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Published: February 28, 2008
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here's closeups of Alacrity's face, sans mask ~ the main thing wrong with these faces is their lack of expression, Alacrity is suppose to smile somewhat ~ anything from a small smile of inner happiness, to a big grin of delight

for clarification, Ala has a roughly heartshaped face (narrow jawline not square please), with Eurasian features (wide brown european eyes + epicanthic fold), thin dark eyebrows, thin lips, and short- to mid-length fair hair (straightish not wavy).
Expressions typically reflect curiosity, excitement or mischief ~ very rarely shows extremes, no murderous rage etc.

@ this is here more for the benefit of those I commission, as ImageShack [link] and PhotoBucket [link] (where I deposit most of my reference material) aren't always reliable ..

Although Alacrity's concept existed long before Guild Wars, her GW model recreates her more accurately than anything else I have access to (her face in particular).

*doll is from ArenaNet's mmorg, GuildWars, and is in my opinion the cutest face/hair/colour selection for an Assassin
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really cool ideas you have~!!
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omg you found my scraps~!

I use this for commishing peeps - most of the time ..
sometimes I reference other portraits of Alacrity, usually one or more of these, if I wanna throw some spin on it ~
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wow... so many commissions~!!
the one in your featured is that by you? Or was it commissioned?
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you mean this one~?
no, merely a wip .. which if I'd not shown it here, no-one would ever see ~
I doubt :icondavidrapozaart: would post her in his own gallery, unpolished like that, otherwise I'd fave it from his ..
That wip is just right .. So there, alone in my gallery, she is.

there are scores if not hundreds of other artworks featuring Ala, that you won't find in my faves ..
Not everything I commish is from dA, and of those that are, not all artists have posted them up
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wow.. i love that wip the best anyway..
haha i even like it more then the stuff in his gallery :D
she's your original character?
what's the story behind her?
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oh Ala's story is too long to post here ~ there's pages of stuff on her ..

but basically Alacrity started as a secondary character, a spunky rogue-type, and my only female OC of significance.
She appears whenever I want a cute&deadly killer ~
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wow she's only a supporting character?
and you even got :iconcushart: to draw her :faint:
i'm so impressed~!!
Do you mind if i ask how much you spent on her?
The 3D stuff on her is also amazing.. wow
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lol why do so many peeps wanna know that~? even I don't know~!

I rarely pay the going rate;
like anyone else, I'll take advantage of specials
*(many of her pics were free, btw)

those artists with whom I have good relations (and who draw Ala particularly well), I repeat-commish, + generally tip more :}
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HungrysparrowProfessional Digital Artist
Why are you hiding this away in scraps? It's awesome!
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oh, these are only commission references ..

but (too) lately I've learnt that citing [link] by :icondavidrapozaart: and [link] by :icong-e-e-r-s:
will produce far better results, especially regarding Alacrity's personality
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oh~! tack~!

this wasn't meant to be artistic tho.. more "functional", so the artists I commish can have a reference ~
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