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Old Prison Guard: And so, Agent Xero becomes one of The Modifyers. And with his partner Mole, they become heroes. So they went to London, England to find some crime.

[The airship flies over London]

Agent Xero: Wow. One town. A million troubles. The one and only London. The Big Ben itself. If you can make it there. You can make it anywhere. It's so beautiful. [she sees some criminals] Come on Mole! Let's stop those criminals! [they go down to the roof] Look at those criminals.
Fantome Noir: [laughing]
Mole: What's with that creepy laugh?
Agent Xero: I didn't do that laugh. Let's stop those criminals. [she disguises as a crime boss and goes down, with Mole disguising as a briefcase] Hey, boys. You did a good job.
Criminal 1: Yeah, boss. We stole all the goods.
Agent Xero: Now, let me see them. [she takes the goods]
Criminal 2: What are you gonna do with them?
Agent Xero: I'll uuuh... Take a look at them. Later.
Criminal 3: That boss acts very strange.
Fantome Noir: Very strange indeed.


Agent Xero: [she turns back to normal and returns the goods somewhere else] There. Another crime stopped.
Mole: Yeah! I see a supermarket robbery!
Agent Xero: Okay! [she disguises as a supermarket worker]

[At the supermarket]

Guy: All those groceries are mine!
Agent Xero: Hey! Put those groceries back!
Guy: Never!
Agent Xero: Time to stop him, Agent Xero style! [she turns back to normal and chases the guy, who was blocked by Fantome Noir]
Guy: Who are you?
Fantome Noir: Some call me a vigilante. Others a nightmare.
Agent Xero: Hey! That's my crook!
Fantome Noir: Uuuh... 'cuse me. Trying to make an entrance here. Let a true hero handle this! [she pushes the Guy back to the supermarket] See ya later, bub!
Agent Xero: Wow! Who are you?
Fantome Noir: I'm Fantome Noir. Defender of London.
Agent Xero: You're like a real superhero!
Fantome Noir: Right. If you excuse me. I have to return to my lair. Later!
Agent Xero: Wow. A real superhero! I'll follow her.
Mole: Xero! You shouldn't follow her!
Agent Xero: Who cares, Mole? She's dressed in black.
Mole: Ai-yi-yi!

[At Fantome Noir's lair, deep in a cave]

Fantome Noir: A desperate criminal is at large. And terror runs the streets like a pair of cheap stockings. But it's hopeless! No one gets a drop on-
Agent Xero: [she drops on Fantome Noir] Agent Xero! Hey. Why you built a lair in a cave?
Fantome Noir: I hide in the shadows.
Agent Xero: Oh. You need a partner?
Fantome Noir: No. I work alone.
Agent Xero: How come you wear a mask?
Fantome Noir: Because, there is nothing so terrifying to the criminal mind as the unknown. I am the thing the goes bump in the night. I am the plot twist in the second reel!
Agent Xero: You mean you won't take off your mask forever?
Fantome Noir: That's right. No one, but never.
Agent Xero: Okay. Will you take if off?
Fantome Noir: No way! I'm a mysterious hero! I never take off the mask.
Agent Xero: Pretty please?
Fantome Noir: No nada!
Agent Xero: Just remove it!
Fantome Noir: I'm not going to!
Agent Xero: Take it off!
Fantome Noir: No!
Agent Xero: NOW!!!
Fantome Noir: Okay! Easy! As you command, long haired weirdo. [she removes her mask, revealing her black and white make-up]
Agent Xero: Nice make-up.
Fantome Noir: Ooh. Almost forgot. [she wipes her make-up]
Agent Xero: Pearl? PEARL! You're alive!
Pearl: You know my real name?
Agent Xero: Yes! I'm your sister!
Pearl: I have a sister?
Agent Xero: Yeah! The name's Mina.
Pearl: Mina? You're my sister!
Agent Xero: Right. But I'm Agent Xero now.
Pearl: Cool. After Baron Vain killed our parents, I was raised by a rich family in a mansion. And after many years, Baron Vain killed them. But, I was raised in the sewers by sewer creatures. They cared for me. They fed me. They clothed me. I learned the way of the warrior, I used some skills, and they even sent me to Vocational School. Alast, the spirits gave me supernatural powers, thus becoming FANTOME NOIR! FEARED CREATURE OF THE NIGHT!
Agent Xero: So you become a hero to avenge your adoptive parents?
Pearl: Waddaya mean? I got the costume, the cape, the boots, the scarf.
Agent Xero: Oh. May I help you fight crime?
Pearl: That's cool but no. I work alone.
Mole: She says she works alone, Xero.
Agent Xero: You're right, Mole. What she said in pig latin means I need a partner. Please! Let me help you fight crime!
Pearl: You can help me by LEAVING ME ALONE!!!
Agent Xero: That's mean.
Pearl: Fine. Just join me.
Agent Xero: Yay! Two sisters working together!
Pearl: Yeah. [she puts on her black and white make-up] To the Invisible Phantom Mobile!

[60's BATMAN Music plays]

Agent Xero: Is this the Invisible Phantom Mobile? I can't see it.
Fantome Noir: That's why it's always invisible.
Agent Xero: Oh. [she feels it] I can feel it alright. [she hops on the Invisible Phantom Mobile]
Mole: So that's why it's invisible.
Agent Xero: You got a driver's license?
Fantome Noir: I got an invisible driver's license.
Agent Xero: Cool.
Fantome Noir: Let's ride! [they drive out of the cave]

[At the streets]

Fantome Noir: Now where's that crime? [they parked their Invisible Phantom Mobile]
Agent Xero: Time to find a crime. [they go across the streets]
Driver: Look where ya goin', shorty!
Mole: HEY! I'M WALKING HERE!!! See what I mean? Wackos.
Shady Salesman: Hey lady. Wanna buy a watch?
Watches: Don't buy us. We're fakes!
Mole: She's not interested. Alright.
Guy: The end is coming! The Titans won't hold forever, you know! We're doomed!
Mole: Stop talking trash!
Fantome Noir: Ugh! There's not enough crime in this city!
Agent Xero: Good thing I got this magnifying glass. [she looks for some crime] Mmm... No crime here. I smell a crime. Let's go!

[At the Department Store]

Lance Shade: HELP!
Agent Xero: What's the problem? Whoa! A hunk! What is it?
Lance Shade: Those burglars stole all those fancy dresses! And they're heading to the gorge!
Agent Xero: Guys! This is great! Let's go, what's your name? Mr...
Lance Shade: Shade. Lance Shade.
Agent Xero: Cool name. Even Mae Whitman agrees. Whoever that is. Let's go, guys! [they hop in the Invisible Phantom Mobile]
Lance Shade: That car's invisible?
Fantome Noir: The spirits made this for me!
Lance Shade: Okay. [they drive out]
Mole: [she follows them] I'm right behind ya, Xero! Whoo! I'm way behind ya, Xero! Whoo-ha! I got a robot wedgie!

[At the gorge]

Agent Xero: You okay?
Lance Shade: Ooh... [he throws up]
Agent Xero: Ew...
Lance Shade: Please, excuse me! I have to find a cure. [he goes up, and Lance Shade turns out to be Lacey Shadows]
Baron Vain: [he eats some worms] That's a good worm! Hey! Two thumbs way way up for the leading lady! What a dish, what a doll.
Lacey Shadows: Yeah.
Fantome Noir: Come on out, crooks!
Agent Xero: Show yourselves! [they crooks arrived]
Crooks: Grrr...
Fantome Noir: What should we do?
Agent Xero: Let's kick their butts, 60's style!
Baron Vain: Let's get ready to RUMBLE!!!
Agent Xero: Here we go! [they take down the crooks, with some 60's BATMAN style POW! BAM! ZAP! ZIT! OOF! YEOW! etc.] YA-HOO!
Fantome Noir: You should star in your very own TV series.
Agent Xero: I agree.
Mole: Whoa. I hate this.
Agent Xero: Mole! You're late! You missed what we just did! We kick those bad guys butts like Batman & Robin!
Mole: That's cool.
Rat: Look!
Baron Vain: Relax, Rat. It's only halftime.
Mole: Uhh... guys?
Agent Xero: What?
Mole: Big trouble. [the big boss arrived]
Big Boss: Come get some, pretty.
Fantome Noir: You're on your own, Xero! Bye!
Agent Xero: Eeek!
Big Boss: [she grabs Xero by her hair, and smacks her, and spins her around, and throws her]
Agent Xero: Oooh... Kids. This is what happens when Nick rejected The Modifyers. Nick. Please change your minds and accept The Modifyers and make it a big franchise!
Big Boss: Oooh. [she twists Xero into a human pretzel]
Agent Xero: I'm literally a human pretzel.
Big Boss: [she uses Xero to sweep the floor, and pounds Xero with anything but the kitchen sink] Time to die! [she pounds Xero]
Agent Xero: Oh man.
Baron Vain: My favorite part of the game. Sudden death.
Agent Xero: I know. I'll use my strength and speed. [she punches a wall, causing a big rockslide to crush the Big Boss]
Mole: Oh no!
Fantome Noir: Xero!
Katz: [as a hologram] There goes another one. Just like her parents.
Baron Vain: Game. Set. Match.
Agent Xero: [he climbs out of the pile of rocks]
All: YAY!
Mole: XERO! You're alive!
Fantome Noir: Whoo!
Agent Xero: You know. That was pretty heroic.
Mole: You did it, Xero! YOU WON BY A LANDSLIDE!!!
Baron Vain: Grrrrrrrrr...
Rat: Vain! Please!
Baron Vain: [he pounds Rat] I'll get you, Agent Xero! And you're little Mole too!
Lacey Shadow: Well. Waddaya know.

Xero becomes a hero!
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