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Published: October 12, 2008
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*firstly, I DID NOT DRAW THIS SKETCH~! that honour goes to :iconbbrunoliveira:

I commished these, amongst other sketches, so we could hash out Ala's appearance before starting her chapter in :iconakins7075:'s Evo-Genesis series.

how she fits into John's universe is still evolving; I can say that she'll be Evo-Genesis' equivalent of a BladeRunner.

for now, here's her bio from an earlier incarnation, years ago, that I presented the team to work off:


Alacrity's concept is that she appears to be one thing but is another .. this applies to her personality as well as her physique.
That is, she plays up her cuteness a lot whilst in fact is cruel and savage.
Ala is playful, even (especially) when she is murdering someone.
Although she seems a real killer, that is offset by her tiny size (4'11", 100lbs), so she is not all that badass and needs the element of surprise.
Essentially, Alacrity is a small ferocious predator.

In general, she is friendly and likes to think she is thoughtful and kind. Even slaughtering someone, she feels she is performing a mercy.
Friends know her as stubborn and capricious.
And enemies consider her insane and violent.

On first impression she looks dainty, almost gentle but is in fact lithe and muscular under her clothes.
Although an assassin, Alacrity is not a ninja. She does possess remarkable physical aptitude and has developed fearsome skill.
She often uses guns, but not in this scene. Her eyesight is not perfect; whilst her marksmanship is competant no-one would hire her as a sniper.
Ala prefers to kill with her feet and hands (&/or improvised weapons), controlling a fight with her own acrobatic variant of Aikijutsu but typically finishing with harder styles/MMA.
Most situations which call for her talents are those which preclude weaponry or any overt sign of hostility.

Alacrity's assassination techniques are too niche to rely on for income; it's more a sport or hobby, but one she strives to excel at.
She retains her skills as journalist, secretary and courier, amongst others ~ useful roles for espionage and theft.
In places she feels grounded, Ala will set up as an instructor. In a new city, she is not too proud to deny menial jobs to survive.
Alacrity is pretty enough, and her figure appealing to some; so to maintain her standard of living, as well as valuable contacts, Ala has been mistress to political, business and criminal leaders.

Alacrity's had some life experiences, and although appears early 20's she's actually about ten years older.
She is an outsider in her chosen world, and refuses to conform to accepted norms, typically ending up with the bad crowd.
In each incarnation, Ala is bereft, and at least partially responsible for her slain family.
She does care somewhat for consequences but achieves her goals in her own way, and mostly on a whim.
Alacrity's outlook are those of a villain and her actions would place her as a small monster.
She usually does the "right thing", but it's only because that is what suits her at the time.
Alacrity is far more sexual and brutally violent than the GW model will allow.


Ala's bio for Evo-Genesis may differ to the above, but her basic character is the same.
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oh i meant :iconelee0228: its too muscular and scary lol
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oh~! haha well yes our tastes are parallel yet vastly different; I don't like that bulky look either~! He does provide a great source of artists tho.
In many ways Alacrity is a LOT scarier than his OC - his commishes don't feature any blood or violence XD
yakkingyetis's avatar
it would be scary if alacrity looked like that lol
Presteza's avatar
I'd put it down to balance ~ for every pic where she is too buff, there are plenty more where she isn't at all ..

What's harder than getting Alacrity's figure right, is capturing her personality - which is why those artists I mentioned are amongst my fave-of-faves. They can create an impish character, who looks attractive at first glance yet disconcerting at closer look :} Now THAT is tricky to pull off~!
yakkingyetis's avatar
she doesn't look disconcerting to me haha
Presteza's avatar
perhaps not to you, but quite a number of artists have declined to answer my commish requests - despite being available and "open to try new things" lol~!
yakkingyetis's avatar
haha i'm going to check them out one by one..
i hope to be good enough to complete my own oc too
Presteza's avatar
oh lol, you must have seen them by now~! I keep a low profile by comparison ..

a few more: :iconpsowill: :iconfeliane: :iconsupermaorifulla: :iconattache: :icongermancitygirl: :iconlincard1000: :iconm1a2tanker: :iconadamc11779: :iconxullraezauviir:

they are all worth checking out ~ I've found a few good artists through them :}
yakkingyetis's avatar
i checked them all one by one..
i think with the exception of one, you have spent much more then the rest
you commissioned the biggest guys in deviantart :D
Presteza's avatar
haha orly~? lol~!
I think you are confusing me with :iconelee0228: or :iconpearlypony: or :iconsweetyuya:

Have I really commished big name artists~? I can't always tell - my PV's are disabled. But I'm glad they are successful.

(tho I do have an idea, from the number of comments they get on each piece ~ but that just might mean they have chatty watchers)

I prefer artists who communicate well, and I do know of many popular artists who DON'T - from the commish requests I send that are never answered. Maybe they are better at painting than writing - but lol, I know Alacrity scares a lot of them off~!
yakkingyetis's avatar
i dunno if its just me but women that are more muscular then superman is kinda scary...
I still think you have more commissions then anyone else lol
i went through your faves and was doubly amazed

njoo seemed to have done substandard work for you..
and i found some amazing 3d gameplay you commissioned haha
i never knew you could turn off pageviews also haha
Presteza's avatar
well, Alacrity's meant to be super-ripped, but not at all bulky .. with clothes on, she'd seem dainty.
Unfortunately many artists struggle to draw muscle on a character without hulking them out :{

Oh, and she's supposed to be more about mischief than pure badassedness ~

Some artists whose interpretation is consistent with my own, are :icong-e-e-r-s::iconmarcianek::icontsulala::iconwotwot: to name a few.

I really love how nJoo drew her (I did specify those poses)
I know they aren't impressive compared to his usual stuff, but he explained that all he does each day is paint awesome scenes, and he wanted a break from that .. so all he was offering were quickies yes I did approach him for a bigger scene XD

Yes, you should try to look past PV's, it's quite freeing :}
Presteza's avatar
oh, haha, I know she seems a little ubiquitous, but in fact she's not really designed to be terribly popular - Alacrity for all her appeal, oughta have a little "ew" factor :O_o:
yakkingyetis's avatar
haha i'm loving all the character designs that has been done
i also really admire your passion for developing her...
amazing : )
Presteza's avatar
actually, development is what Alacrity's lacking the most right now ~
Oh, there's plenty of character designs, and the variety serves well to explore aspects of her, but with so many interpretations it's almost like an artistic version of chinese whispers ..

I think consistency is what's called for now - exploring Alacrity in more ways, but by fewer select artists.
yakkingyetis's avatar
i know what you mean...
i look forward to seeing her development a lot

but then again seeing so many visions of her is also wonderful haha..
Presteza's avatar
true, artists do get inspiration from one another.
Many of the works would not be as good as they are, if the bar had not been raised :}

lol, this can only mean that I shall have to aim at both consistency and variety~!
yakkingyetis's avatar
i really admire the amount of cash you spent..
because most people are not willing to fork out any money for their original characters
so my hat is off to you :bow:
Presteza's avatar
ha, I spend cash on other people's OC's every now & then too~!@

On the other hand, I really admire those who will spend big $$$ on fanart for mainstream characters
for example Marvel/DC, Avatar, Bleach, etc etc
I do not understand that, but I do admire their dedication.
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BlackKusanagiStudent General Artist
She looks very good... gotta be proud of the work put into that. Nicely done!
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my input is merely Alacrity's concept, this art is from :iconbbrunoliveira: tho he doesn't seem to stop by DA very often.
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