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[We see the burned down building]

Joe: Mina! Where are you? [he sees some ruined dresses] She's gone! [cries]

Old Prison Guard: It was a tragedy. Joe think's Mina's dead. But Mina survived the explosion, but was hideously burned!
John: Nasty!
Old Prison Guard: I see. Luckily, Katz and the Modifyers Organization found her in the water, so they took her to a super duper uper schmuper secret facility, where they restore her body and give her disguise powers.

[At the Modifyers HQ, they took in a heavily bandaged Mina]

Katz: Mmmm... This next subject is a 21 year old young lady. Her name was Princess Mina Olivia Philomena Jessica Luna Lola Lana Reccardi Naylor. Her bones are severely broken. She was burned with 77 1/2 percent of her body. Her hands and face are the most severe. We need to give her some powers. The powers of disguise!
All: WHOA!
Katz: Whoa indeed, my friends. To restore her hair, skin, and nails to their former beauty, I'll inject this Hair, Skin, and Nails Restoration Syrum at her. [he injects the syrum to Mina] Next, I'll inject this Bone Restoration Syrum at her to restore her bones to be as good as new. [he injects the other syrum at Mina] And finally, I'll use the ultimate syrum. The XERO Syrum.

Old Prison Guard: Bum-Bum-Bum!
John: Why that?
Old Prison Guard: Oh. Just for dramatic effect.
John: Oh.
Old Prison Guard: Back to the story.

Katz: Yes. The XERO Syrum. This syrum will give her superhuman strength and speed and the ability to disguise into anything!
Scientist 1: Will it kill her?
Katz: No. It's just a harmless syrum and it has no nasty side effects. And now, the injection. [he slowly uses the XERO Syrum]

Narrator: We interrupt this fanfic to increase dramatic tension! Thank you. And now, back to the fanfic.

Katz: [he injects the XERO Syrum at Mina] There. Let's see how she feels now. [he removes the bandages, seeing how Mina's hair, skin, nails, and bones restored] Wow. [he puts Mina in a little room] She'll be up any minute now. Let's eat at the commissary!
Scientist 2: Yeah! We want burgers!
Scientist 3: I want pizza!


Mina: [she wakes up] Whoa. Where the heck am I? And why am I in a bed? [she feels something in her body] GAH! UGH! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [the XERO Syrum goes through her veins and arteries, causing her brown eyes to become light blue and her brown hair to become pink, purple, and orange, which gets longer] WHOA! What a rush! [she looks at the mirror] OH MY GOD!!! My hair! My eyes! I look like a reject from a cheesy spy movie! [she gets off of the bed, and runs through many halls, but bumps into Katz] AAH!!! STRANGER!
Katz: Relax. I'm your friend.
Mina: Don't friend me, white haired stranger! What have you done to me?
Katz: I restored your body and give you disguise powers.
Mina: Really?
Katz: Really indeed.
Mina: Baron Vain will pay for what he did to my life! I'LL HAVE MY REVENGE!!!!! VENGE! VENGE! VENGE! VENGE! VENGE! VENGE! VENGE! VENGE! VENGE! Venge. Venge. Venge. Venge. Venge?
Katz: Okay. But you need some training to do.
Mina: Okay.
Katz: You're now a Modifyer.
Mina: Yeah.
Katz: Your parents are the original Modifyers. You're next in line.
Mina: Right. It runs in the family. All I need is a new name. Like Agent Pinky? Or Agent Pretty! Or Agent Awesome!
Katz: How about a Xero?
Mina: That's it! I'll call myself Agent Xero!
Katz: Agent Xero? I like it.
Agent Xero: Yeah! All I need is a costume. [she enters the costume room] Too dull. Too stiff. Too spicy. Too young. Ooh. Too much. [she sees a black bodysuit, a white mod mini-dress with bell sleeves, and white knee-high go-go boots] I'll take these! [she puts on a black bodysuit, a white mod mini-dress with bell sleeves, and white go-go boots] How do I look?
Katz: Pretty.
Agent Xero: YAY!

John: That's how she got her looks?
Old Prison Guard: Yep. And now, she's training.


Katz: Agent Xero. This is Moe. The Yoga Guru. He'll help you master your disguise powers.
Agent Xero: Wow.
Moe: Hello there. I am Moe. The Yoga Guru. I want you to master your disguise powers.
Agent Xero: Yeah.
Moe: Consentrate. Your mind and your body will become one.
Agent Xero: Okay. [she tries to consentate] I can't!
Moe: Why not?
Agent Xero: I don't know how. I just can't! [she spins around, and turns into a Yoga Guru]
Moe: Wow! I like it!
Agent Xero: I did it!
Moe: Nice work! To the Karate Teacher!
Agent Xero: Yay!

[At the Karate Dojo]

Sensei Fred: Hello there, new recruit. I am Sensei Fred. Karate Teacher. I will teach you kung-fu.
Agent Xero: Yeah!
Sensei Fred: This is the enemy. You must defeat it! HA! [he kicks a stuffed enemy] Now you try.
Agent Xero: Okay. [he imagines a dummy as a bully] Nobody bullies me! Hi-YA! [she kicks a stuffed enemy] There.
Sensei Fred: That was awesome! Now to the weapons expert.
Agent Xero: WHOO!

[At the Weapons Lab]

Crunch: New recruit! Crunch is my name! And teaching you how to use weapons is my game! You wanna know how to use guns? You gotta use guns!
Agent Xero: Sir, yes sir! I always wanted to say that.
Crunch: Okay! I was a soldier who fight through WWII! And I wrestled some Nazis, Japs, and Soviets with my bare hands!
Agent Xero: Just like my dead parents!
Crunch: Yeah! Time to show you some weapons! This is a pistol gun.
Agent Xero: Too stupid.
Crunch: This is an Assault Rifle!
Agent Xero: Too lame.
Crunch: This is my personal favorite. The bazooka!
Agent Xero: Blah Blah Blah. Just show me a perfect weapon! Something that doesn't kill people!
Crunch: Okay. This is the Ray Gun! Try it!
Agent Xero: Wow! [she shoots something with her Ray Gun]
Crunch: Good job! You're one of us!
Agent Xero: Oh yay!
Katz: Excellent work, Xero. All you need is a sidekick.
Agent Xero: Yay! A sidekick!
Katz: Right.


Katz: I spent all day and night building this robotic buddy for you. This is M.O.L.E. Modifyers Organization Loud Extraordinare.
Agent Xero: How cute.
Mole: Hello there. My name is Mole. I'll be your partner.
Agent Xero: YAY! [she hugs Mole] And I'm Agent Xero! And you and me will be best friends forever!
Mole: Gah! Don't hug me that hard! You're squeezing me to death!
Agent Xero: Oh. Sorry.
Katz: Excellent. And here's your communication device. Your mom's ring.
Agent Xero: Wow. [she puts on a ring] So pretty. [her ring drops] Oh! Pesky ring! [she puts it back on]
Katz: Okay.
Agent Xero: Will you please give me a mission?
Katz: Sure. I heard that Baron Vain's henchman Rat has stolen the All Seeing Eye from the Museum of Odd Things. You need to return it back.
Agent Xero: Okay. Ready Mole?
Mole: Ready!
Katz: Good luck.

[At the Museum]

Rat: Finally! The All Seeing Eye belongs to me!
Agent Xero (as a Burglar): Watcha got there?
Rat: What? This? Oh. This is the All Seeing Eye!
Agent Xero: [she takes it] I'll take it! Toodles!
Rat: Come back here!
Agent Xero: Finally! All Seeing Eye. Tell me the future.
All Seeing Eye: In the future, you, your long lost sisters, Mole, Katz, Baron Vain, and his henchmen will be frozen in the Arctic and founded in 2017.
Agent Xero: That sounds boring! [she puts the All Seeing Eye back at the museum, then leaves, as she turns back to normal]
Rat: The Burglar is that group's new recruit?
Agent Xero: It's good to be me, Agent Xero!
Rat: Agent Xero?
Agent Xero: Calling Katz!
Katz: Good work, Xero. You've done your first mission. Now go to your airship.
Agent Xero: Airship?
Katz: Yes. Your airship. [the airship arrived, picking up Xero and Mole]
Agent Xero: Wow. So techy.
Katz: Yes indeed. When you see a crime, you'll solve it.
Agent Xero: Okay! I love being a Modifyer! [her ring drops] Pesky ring!
Mole: You can say that again!

[At Baron Vain's hideout in the graveyard]

Rat: Boss! Boss!
Baron Vain: WHAT!?! Rat! I thought you were supposed to get the All Seeing Eye! And then next thing I know, I was All Seeing Eye-less.
Rat: I give it my best shot, but a random Burglar took it from me.
Baron Vain: WHAT!?!
Rat: The Burglar was none other than Agent Xero! Who's really Mina, daughter of the original Modifyers.
Lacey Shadows: Mina? Why does that name ring a bell?
Rat: I don't know.
Baron Vain: What was that name again?
Rat: Mina.
Baron Vain: GRRR!!!
Rat: She was very cocky and cool.
Lacey Shadows: Wait a minute. Wasn't Mina the name of my sister?
Baron Vain: RAH! [he grabs Lacey and Rat] So she's still alive huh? Dead as a doornail! Weren't those your EXACT words?
Lacey Shadows: This might be a new persona Agent Xero!
Rat: Yeah! I mean Agent Xero is a [Vain chokes him] VERY POPULAR NAME NOWADAYS!!!
Lacey Shadows: Please don't choke me very hard! I promise!
Baron Vain: I'm about to make the ultimate weapon that will destroy a country. And the one SCHEMIEL, WHO COULD LOUSE IT UP, IS WALTZING AROUND IN THE GRAVEYARD!!! [he launches a missile, burning Rat]
Rat: I'm sorry, Vain!
Lacey Shadows: Gah! My neck feels like I swallowed a bug!
Baron Vain: But we still have time to correct this stupid oversight! But this time, no fowl-ups.

[At night]

Bank Robbers: [they rob a bank by blowing it up, then they get in the car] [laughing] [a mysterious mist appears, causing the car to hit the wall]
??????? ????: [laughing]
Bank Robber 1: Who did that creepy laugh?
??????? ????: [laughing]
Bank Robber 2: That's not funny!
??????? ????: [laughing]
Bank Robber 3: Show yourself. [they pull out their guns and shoots something, but a mysterious wind takes their guns]
Bank Robber 4: Oh boy.
Bank Robber 5: RUN! [they flee, but a mysterious young woman, who wears a black hat, a black mask, a black suit, black gloves, black boots, a long black scarf, and a black cape, blocks their way]
Bank Robber 6: Who the heck are you?
??????? ????: I am your worst nightmare. I have protected the city from evil. I am the one you will fear. I am vengeance. I am the night. I am FANTOME NOIR!
Bank Robber 1: You don't scare us! You're nuts!
Fantome Noir: Wanna get nuts? Let's get nuts. [she pulls out a rapier and takes down a lot of bank robbers, then she ties the bank robbers and throws the money back to the bank]
Bank Owner: That lady saved our money!
Bank Clerk: Who was that masked lady?
Fantome Noir: Who knows what lurks behind the shadows? Fantome Noir knows. [she appears on top of the building, and then lightning flashes]

Old Prison Guard: Who is the mysterious Fantome Noir? Will Baron Vain, Rat, and Lacey Shadows plan to destroy Agent Xero? Have you ever seen this fanfic before? Stay tuned for the Modi-stormed conclusion of The Modifyers!

Who is the mysterious Fantome Noir?
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