity_closeup by anakdesa-baikhati An Alacrity-acrobat action figurine~?! :O_o:
Actually a 3D digital model made from scratch, in a kotobukiya style, by anakdesa-baikhati

Commissions for alacDA by doghateburger a pinup trio by doghateburger
As some of you already know, this past year or so I've been pushing Alacrity into a dark-future (with a handful of exceptions).
So here's some cool&sexy samples .. the artist is available right now, by the way ~ :eager:

Alacrity wip2 by Tree-ink still a wip, but well worth a feature~!
Again, part of Alacrity's dark future .. check the artist's gallery to get a better idea how she might turn out.
Tree-ink is also up for commission - sexy/cool art, fantastic prices and, most importantly, excellent communication :}

Alacrity body-suit design by DarrenGeers speaking of wip's - this is part of an ongoing project by DarrenGeers
A most cool concept, and verymuch in tune with Alacrity's redesign.
So much so, that this sketch has been a major reference for recent commishes.

  • and speaking of redesign, there are several other exciting projects in the works, much will be revealed next year ..
    (I'll be back before then~!)

    Although Alacrity will seem a little different than many of you know her, especially from her many fantasy-concepts,
    focusing on a dark-future will bring her much closer to my original take on her, a couple of decades back.

:pointr: The current adaptation of Alacrity, closest to that vision, can be seen in the works of FatalHolds
The Prize 42 by FatalHolds The Prize 44 by FatalHolds The Prize 48 by FatalHolds

A very dark vision indeed, but in fact dearest to my heart :}

See you in a month~!!

backdrop sketch by :iconshinkatana:
  • Listening to: languages I shoulda spent more effort learning
  • Reading: China Miéville
  • Watching: mostly those I commish regular ~
  • Playing: no time to play~!
  • Eating: seaweed
  • Drinking: enough caffeine to kill a small mammal ..
InpuUpUaut Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2011  Student General Artist
See you my friend! Have a good time! :hug:
Presteza Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2011
thanks~! I will - busy all this week in preparation, but it makes it all the more exciting~!
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November 12, 2011