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Centuries ago in the Kingdom of Atlantis, evil sea monsters invaded our world. But the Ocean Knight defeated them with sea powers, but Atlantis was lost forever, along with the greatest power in the universe, the Sea Gems. Many years later, the Sea Gems were found, and the evil sea monsters returns to battle a new team of heroes.
Eric: It's Morphin' Time!
They are... Power Rangers: Sea Storm!

Power Rangers Sea Storm!
Sea Storm! Let's go!

The signal is calling,
Our planet is falling;
The ocean will test you,
Better make it a Sea Storm issue!

Power Rangers Sea Storm! Let's go!
Power Rangers Sea Storm! Let's go!
Power Rangers Sea Storm! Let's go!
Sea, Storm, go!

Power is on its way,
Rangers save the day!

Power Rangers Sea Storm! Let's go!
Power Rangers Sea Storm! Let's go!
Power Rangers Sea Storm! Let's go!
Power Rangers Sea Storm! Let's go!
Sea, Storm, Go!

Eric Jones-Red Shark Ranger
With the Power of the Shark! Power Ranger Red!
Maggie Smith-Blue Dolphin Ranger
With the Speed of the Dolphin! Power Ranger Blue!
Dom Torino-Yellow Orca Ranger
With the Stealth of the Orca! Power Ranger Yellow!
Will Sutton-Black Anglerfish Ranger
With the Cunning of the Anglerfish! Power Ranger Black!
Alexandra "Alex" Chung-Green Eel Ranger
With the Bite of the Eel! Power Ranger Green!
Tom Derrickson-Gold Manta Ranger
With the Wings of the Manta! Power Ranger Gold!
Lisa Derrickson-Pink Gator Ranger
With the Jaws of the Gator! Power Ranger Pink!
Dr. Karrie Derrickson-White Croco Ranger
With the Claws of the Croc! Power Ranger White!
Dr. Mary Jones-Purple Turtle Ranger
With the Courage of the Turtle! Power Ranger Purple!
Captain Joseph Derrickson-Silver Whale Ranger
With the Strength of the Whale! Power Ranger Silver!
Ocean Knight (I)
I am Ocean Knight! Protector of the environment! Guardian of the ocean!
Tyler Jones-Ocean Knight (II)

Guardians of the seas! United we swim! Power Rangers... (Super) Sea Storm!
It's about to get Wet 'n Wild!


Marine Guardians
Eric Jones Sr.
Marco Smith
Dana Torino
Nikki Sutton
Freddie Chung


Sea Morphers
It's Morphin' Time! Sea Storm! Ranger Form! HA!
Manta Morpher
It's Morphin' Time! Manta Storm! Ranger Form! HA!
Reptile Morphers
It's Morphin' Time! Reptile Storm! Ranger Form! HA!
Whale Morpher
It's Morphin' Time! Whale Storm! Ranger Form! HA!


Sea Blasters
Shark Saber
Dolphin Daggers
Orca Lance
Angler Axe
Eel Bow
Manta Blaster
Gator Saber
Croc Saber
Turtle Stunner
Trident of Poseidon
Ocean Blaster
Jet Skis
Sea Surfers
Manta ATV
Whale ATV


Lights of Poseidon
Red Ocean Warrior
Red Shark Attack Ranger
Yellow Ranger Mega Battle Armor
Black Ranger Mega Battle Armor
Gold Ranger Mega Battle Armor
Super Sea Storm Mode
Super Whale Mode
Ocean Master Mode
Super Ocean Master Mode
Ancient Sea Mode


Sea Storm UltraZord*******
Whale Zord/Whale Storm MegaZord*
Fusion Storm MegaZord******
Manta Zord*
Sea Storm MegaZord*****
Shark Zord*
Dolphin Zord*
Orca Zord*
Angler Zord*
Eel Zord*

Reptile Storm MegaZord***
Turtle Zord*
Gator Zord*
Croco Zord*

Shark Attack MegaZord*****
Whale Shark Zord*
Hammerhead Shark Zord*
Saw Shark Zord*
Sand Tiger Shark Zord*
Nurse Shark Zord*

Triton MegaZord*****
Black Shark Zord*
Commerson's Dolphin Zord*
False Killer Whale Zord*
Frogfish Zord*
Electric Eel Zord*

Legendary Rangers

Delphine-White Alien Ranger
Dana Mitchell-Pink Lightspeed Ranger
Danny Delgado-Black Wild Force Ranger
Tori-Blue Wind Ranger
Kira-Yellow Dino Ranger
Bridge Carson-SPD Red Ranger
RJ-Jungle Fury Wolf Ranger
Ziggy-RPM Ranger Green
Zenowing-Dino Charge Silver Ranger
Levi Westin-Ninja Steel Gold Ranger


Lord Leviathan
Captain Rottenbeard
Sea Slugs
Blue Headed Sea Slugs
Green Headed Sea Slugs
Sea Bashers
Sea Bruisers
Sea Slicers

Mutant Rangers

Red Mutant Ranger
Blue Mutant Ranger
Yellow Mutant Ranger
Black Mutant Ranger
Green Mutant Ranger


Goo Fish
Slippery Shark
Electric Eel
Killer Shrimp
Atomic Flounder
Manta Menace
Bass Bully
Angry Anchovy
Angler Head
Terrible Tuna
Sea Gorgon
Shell Shocker
Lobster Clawz
Sinister Seal
Terror Trout
Killer Crab
Cala Maria


1. Powers of the Ocean
2. Enter the Storm
3. A Shark's Heart
4. Wet 'n Wild
5. Speak of the Sea Devil
6. Never Give Up
7. Ocean Knight
8. Gold Rush Part 1
9. Gold Rush Part 2
10. Gold Rush Part 3
11. Gold Rush Part 4
12. Gold Rush Part 5
My own Power Rangers show idea.

Kaiyo Sentai Umiranger

Shark Tribe Prince Same-UmiShark
Dolphin Tribe Princess Iruka-UmiDolphin
Orca Tribe Knight Oruka-UmiOrca
Angler Tribe Knight Anko-UmiAngler
Eel Tribe Princess Unagi-UmiEel
Manta Tribe Knight Kenta-UmiManta
Alligator Tribe Princess Arigeta-UmiGator
Crocodile Tribe Princess Kurokodairu-UmiCroc
Turtle Tribe Queen Kame-UmiTurtle
Whale Tribe King Kujira-UmiWhale
Kaiyo Knight
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