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Weapon No. 836
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Published: November 24, 2008
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awesome pencils not by me, but by :iconbbrunoliveira:

here is Ala's bio for her appearance in =akins7075's EvoGenesis universe:


Universe: X Comikz

Real Name: Catlin Alexandria

Aliases: Alacrity, Flea, Weapon No. 836

Occupation: S.E.A.D. Operative, bio-organic Weapon No. 836 - assassination, abduction, espionage, theft

Citizenship: U.S.A. 2031

Place of Birth: No records exist; sources speculate that she was conceived and incubated in a S.E.A.D. genetics laboratory, but this is improbable as genetech was not sophisticated enough until two decades ago.

Known Relatives: both parents suspected S.E.A.D. operatives, rumoured to be deceased since Alacrity's childhood or infancy.
Since her teen years, Alacrity's ova have been harvested by S.E.A.D. for their Gene Program. It is uncertain whether any progeny have emerged, but if early splicing experiments were successful, there could be a new generation of "Weapons" by now ..

Group Affiliation: S.E.A.D.

Education: raised by S.E.A.D.; speaks several languages (not fluently)

Age: appears early 20's. But intel places Alacrity as the instrument involved in the JigSaw Slayings, as well as the Kamchatka Affair a few years earlier, and the Corandell Takeover - therefore she must be in her 30's at least.

Height: 4' 11" - stunted as a consequence of intense physical conditioning from birth

Weight: 100lbs - like many elite acrobats, Ala has a phenomenal strength-to-weight ratio

Eyes: brown, Eurasian, thin dark eyebrows

Hair: messy, fair and midlength

Powers: no actual powers, Alacrity is not an EvoSapien. However S.E.A.D. has raised her to think that she has the gene.
Her acrobatic and unarmed combat prowess is fearsome, and she can easily match top gymnasts (of either gender) and martial artists; to an observer she would indeed appear to possess the Evo-gene.
Alacrity has been reputed to have the power to dodge bullets - this is not true, but in fact her reflexes are honed to the point that by observing the shooter's trigger finger, Ala can twitch away at the last instant.
Alacrity has often demonstrated horrifying ease in destroying a skilled opponent twice her size. She has been witnessed eviscerating a man with her bare hands; a feat achieved by a lifetime of unarmed combat and physical conditioning combined with natural talent, not an Evo-power.

Abilities: thorough grounding from birth in numerous armed and unarmed combat forms.
Against an opponent of average size/build Ala will employ lethal strikes and holds, capable of breaking bones and rupturing organs.
For larger and more competent prey, she will apply her signature style, which is a mix of close-in aikido and jujitsu techniques, and acrobatic maneouvres only a champion gymnast could hope to replicate. Also useful when subdual rather than killing is desired.
If pitted against a massive or unusually dangerous enemy, such as an EvoSapien, Alacrity prefers to focus her skills towards escape and evasion, and will need to resort to weapons and/or strikes to vital spots.
Non-combat abilities focus on infiltration techniques, as well as languages and culture, plus basic business and scientific knowledge to impersonate if required.

Paraphernalia: none usually, but can adopt anything at hand; has the considerable S.E.A.D. arsenal at her disposal.
Despite her penchant for weaponless kills, Ala is competant with firearms and assorted devices, but guns are not her forte.
Will also employ nonviolent means if available or required.

Weaknesses: like any elite athlete, Alacrity's performance depends on her maintaining top condition. She is susceptible to toxins, even alcohol has a pronounced effect on her. She prefers to don a mask where acceptable, not for disguise but as a precautionary air filter.
Ala has slightly "playful" tendencies: she will toy with her prey if practicable, and will rather leave her victims maimed than kill them outright.
Alacrity operates more on her whims than expediency, which earns her the ire of her controllers. But sometimes her instincts have merit, and this has kept her from early retirement.

[please note that scary as Alacrity's abilities sound, especially in comparison to a normal human, they are still only conventional;
with no actual powers, Alacrity is no threat to an Evo, and in most Evo-Genesis situations she would be the underdog]


*I highly recommend perusing :iconkandoken:'s fabulous colour job on her:
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