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Red Mage Viera

I've been replaying Final Fantasy Tactics Advance and I realized there's not nearly enough love for that game's Viera Red Mage design. This is the first actual picture I've drawn in like 2 months, so please excuse any roughness

Character shown is 18+

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Hey! Welcome back :)
PressurizedPleasure's avatar

Can't say I'm completely back yet, but thanks

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Shes wearing a hat somehow... im jelous
PressurizedPleasure's avatar
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its very nice

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One of my absolute favorites! Both game and class!

PressurizedPleasure's avatar

Thanks, it's actually one of my favorites too, I put like 300 hours into it on GBA back in the day, lol

X-Halfling's avatar

Me too! Had to master every class on every character in my guild haha!

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