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[At The Loud House]

Lynn Loud Sr.: My son did what?
Clyde: While catching MegaVolt, Lincoln gave me a big blow to my gut!
Lynn Sr.: Okay. That's it! This boy will be grounded even longer!
Lincoln: I don't think so! [he stabs Lynn Sr.] [laughing]
Leni Loud: Has anyone seen my sunglasses? DAD!?!
Rita: Lincoln! What are you doing?
Lincoln: Nothing personal. [he stabs Rita]
Leni: Lincoln! What did you do to Mom and Dad?
Lincoln: I don't give orders from everyone. [he uses a match]
Lisa Loud: Lincoln. Don't even do that.
Lincoln: [he sets the Loud House on fire]
Lynn Loud: Oh boy. Everybody! WE NEED TO GET OUT! [they take their hero costumes as they leave the Loud House]
Lucy Loud: Rest in piece, Loud House.
Luna Loud: It's now reduced to smoldering ash.
Luan Loud: Or should I say smashes! [laughing] Get it? What? [A TUFF van arrived]
Kitty Katswell: Dudley! Stop wrecking everything! Next time, I'll drive.
Dudley Puppy: Sorry.
Lola Loud: Hey, big kitty! What are you doing here?
Kitty: I heard Lincoln's gone rogue. Get in the van NOW!
Lana Loud: Okay.
Lily Loud: Poo Poo.


Clyde: Hey, Kitty. Where's the Chief?
Kitty: He's on a vacation in the Bahamas.

[In the Bahamas]

The Chief: Aaaah..... This is the life.

[Back at TUFF HQ]

Kitty: So I'm in charge now. DarkWing Loud is now working with Cera. A computer hacker who's the daughter of the evil crime emperor, Dave.
Clyde: Dave? What a silly name for a scary villain! [laughing]
Kitty: Very funny. Dave was once a Secret Service agent who protects the President, until he was fired. So he become a criminal. Here's your mission. I heard that Cera is using Lincoln to hack many cars in New York City in order to steal the Nuke Controls. We need to stop him.
Ronnie Anne Santiago: I'll help.
Ronnie Anne: What? I just wanna help.
Kitty: Well... sure.

[At New York City]

Cera: DW...
Lincoln: Yes?
Cera: I want you to steal the Nuke Briefcase, while I hack the cars.
Lincoln: Sure.
Cera: Good. [she activates the hack button, causing so many cars to go automatically, causing them to crash everywhere]
Lori: Let's do it guys! It's hero time! Shift into Wonder! [she turns into Wonder Lori]
Leni: Go! Starfire! [she turns into Starfire]
Luna: Crow access! [she turns into The Crow]
Luan: Hero storm! Luanpool form! HA! [she turns to Luanpool]
Lynn: Spider-Lynn! Emergency! [she turns into Spider-Lynn]
Lucy: Magical source! Raven force! [she turns into Raven]
Lola: No more Catwoman. I need to be something cooler. Black Widow! Accelerate! [she turns into Black Widow]
Lana: Ant-Lana! Get in gear! [she turns into Ant-Lana]
Lisa: Go Go Lisa Strange! [she turns into Lisa Strange]
Lily: Cowusssus! [she turns into Colossus]
Clyde: Black Panther! UNLEASH THE POWER! [he turns into Black Panther]
Ronnie Anne: Anne... Star... POWER!
Cera: Daddy. There's some kid heroes around.
Dave: Okay. Summon the Tenga Warriors! [the Tenga Warriors arrived]
Tenga Warriors: BRAWK!
Leni: What are those things?
Clyde: They're Tenga Warriors. They were bird-like monsters according to ancient times! No time to talk! It's about to get wild! [they take down the Tenga Warriors]

They've got a feathered face,
They've got a funny beak,
I.Q. of under ten, they're loud and noisy!
They smell like spoiled fish on a
Hot, hot summer's day,
Cross-eyed and crazy enough
To fly above us!

[Lori slashes the Tenga Warriors]

Ugly ugly birdies in the sky,
Rangers gonna get you
Watch the Tenga
Watch the Tenga
Watch the Tenga
Tenga, bye bye!

Lori: Nobody messes with me.

Bird-brain, don't mess with me,
'Cause you ain't got a chance
We're gonna send you back to the
Bird sanctuary
Where you will spend your days
Learning to basket weave
Go, go, you better run
Why don't you just fly away?

[Luna and Lucy blasts the Tenga Warriors]

Ugly ugly birdies in the sky,
Rangers gonna get you
Watch the Tenga
Watch the Tenga
Watch the Tenga
Tenga, bye bye!

[Leni dodges the Tengas attacks]

Leni: You gotta be graceful enough if you wanna catch me. [giggling]

Bad guy he ain't gonna help you,
Some bad guys, ain't gonna help you,
More bad guys ain't gonna help you,
We'll make you fly away!
You better learn a lesson,
Think about with whom you're messin'
You best turn around go in the other direction
Listen here to what I say

[They take down a lot of Tengas]

Ugly ugly birdies in the sky,
Rangers gonna get you
Watch the Tenga
Watch the Tenga
Watch the Tenga
Tenga, bye bye!

Ugly ugly birdies in the sky,
Rangers gonna get you
Watch the Tenga
Watch the Tenga
Watch the Tenga
Tenga, bye bye!

Lisa: See ya later, Tengas!
Luan: You're chickens? Are you're a bunch of turkeys.
All: [laughing]
Ronnie Anne: Look!
Brazilian Guy 1: No one will take our Nuke Controls.
Lincoln: I am the terror that flaps in the night! I am the itch in your trigger finger. I am DarkWing Loud!
Brazilian Guy 2: Hey, stupid! Get off our car!
Lincoln: Give me the Nuke Controls!
Brazilian Guys: NEVER!
Lincoln: [he breaks the glass and takes the Nuke Controls]
Brazilian Guys: Hey! Give it back!
Brazilian Guy 1: If anything happens to it, the World is doomed!
Lincoln: Blah blah blah! I don't care about everything! Bye!
Brazilian Guys: He's getting away!
Ronnie Anne: Lincoln! [she chases Lincoln] Lincoln! You're my best friend. And I won't let you shoot me!
Lincoln: Very well. [he strangles Ronnie Anne] I'm sorry, Ronnie Anne. This is for your own good.
Clyde: Oh no! Ronnie Anne! Ronnie Anne!
Ronnie Anne: Lincoln got the Nuke Control. And the World is doomed.
Clyde: [cries]

[Back at the tower]

Dave: You did a good job, Lincoln.
Lincoln: Yeah. I did.
Dave: Okay. We need to go to Brazil, where we can launch a lot of Nukes to destroy the US.
Lincoln: Okay.
Dave: Dad. Give DarkWing Loud a new name.
Terros: Yes, my son. DarkWing Loud. You are no longer a hero. You are now a member of the Dark Side. You will be know as... DarkWarrior Loud. General of the Army of Darkness. Rise.
Lincoln: Okay. I like it.
Terros: Good.

DarkWing Loud is now DarkWarrior Loud!
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