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Old Prison Guard: The Irish were able to evacuate, and millions lost their homes.
John: That was very sad. In the movie, Xero and Lacey are stranded on an island for weeks, until Mole saved them.
Old Prison Guard: Never happened. In reality, they just went home.

[At Mina's childhood home]

News Reporter: This just in, Agent Xero has let Baron Vain destroy Ireland and Northern Ireland.
Mina: Well. The world has seen the last of Agent Xero. I'm back as simple Mina.
Tina: No more Lacey Shadows. I'm just Tina.
News Reporter: Coming up next on BBC, it's Doctor Who meets Godzilla!

[At Vain's lair]

Baron Vain: Finally! Xero and Lacey's powers are mine! [laughing] But I need one more power, before I unleash the Titans.
Fantome Noir: Baron Vain.
Baron Vain: Who said that?
Fantome Noir: I'm controlling your mind.
Baron Vain: No one controls my mind! Show yourself!
Fantome Noir: [she shows herself]
Baron Vain: [he takes Fantome Noir's powers] Come to papa, my baby!
Fantome Noir: My powers!
Baron Vain: [he takes Fantome Noir's costume] You're Pearl? Sorry I killed your real parents and adoptive parents.
Pearl: And I want redemption!
Baron Vain: Well then. Goodbye! [he sends Pearl to Mina's childhood home] Now, for the main event! [he rides on a flying scooter]

[At the ruins of Ireland]

Baron Vain: Brother! Titans! Look at your in your squalid prison! Who put you down there?
Titans: KATZ!!!
Titans: DESTROY HIM!!!
Baron Vain: Good answer.

[At the plains of Scotland]

Rock Titan: CRUSH... KATZ! [he stomps on the plains]

[At the fields of Scotland]

Ice Titan: FREEZE... HIM! [he freezes some horses]

[At the hills of Scotland]

Lava Titan: MELT... KATZ! [he burns a hill]

[At the farms of Scotland]

Wind Titan: BLOW... HIM... AWAY!!! [he destroy a farm]
Cow: MOO!!!


Baron Vain: Uuuh... guys?
Titans: HUH?
Baron Vain: Modifyers Organization HQ would be that way.
Titans: KATZ! Freeze... him!
Baron Vain: Hold it, SkullGator!
SkullGator: Huh?
Baron Vain: I have a special job for you, my bony friend.

[At Modifyers Organization HQ]

Katz: [he reads some comic books] Oooh... I like 'em.
Mole: [he sees the Titans]
Rock Titan: ROAR! Destroy KATZ!
Mole: Oh boy! Oh boy! Katz! The Titans have escaped! And they're here to destroy you!
Mole: Okay. [he pushes the alarm, and the Agents ride their planes to attack, but the Titans destroyed them]
Baron Vain: [laughing] Gotcha!
Katz: Mole! Go find Xero.
Mole: Okay!

[At the cemetary]

Mina: Mom. Dad. I hope you'll come back someday.
Tina: We'll miss you.
Pearl: Hey, guys.
Mina: Pearl! You're here?
Pearl: Yep. Just to see our dead parents.
Mina: Okay.
Mole: Guys! Xero? Lacey? Fanty? Why you're normal again?
Mina: Baron Vain took our powers. And now, we're normal again.
Mole: Okay. But I got a big problem! Katz needs you!
Mina: Sorry, Mole. I can't come back. Fame is overrated. Especially when you cause a complete and utter disaster.
Mole: It's not a complete and utter disaster.
Boys: Look! It's the one who caused a complete and utter disaster!
Mina: See that?
Mole: Oh... The evacuation of Ireland and Northern Ireland was a success. None of them are killed or hurt. The Modifyers need you more than ever.
Mina: That's great, Mole!
SkullGator: [he destroys London] AGENT XERO!!! Where are you!?! AGENT XERO!!! COME OUT AND FACE ME!!!
Mole: Don't worry guys. I got this. [he turns into a huge Mecha]
Mina: Awesome!
Mole: Yep. Time to face this SkullGator.
SkullGator: RUN! RUN!
Mina: Go Mole!
Mole: SkullGator! I've come to destroy you!
SkullGator: So. You little Mole? [laughing]
Mole: [he takes down SkullGator]
SkullGator: ROAR! [he takes down Mole] [laughing] Me bite off head! [laughing]
Mole: [he breaks SkullGator's arm]
Mole: [he uses his blaster to destroy SkullGator] YEAH!!! [he turns back to normal]
Mina: Good job Mole! You beat that nasty SkullGator!
Mole: And I got a ride. [he summons the airship, and sends Mina, Tina, and Pearl there] It's time to defeat Baron Vain as a team!
All: YEAH!
Mole: Here we go! [they go to Modifyers HQ]

[At the HQ]

Rock Titan: [he destroys the gate]
Baron Vain: Ooh! Chihuahua!
Rock Titan: KATZ!
Katz: [he shoots the Titans] Dang it! I NEED MORE AMMO!
Doc: Crunch has been capture, Katz. Everyone's been captured! I've been captured!
Katz: Oh... [he gets trapped by Ice and Lava Titans]
Baron Vain: KATZY! I'M HOME!!!
Katz: Vain! You're behind this!?!
Baron Vain: Correctamundo!
Mole: Guys! I'm about to take your powers back from Vain! [he uses a power taker to zap Vain, give their powers back to Mina, Tina, and Pearl]
Mina: [she turns back to Agent Xero]
Tina: [she turns back to Lacey Shadows]
Pearl: [she turns back to Fantome Noir]
Agent Xero: YEAH! We're back in action!
Mole: YEAH! [he leaps down, and turns to Mecha Size]
Baron Vain: Hey! Who took my powers?
Katz: Vain! I won't let you role the World!
Baron Vain: Stop giving me orders, my goody two shoe twin brother. And I think I'm gonna like it here.
Agent Xero: Don't get too comfortable, Vain!
Baron Vain: Agent Xero?
Lacey Shadows: Remember me?
Baron Vain: Lacey Shadows?
Fantome Noir: And me?
Baron Vain: Fantome Noir?
Fantome Noir: [she frees the members]
Doc: Hooray for them!
Baron Vain: G-G-G-G-G-GET THEM!!!
Lava Titan: [he spews lava at Vain]
Baron Vain: No! Get them! Not me! Them!
Ice Titan: [he breathes ice at Vain]
Baron Vain: The girls with the bot!
Lacey Shadows: [she frees Katz]
Baron Vain: RAH!!!
Katz: Thank you, whoever you are.
Lacey Shadows: No prob.
Fantome Noir: Heroes never quit.
Rat: Time to defeat you, Mole!
Mole: [he squashes Rat]
Agent Xero: Now, watch this!
Rock Titan: Uh-oh.
Agent Xero: HA! [she kicks the Rock Titan, causing the Titans to flee]
Baron Vain: Guys! Get you titanic rears in gear, and kick some big fat butt!
Lacey Shadows: [she takes Vain's robes, revealing a diaper]
Baron Vain: Whoa! Is my robes gone?
Lacey Shadows: [laughing]
Agent Xero: Ready, Mole?
Mole: Always. [he grabs the Wind Titan, taking the Rock, Ice, and Lava Titans, and throwing them to the sun]
Agent Xero: Whoo-Hoo!
Mole: [he turns back to normal] We're great heroes!
Agent Xero: [she hugs Mole]
Baron Vain: What a cute reunion! But if I can't rule the world, I'll just destroy it! With this! The De-Planetizer! The most powerful laser ever created! Once I put the De-Planetizer into place, just above the planet's surface, I'll push the button and blow this mudball to smithereens! So don't try to stop me! [laughing]
Katz: Xero! This will be our biggest mission ever! So I'll go with you.
Agent Xero: Okay. [they get on the Airship and flies]

Vain is about to destroy the World!
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