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Ala unclad ..
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Published: August 10, 2009
© 2009 - 2019 Presteza
the purpose of this scrappy collage is for artist's reference of Alacrity's torso.

yes, she pushes the extremes of human parameters;
but in fantasy or scifi worlds, Ala is not quite human (eg some hybrid of pixy, elf or alien)

Alacrity is supposed to be petite ~ small bewbs~! (well, normal is ok .. just not her most imposing feature), an elfin but muscly torso - shiny set of abs please~! of course when she is clothed that won't matter much, but if unclad that's one of her distinctive features.
[Ala's muscles aren't big, they are just very defined. For those artists who don't like to draw women with abs, I'd prefer she be drawn clothed or from different angles.]
Her limbs are not as powerfully developed, but still lean and ropy ~ Alacrity is built for speed & agility more than strength.
Her hands and feet are tough and callused (but still a woman's hands) - she can kill with them, not to mention perform all those acrobatics she enjoys.
*If I had to choose, I'd prefer a pixylike Ala than one who's capable of killing you with her bare hands .. of course a combination of both is ideal.
[ie, Alacrity is meant to be ripped .. but trim & lithe, NOT bulky. Or you can just paint her well-covered]

At first glance, or from a distance, Alacrity might be taken for a dainty little girl.
But on closer look, she more resembles the tiny ferocious predator she is.

*screenshots are of Alacrity in ArenaNet's GuildWars (nekky here, normally wears more clothing~!), though Alacrity's concept existed way before then ..
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dude.. Alacrity is soooooo hot! i dont mind small boobs too! I mean, with a face like Ala's, i wont even notice the body (not coz its not hot.. coz its obviously sizzling!)
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thanks, I only wish the dolls showed more expression~!
.. but that's where art comes in :}
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True... besides, Ala looks best in that facial expression where she exudes silent calmness and beauty!
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I often ask artists to make her look characteristically capricious, but actually some of her best portraits show her looking fearsome, like your own "Alacrity's Ready" [link]

I'm glad I didn't specify any expressions for her then, the effect would have been spoiled with a smile, everything came out perfectly~!
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