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Chris Reccardi
Lynne Naylor

[At a burned down mansion, a man picks up a baby girl]

Katz: This girl's parents parished in a terrible fire. You need to take care of her.
Joe Sanchez: Okay.

[5 Years Later]

Mina Sanchez: What was my real parents like?
Joe: They were just like you. Your dad was strong, funny, and cool. And your mom was courageous and pretty. And she also had long hair like you.
Mina: Hey! Watch the hair!

[16 Years Later]

Narrator: In everyone's life.

Mina: [she puts on a perfect dress] Look at me.

Narrator: There's a moment that meet your destiny.

Lacey Shadow: [she grabs and ties Mina]
Mina: Touch my home, and you're dead meat!
Baron Vain: You're dead meat. [he blows up the Sanchez House]

[At the top secret facility, we see a heavily bandaged Mina]

Narrator: For Mina Sanchez,

[Scientists put some super syrums on Mina, including the mysterious XERO Syrum]

Narrator: That time is now.

Katz: We did it.
Mina: [she removes her bandages, then her hair turns pink, purple, and orange] What have you done to me?

[At the room]

Katz: You're Agent Xero now. Pick a perfect outfit.
Agent Xero: I'll choose this. [she picks a white mod dress with bell sleeves and white knee high go-go boots, then puts it on] How do I look?
Katz: Brilliant!

[At the Guru Room]

Yoga Guru: Consentrate.
Narrator: They will train her.
Agent Xero: Okay. [she turns into a Yoga Guru] Well?
Yoga Guru: Wow! I like it!

Narrator: But Vain will try to destroy her.

Baron Vain: I'll get you, my pretty! And your little MOLE too! [laughing]


[Xero activates her car]


[Xero activates her jet boots]


[Xero disguises into a phantom, a police officer, a fire fighters, a nurse, and a robot]

Lacey Shadows: [she takes down Xero] Say goodbye, Xero!
Agent Xero: NEVER!
Baron Vain: G-G-G-G-G-GET HER!

[We see the city on fire]

Narrator: This March.

[Xero uses a magnifying glass]

Narrator: Get ready for the only hero who's name is hero but with a X instead of an H. One disguise at a time.

[Xero uses Mole as a jet pack]

[Fantome Noir reveals herself]

[Xero puts on a catsuit]

[Xero's car destroys Lance's car]

Agent Xero: Did you hear that?

[Xero pulls out a laser gun]

[Xero kicks bad guys]

[Vain strangles Katz]

[Mole turns gigantic]

[Lacey saves Xero]

[Fantome Noir wraps herself with a cape]

Chris Reccardi and Lynne Naylor's
The Modifyers: The Origin of Agent Xero

By Modifyers fan Prentis-65

Rat: May I touch your hair?
Agent Xero: Nope. Nobody touches the hair.
Rat: [he shrugs]

Made by a Modifyers fan for Modifyers fans.

Coming This March To DEViANTART.

Fantome Noir: Who is Fantome Noir? Nobody knows.
This will be the story of Agent Xero's origins.

Xero's real name is Mina Sanchez.
Mole is a Modifyers Series Shapeshifting Robot.
Xero and Lacey are long lost twin sisters.
Baron Vain was once a friend of Katz, until he betrayed him and murders Xero's parents and adopts Lacey.
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