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Jerry Smith Presents Power Rangers Turbo by Prentis-65 Jerry Smith Presents Power Rangers Turbo by Prentis-65
Power Rangers Turbo is the first bad Power Rangers show. Saban tried to make it more serious than the comical Carranger, but there's one big problem, it wasn't serious enough. Justin's a bad choice for a Blue Ranger. Dimetria was a worthless mentor. Alpha 6 has a very annoying Brooklyn accent. Divatox was a dumb villainess. Elgar was too unfunny. The monsters are too weird, such as the one who baked the Rangers into a giant pizza. However, I liked the Phantom Ranger, but he was very underrated since his identity remained a mystery forever. Saban had enough with the bad reviews of Turbo, so they adapt Megaranger to create Power Rangers in Space, which was very epic.

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scifiguy9000 Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
And that's why Jerry doesn't work at Saban anymore.
TheRandom500 Featured By Owner Edited Sep 26, 2017
The problem with Turbo, was the writers didn't know what direction to take the series in. That and what didn't help either is that it continued the story of Power rangers, and let's be honest Power Ranger's popularity wasn't as huge as it was even during Zeo i think. If only Rygog and General Havoc where the main villains, i mean if i where to remake the series i would make Havoc like Admiral Thrawn he is cool calculating and can get a decent plan out of anywhere. That and to be honest Space was originally meant to be the finale considering  of Turbo hinted at that.
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