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Super boy. Extraordinaire.
Cheetahboy. Cheetahboy.
Runs around without a care.
Cheetahboy. Cheetahboy.
Rescues New America.
Cheetahboy. Cheetahboy.
Because he's just a super, duh.
Cheetahboy. Cheetahboy.
His brain's overloading.
It has chocolate coating.
Textbook case for Sigmund Freud.
Cheetahboy. Cheetahboy.

Check out Tommy Johnson.
Kid, adventure brah.
Was visiting a lab and was bitten by a cheetah.
He turned into the Cheetahboy.
He's strong and super quick.
He drives the villains crazy cause he's a lunatic.

His home base is the Cheetahlair.
Cheetahboy. Fricassee.
Joe the barber cuts his hair.
Cheetahboy. Chimpanzee.
Rides around in the Cheetahmobile.
Cheetah One, Cheetah Two.
Hopes to make a movie deal.
Cheetah WEEEE!!! Scootaloo.
He's here to save the nation.
So stay tuned to this station.
If not we'll be unemployed.
Cheetahboy, Cheetahboy.

[At the mansion]

Narrator: And now, the President of Prentis-65 Industries, who's also the mascot. Prentis the Hedgehog!
Prentis the Hedgehog: Greetings, citizens. I'm Prentis the Hedgehog. And I wear diapers. I'm know for making fanfics that entertain many people of deviantART. And I also draw. And that's why I created Cheetahboy. A cheetah suited superhero who wears diapers like Jeffy. And many people wonder how he becomes Cheetahboy. So I got the letter from TRC-Tooniversity, who makes zany superheroes and supervillains. Dear, Prentis. I wonder how Cheetahboy becomes a superhero. So, TRC. I'm your answer. So I produced a special little fanfic about Cheetahboy's origins. It's filled with action and adventure, and even features a scene with a man wrestling a bear for no reason. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.

Narrator: And now for our Feature Presentation.

Mary: Listen carefully, okay. We don't have a lot of time. It started 11 years ago. My husband, the President, fired Dave, a secret service agent. A year later, it was estimated that Dave launched a nuclear strike at Washington DC, killing my husband. By then, it was too late: Dave took control of the world's communication, power, and defense systems. He built armies of advanced robotic soldiers that laid waste to everything in their path. There was no stopping him, and Dave declared victory.
Dave: Hey there! It's me, Dave! Your world is now my world. And your time is now my time.
Mary: But it's not over, not yet. If you can hear my voice, please, go now to the domed country of New America. It's the only place we can be safe. But you have to make it inside the country walls before the defense shield is activated. Please, hurry!


[At the city of New New York, a mysterious nuclear powered superhero enters the Bio-Tech Lab's conference room]

Nukeman: EXCUSE ME!
Scientist 1: Yes?
Nukeman: They called me, Nukeman. A hero born from nuclear radiation. Let me tell you something really important.
Scientist 2: About what?
Nukeman: Gentlemen. An experimented radioactive cheetah is flawed.
Scientists: OH NO!
Scientist 3: And how exactly is this flaw manifested?
Nukeman: First someone will enter the lab that contained the cheetah, the they'll have to be bitten by it. You've been treating cheetahs like 30 million to 1 lab rats.
Scientist 4: 30 million to 1? That's hilarious!
Nukeman: QUIET! I'm talking to you! Because when someone that managed to activate the flaw. NOW POPS AT EM! The bite from the radioactive cheetah causes the bitten victim to get infected. It'll fill his or her brain with a very zany sense of humor. It'll give them superhuman strength and speed, enabling them to do just about anything! It'll be very silly, extremely purtubbed. They be... A CHEETAHBOY!
Scientist 5: A cheetah boy? What's that?
Nukeman: That's exactly how it sounds like! You think I'm crazy? [a TV screen arrived]
Dave: Nukeman. My old nemesis. Still trying to get rid of me to restore peace to this planet?
Nukeman: Dave! I'm trying to explain the people about the radioactive cheetah! You won't get away with this!
Dave: Oh yeah? Well explain this! [he kicks Nukeman] That's how the game was played. Right guys? [laughing] Laugh with me!
All: [laughing]
Dave: Dave out. [his TV returns to his lair, in what was once Washington DC] You hear that, Fluffy? My gorilla guard who still wears diapers.
Fluffy: Yep.
Dave: It's time to create mutant soldiers. First a pinch of water, a cup of nuclear waste, a drop of nitrogen, a bit of hydrogen, a touch of oxygen. Mix together to create mutagin. First, I'll use this cute little puppy into a Hellhound. [he puts the mutagin at the puppy, turning it into a monster dog]
Monster Dog: ROAR!
Dave: It really works! Now, the rest! [he puts mutagin at normal animals turning them into monsters, but it turns a chimpanzee into a talking chimpanzee]
Spike: Hi.
Dave: Hey! The mutagin didn't turn the chimp into a monster. It instead turns a chimp into a talking chimp. Failure! [he throws the chimp into the trash can] Look at that little kitty. This will become an out of control wildcat. [he puts the mutagin at the cat, but the cat become a human girl, complete with a shirt, scarf, shots, and boots]
Sarah: Hi.
Dave: Grrrr... Failure again!
Sarah: [she takes Spike] Are you okay?
Spike: Yeah.
Sarah: Let's go! [they flee, then they take the sky bikes]

[In New New York City's Bio-Tech Lab]

Mrs. Parks: Kids. This is the Bio-Tech Lab.
Kids: Oooh...
Tommy Johnson: Yeah. I love this place.
Bubba: [he pulls down Tommy's shorts, revealing a diaper]
Tommy: GAH!
All: [laughing]
Mrs. Parks: ENOUGH! Leave this boy alone! You'll make him wet himself!
Tommy: You heard her. Leave me alone!
Bubba: Sorry.

[In the labs]

Mrs. Parks: This is the animal testing lab. They've been testing experiments on animals.
Radioactive Cheetah: RAWR!
Tommy: Wow! A radioactive cheetah!

[At the mansion]

Prentis: Bum Bum Bum!

[Back in the labs]

Tommy: Can I pet it, please?
Mrs. Parks: No, Tommy. It's too dangerous. And you'll might get killed.
Tommy: Pretty please?
Mrs. Parks: Fine.
Chuck: Go get it, Tommy!
Radioactive Cheetah: Grrrrrrrrrrrr...
Tommy: Hi there, little cheetah. Don't get very mad. I just wanna pet you.
Mrs. Parks: Oh boy.
Tommy: [he slowly reaches the cheetah]

Narrator: We interrupt this fanfic to increase dramatic tension. Thank you. And now, back to the fanfic.

Tommy: [his hand gets bitten by a cheetah] AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [the Cheetah then mauls Tommy]
Mrs. Parks: [she smacks the radioactive cheetah] Bad cheetah! Are you alright? It's time to take you to the hospital.

[At the New New York City Hospital]

Doctor: Well, I think this bite from the radioactive cheetah is completely harmless.
Mary: So he'll be fine?
Doctor: Let me check. Oh no! This is terrible!
Mary: What's wrong?
Mary: Don't worry, Son. You'll come back home someday.

Narrator: Later that night, something mysterious takes place. Mysterious, and unnatural.
Tommy: GAH! WAH! DAH! AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! [the bite from the radioactive cheetah flows through Tommy's body] DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! [he runs and crashes through the window] Uh-oh. [he fell down, but lands on his feet] I got superhuman speed and cat-like reflexes? I feel so superpowered! I could be a superhero! I'll call myself Cheetahboy! That sounds like a franchise to me. To Cheetahboy!

[At the sewing place, he makes himself a costume, with fake cheetah ears, he then puts in on]

Tommy: Every hero wears undergarments on the outside. And I got the perfect one. [he puts on a diaper] There. So soft. Time to fight crime!

[At the streets]

Thief: I want that purse!
Old Lady: It's mine!
Tommy: Hi there. It's me Cheetahboy.
Thief: [laughing] You're wearing a diaper on the outside! You're a friend of Jeffy or something?
Tommy: HA! [he throws the thief] Here's your purse, Old Lady.
Old Lady: Why thank you.

[The Next Day, at the hospital]

Police Officer: What happened here?
Doctor: This boy named Tommy disappeared after being in a coma. And this is his outline.
Police Officer: Mmmm... I see.
Mary: [cries] He's gone forever!
Heather Johnson: Whoa.
Freddy Johnson: I just wanna give him a wedgie!
Zack and Mindy Johnson: Forget him!
Debbie Johnson: Yeah.
Bucky Johnson: Poo Poo.

[At the warehouse]

Tommy: [he looks at the internet and sees some spandex] Spandex. So cool.

[Tommy makes the final Cheetahboy costume, complete with a mask, gloves, boots, a diaper, and a cheetah tail]

[Later, Cheetahboy runs around the city and goes through the roof of the building]

Cheetahboy: Hi! I'm Cheetahboy! Now these messages!

This is a story of how a zero becomes a hero.
pyroman7 Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2017
well damn this is pretty well done
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