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I need some advice.
I was about to command Katia something sex related, but... a part of me is telling me that it's not a good idea.
Would that be against the rules on the Prequel site if I did?
I mean..probably it would. I mean it would be a blt out of kilter but in the same time there has been some close nudeness in the comic too. So, I would say keep it clean,but if you think you should then...good luck
hace mucho que no leo esto.. debería volver a eso!
I found Katia through a game and am reading the story.
I came to see the fanart.
Thanks so much for letting me join the group!!
Hey um, message for the admins, sorry if my many art contribution requests are seen as spam, I've just had quite a bit of artwork in a folder for a few months now, most of it Prequel related because I'm obsessed with the webcomic and it's protagonist Katia. If you want me to slow down on the contributions just let me know
So guys how was my story?