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Lincoln Loud: Hey kids. I'm Lincoln Loud. But you may not now about my heroic identity. Sailor Lincoln, the first and only male Sailor Scout. It's funny to see a boy fighting monsters in a skirt and heels. But it's cool. Let me tell you those stories. In a city of Royal Woods, life was peaceful. Until some guys released a ghost named Ember, who wants to rule it with an iron fist. Then, a cat named Luna give me powers, making me the first male Sailor Scout. I defeated big monsters. Luna and her friends Artemis recruited my sisters, making them Sailor Scouts as well. Luna saved the Grimwood Ghouls from the Dazzlings, Luan saving us from a big spider, Lynn winning a Transylvania Monster Race, Lucy stopping party monsters, Lisa stopping Beetlejuice from marrying and kidnapped Clyde, AKA Tuxedo Clyde, Lola and Lana helping Power Rangers defeat the twin destroyers, Leni stopping a scissor snipping monster from cutting all blondes hairs, and Lori defeated Ryuko, with a help from Saitama. And we stopped Lily from destroying Michigan, making her a Sailor Scout as well. And we finally defeated Ember, and peace returned. And so, a new adventure begins.

[Twinkling Noises Are Heard]

[Rock Music Plays]

Fighting Evil By Moonlight!
Winning Fun By Daylight!
Never Running From A Real Fight!
They Are The Team Named Sailor Louds!

They Will Never Turn A Back On A Friend!
They Are Always There To Defend!
They're The Team On Whom We Can Depend!
They Are The Team Named Sailor...

Sailor Star!
Sailor Xero!
Sailor Blythe!
Sailor Mabel!

Secret Powers Oh So New To Them!
They Are The Team Named Sailor Louds!

[Guitar Solo]

Fighting Evil By Moonlight!
Winning Fun By Daylight!
With The Nicktoon Stars To Help Fight!
They Are The Team Named Sailor Louds!
They Are The Team Named Sailor Louds!
They Are The Team... SAILOR LOUDS!

Sailor Louds: Sailor Stars

Lori: [she turns off the TV] Stupid brother! You make me look bad! [she puts on a scary mask] OOGA BOOGA BOOGA!!!!

Based on the Loud House character created by Chris Savino.

Episode 11: The Return of Sailor Lincoln

[At the Royal Woods Amphitheater]

Lincoln: Clyde! This is gonna be the greatest day of my life! Meeting the ultimate of all ultimate heroes! The Great Saiyaman!
Clyde McBride: Yeah! We'll be his sidekicks!
Lincoln: WHOO!
Announcer: Ladies and gentleman! Boys and girls! Put your hands together for the Savior of Universe 7! The Great Saiyaman!
Great Saiyaman: Greetings, people of Universe 1! I am the Great Saiyaman! And today is the first day of recruiting more members of the Saiya Force! Stomp if you're tired of being a coward! Stomp if you're ready to become a hero! Then you have what if takes to join the Saiya Force!
Lincoln: YES!


Great Saiyaman: You don't have what it takes.
Lincoln: Why not?
Great Saiyaman: You're a coward. You're weak, pathetic, and lame.
Lincoln: But I'm very brave and strong! Observe. [he tries to open a pickle jar] Dang it.
Great Saiyaman: [he kicks Lincoln] Beat it! I got some world saving to do! And remember. You can do anything, as long as you're me. NEXT!

[Later, at a dark place]

Revolta: Those Dazzlings are such a bunch of knuckleheads. They beat me for trying to kidnap the Grimwood Ghouls. I deserve to kidnap them! But, I'll rule the entire world! Nina Cortex! You're a great mad scientist.
Nina Cortex: Scientist yes. Mad no. I'm more of a vengeful scientist. I always hate cute little animals.
Revolta: Good. Baron Vain. You got your WarBots ready?
Baron Vain: Yes, Revolta.
Revolta: Dr. Putrid T. Gangreen! Turn those harmless food into monsters!
Dr. Putrid T. Gangreen: Okay. [he turns on the Evolvo-Ray, turning food into monsters]
Voice: State your mission.
Broccoli Monster: Destroy all humans!
Voice: State your mission.
Cheese Monster: Destroy all humans!
Voice: State your mis... sion?
F.T.: Hello.
Voice: Defect detected.
Dr. Gangreen: Grrr... [he grabs F.T.] What a stupid tomato! [he throws F.T. to the trash can] I got a better tomato. This will be the general of my food army! [he puts a tomato to the line, where the Evolvo-Ray zaps it] YES!
Voice: State your mis... sion? [the general turns out to be a red haired girl with a red shirt, blue shorts, and cream cowgirl boots]
Tara Boumdeay: Hi. I'm Tara Boumdeay.
Voice: Another defect detected.
Dr. Gangreen: Failure again! GAH!
Baron Vain: Rat! CATCH HER!
Rat: Yes, Baron Vain. [he jumps on a mecha suit]
Tara: Oh no. [she grabs F.T. and flees]
Rat: Prepare to be destroyed!
Tara: Oh no. [they escape Revolta's lair]
Rat: I'll get you someday, Tara.

[Back at the Loud House]

Lincoln: Maybe Great Saiyaman was right. I don't have what it takes to become a true hero.
Tara: Hello? Is this the Loud House?
Lincoln: That's right. [he opens the door] Who are you?
Tara: I'm Tara Boumdeay. I was created by Dr. Putrid T. Gangreen. After my creation, Baron Vain's henchman, Rat chased me. And I got out of Revolta's lair. And this is my friend, F.T.
F.T.: Hi!
Lincoln: So cute.
Tara: Enough about him. The whole world is in danger! I heard Revolta's going to take over the world!
Lincoln: That's terrible! I'll prove that I'm a better hero than Great Saiyaman!
Rat: [laughing] This will be a perfect attack spot. [he shows up] Say hello to my little friends! [he summons his Food Monsters and WarBots]
Tara: We gotta run!
Lincoln: No. I'm tired of running. I'll stop you with my kung-fu! HA! [he punches a WarBot, but breaks his hand] Oooh! The pain! HA! [he punches another WarBot, but breaks his other hand] Oooh-Hoo-Hoo-Hoo!!! More pain! I feel like a dinosaur!
Tara: Really?
Lincoln: HA! [he kicks a Pizza Monster, but Pizza Monster throws him] Everybody's a critic.
Rat: Grrrr... GET HER!
Tara: AH! [the Food Monsters and WarBots chase her]
Luna (Cat): Lincoln! Get up!
Lincoln: A talking cat knows my name?
Luna (Cat): I'm Luna! I erased your memories of Sailor Lincoln after you defeated Ember!
Lincoln: Ember?
Luna (Cat): GAH! Let me restore your memories. [she restores Lincoln's memories]
Lincoln: Luna! I'm so glad to see you!
Luna (Cat): Okay!
Tara: HELP! Why do I have to run in these cowgirl boots?
Lincoln: Tara's in trouble! I have to save her!
Luna (Cat): Hold your horses! I also upgraded your powers. Here. Take this new Transformation Devise.
Lincoln: Cool.
Luna (Cat): Now. Say Loud Crystal Power!
Lincoln: Okay. Loud... Crystal Power!


[Lincoln spins around, then gained a Sailor Scout suit and long pigtails and buns. Finally, he makes a pose.]

Lincoln: Finally! Sailor Lincoln is back!
Luna (Cat): Now go out there and save Tara!
Tara: F.T.. This will be the end of us.
Rat: You're mine!
Lincoln: HEY! I am the new and improved Sailor Lincoln! I stand for fun! And I stand for justice! And in the name of the Loud House, I'll punish you! Just leave that girl alone.
Rat: Oh yeah? I'll so you fun! What's that over there?
Lincoln: What? Where?
Food Monsters: ROAR!
WarBot: Destroy boy in heels.
Lincoln: [he takes down some Food Monsters] If you can't take the heat, stay out of the kitchen!
WarBot: Prepare to die!
Lincoln: HA! [he kicks a lot of WarBots]
Rat: GAH! Baron Vain and Gangreen will be so mad! But this Mecha Suit won't fail!
Lincoln: But this will! Loud... Sword... SLASH! [he slashes Rat's Mecha Suit, destroying it]
Rat: I've been defeated by a crossdresser!
Lincoln: That's right! Now surrender.
Rat: [cries] MOMMY! [he flees]
Lincoln: Get lost! And leave this innocent girl alone!
Tara: Wow! Thanks for saving me from those monsters! [she kisses Lincoln]
Lincoln: Awww... shucks. [he faints]
Luna (Cat): You're an embarrassment.

[At Revolta's Lair]

Nina: [she draws some monsters] Perfect.
Revolta: Mmmm... A Sailor Scout defeating monsters? My minions! We need to make more monsters to destroy Royal Woods and take Tara! [laughing]


Fighting Evil By Moonlight!
Winning Fun By Daylight!
Never Running From A Real Fight!
They Are The Team Named Sailor Louds!

They Will Never Turn A Back On A Friend!
They Are Always There To Defend!
They're The Team On Whom We Can Depend!
They Are The Team Named Sailor Louds!

They Are The Team... Sailor Louds!



Sailor Lincoln is back!
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Sailor Stella (Luna Loud's new name)

Sailor Jenny (Luan Loud's new name)

Sailor Mandy (Lynn Loud's new name) (full name is Amanda)

Sailor Chloe (Lucy Loud's new name)

Sailor Cameron (Lisa Loud's new name)

Sailor Sara (Lana Loud's new name) and Sailor Sierra (Lola Loud's new name)

Sailor Vera (Leni Loud's new name)

Sailor Megan (Lori Loud's new name)

Sailor Rosie (Lily Loud's new name)

Order of 1st transformation (new members):

Sailor Xero

Sailor Blythe

Sailor Valerie (Dipper and Mabel's identical triplet sister)

Sailor Star

Member in season 3:

Sailor Penny

Members in season 4:




Member in season 5:

Sailor Mina  

Member in season 5:

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