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Screen shot 2012-05-09 at 3.09.54 PM by Presteza

a brief portfolio of Alacrity's world is here ~>
and best visual refs for her are here ~>…

as her name implies, Alacrity is energetic, cheerful and enthusiastic.

Ala's cute and dangerous, mischief is what she's all about;
and she's sexy but more in an innocent, playful way rather than a sexual way.

to help you into Ala's mindset, I think these might sum her up best: &

- Ala is usually in motion, fidgety even at rest
- she has a raspy voice (think of a soprano with mild laryngitis); Ala can be selfconscious about this at times, it does affect her~! but hard to show in art .. a little shyness perhaps~?
- she can get very cranky because she isn't taken seriously, it is hard for her to get her opinions across .. Of course that only makes her seem more pathetic or amusing.
- as a result, Ala finds it easier to kill people than negotiate with them, and she is occasionally sad at the unnecessary deaths she causes.

- Alacrity loves to wear showy outfits
<- Individually, her fave colours are blue-purples, browns, black, greys, soft pink, appx in that order
- likes water, snow, blood, flowers, running, acrobatics, peoplewatching, being watched
- dislikes poison, ninjas, intoxication, intimacy, authority, the supernatural, creepycrawlies, cooking
- Alacrity is susceptible to toxins, even alcohol and nicotine, so she doesn't trust any prepared food and prefers to eat things raw

The setting is sci-fantasy, like Chronicles of Riddick, Dune, or (more obscure) Jorune, and perhaps the worlds in Miéville's novels.
Bladerunner and The Matrix are also good parallels, though they are more dark-scifi than sci-fantasy.

Alacrity is not superpowered. Her abilities are not too far beyond human elite capacity, which due to her tiny size only make her about as tough as say a 200lb soldier, which is rather remarkable for a small woman, but laughable in comparison to most action-oriented characters.
Even an average grunt, in a face-to-face confrontation, is a significant challenge (Ala can kill one unarmed, but stands a good chance of getting hurt or killed herself).

Alacrity isn't quite human, and she has other forms; as an early teen, experiments activated her inhuman DNA, making her somewhat capable of MK-style fatalities, with a personality/mentality to match. Pumped full of inhuman hormones, Alacrity as a juvenile is harder/faster/stronger and scarier, than she is fully-grown
However fascinating that aspect of her, I mostly prefer to focus on Alacrity in her more human, adult form (still a little beyond human limits).

Ala's real name is Tanya Moeller.

She begins as a genetic experiment, codenamed Alacrity, an assassin-construct, but she eventually falls short of her controllers expectations.

Little Tanya is highly promising at first, frighteningly lethal at an early age.
The EugeniX Corporation [TEC] accelerate her dna with the hormones of a native predator.
Ala's strength and speed develop way beyond human limits, but she also became difficult to control.
She ruined one mission too many, and had a habit of destroying valuable assets, so TEC regretfully evaluate Alacrity as a failed experiment and an unpredictably dangerous liability.

EugeniX decide to send Alacrity on a suicide mission, in which she escapes.
She flees far away, her abilities well-suited to survival. Eventually, Ala's hormones return to "normal" level, her enhanced abilities subside and she regains more control over herself.

She is recaptured for a series of crimes and sent to the far colonies as a convict, where she again breaks free.

Now on the run, Alacrity makes her living as an outcast, a vagabond and rogue.

Although Alacrity was developed to be a deadly assassin, she is more pirate than ninja. That is, she is playful, and adopts ferocity and bluff, rather than stealth.

She is unpredictable, and might spare someone she is assigned to kill, or kill someone at random.
Alacrity is not motivated by hate.
If she gets mad enough to act on her impulses, she'd do something then and there, disembowel someone and then walk off .. but her emotions wouldn't last long.

Blood can trigger Ala's jagd-wyrm instincts.
The feel and taste of blood (but not mere sight/smell) excites Alacrity (thanks to her jagd-wyrm dna), to the point where she loses control, so also repels her afterwards.
Hence Ala prefers bone-breaking, which also excites her but without repelling her - she remains in control.

Sexually, Alacrity prefers to be uke with men, ie she is attracted to badder asses than herself, often leading to abusive relationships.
When Ala is attracted to women, she prefers to be seme.

- Ostensibly straight, Alacrity is better described as "Pansexual" ie, she will couple with anyone of any gender who is pretty or playful enough to attract her.

- Alacrity is attracted to aggression in men, ie alpha males. She typically ends up with the Villain, rather than the Hero. Thus her partners are often even more violent than she is, and Ala ends up fleeing for her life ..

- Ala is actually sexually quite naiive, but very curious and will try anything. She enjoys rough play; about 25% of her playmates end up with serious injury, but she doesn't intentionally kill anyone she makes love with.

- On the other hand, like many stereotypical female assassins, Alacrity might well have sex with someone she intends to kill ..
In such a case, she won't necessarily be uke, and can play-act seme very convincingly.


lotta stuff that ISN'T written, trying to keep this brief, clarifed some FAQ's;
I can fill you in on so much more, depending on how much time you & I have spare :}
condensed from many many separate notes to artists & fans; will remain in scraps until I tidy it up.

Alacrity's Back commissioned from :iconjeteffects:, May 2012
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VADER612 Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2018
Sorry. Jagd wyrm* I have a notch of an auto correct
VADER612 Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2018
So I've a question. What's a jagd when? I can't find anything on them and I'm really curious
nepster70 Featured By Owner May 21, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
this is the first time in a year i'm back on dev and right away i saw this so i kinda wanna know what this exactly is and were i can read its full story or do i have to what for it to jet to release
DekaTechXtreme Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I like this :3
Dreamer-Out-There Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Wanted to say ... I like this a lot. She's an interesting character and I like that you are not afraid to give ALL the details. I gave you a watch. I look forward to seeing what else you do, also. I have my own OCs and characters, and I think I am doing much the same as you, slowing bringing my story to life with the help of other amazing artists. And just seeing all this, it inspires me to keep going. Bravo. Keep up the good work.
Presteza Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2013
oh my, :iconblushplz: thankyou

I'd say that you are bringing your stories out in a much more organised fashion that I have been~!
I'm now focusing on what I should have sorted out from the start - that is, establishing Alacrity's world; the characters will flow naturally from that.
You've got some wonderful artists working with you~!
Dreamer-Out-There Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yea ... world building ... its a choir, but sometimes a fun one. I will continue to watch you're work. I am very interested in what I see. And thx, I think I am very lucky to be working with the ppls that I am.
Chirutai Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2013
A really entertaining read about a very interesting character. Plus, I love all the art of her!
Thanks for sharing with the greater world.
Presteza Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2013
thankyou~! yes, she has been graced by some wonderful artists~!
I see you are bringing some of your own creations to life :}
Chirutai Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2013
Yes I am, mostly with the help of very talented artists. For now, I keep my characters mostly to myself though (both commissioned art and bio/stories), but seeing what you did for your amazing Alacrity, I am thinking that I should maybe give them some visibility!
Presteza Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2013
What I cherish the most, are collective works, especially all the drafts, by those artists who were happy to play with Alacrity repeatedly.
Here, this sketchpage is what I mean, it really blew my mind ~ [link]
I'd suggest start with rough sketches like that, they are magic.

As a commissioner, I love to see works-in-progress far more than the finished piece, they give me a vicarious feeling of being involved.
Chirutai Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2013
I absolutely agree with you about the appeal of the work-in-progress pieces. I have been very lucky to work with one very skilled artist who had a great understanding on my Tia's flawed anatomy and accepted to do a lot of sketches to fine-tune the best anatomy for her. It was an everyday joy. Seeing your character take shape gives an amazing feeling.
This sketchpage you linked is amazing indeed. I don't ask for enough sketch commissions. It allows for the artist to focus 100% on the character itself without spending much time and energy on tedious tasks related to the general aesthetic of the pic such as shading. (or course, with paintings, it's something else entirely)

While I am at it, wanted to say that I ran into FatalHolds comic "The Prize" featuring Alacrity, and he did an amazing job crafting her body, I thought. Those abs are heavenly, and I would say he did justice to her facial features too. Seeing her in action is a joy for the eyes.
Presteza Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2013
aha, you're referring to those character sheets by :iconhedrick-cs:~? He did a great job showing off Tia's distinct characteristics + personality; for a ref sheet, details need to be exact.
I'd definitely recommend just sticking with a handful of artists you feel comfortable with.
Hopefully won't be too much trial&error~!

Yes, Fatalholds' latest Alacrity is amazing. Those 3D programs are trickier than they seem; I never used to like them until his versions of her.
Actually it's Alacrity's face that gives artists the most trouble, so I prefer a semi-manga style (or the Aiko head in DAZ) as it's more forgiving.
Chirutai Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2013
Actually, I am referring to another collaboration still in progress with another artist which quickly became my favorite, :iconnsio:, thanks to whom I finally have a near-perfect rendition of Tia's anatomy. That said, hedrick-CS did an amazing job on Tia, and he did it from uncompleted reference material on top of that! (since it missed good reference for her anatomy at the time)

Indeed, a semi-manga style is more forgiving, and I tend to like it more than realistic faces when it comes to 3D work for some reason. I would love to see Tia in 3D (and fatalhold would probably be my first choice for that, but I don't know if he takes commissions), but more than the face though, I feel that it's probably her belly which would give trouble to 3D artists. It purposely walks on a thin line between sexy and unattractive (to most people's eyes I mean), and I don't know if there is any way to get it right which wouldn't be too much trouble with 3D software.
Presteza Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2013
that's awesome, I do like how free :iconnsio:'s lines are. So expressive~!

Fatalholds does indeed take commissions, you'll need to chat in private. Am not sure myself about the limitations of 3D; you will almost certainly need to have leeway with costumes, but seems that a wide range of anatomy is achievable.
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Alac-Liop Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2013
Hey hi there! It seemed to me you got an OC named Alac, but the complete name is Alacrity, and well, Alac's my nickname since I'm 7yo and it came totally randomly but I liked it... So I'm just curious how came your OC's name? :meow: Also kinda weird cause now Alac would be a male and female name as well XD
Presteza Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2013
lol~! nuuuu~! her nickname isn't "Alac" and I personally never refer to her as such.

Some people may call her "Alac", but I (and most others) shorten "Alacrity" to "Ala".

Rest assured, your name remains a boy's name :}
Alac-Liop Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2013
Okay, thanks XD Indeed I found some devs from :iconbastet-sama: with Alac as her name ^^

well anyway (as I'm not english) I didn't get Alactrity, you says it would means she's energiful and like exctited but I don't see why :/
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