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Hall of Great Power Rangers Shows by Prentis-65 Hall of Great Power Rangers Shows by Prentis-65
Best show...

Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers (Seasons 1-3 plus Mighty Morphin' Alien Rangers)

A true classic, especially Rita, Zedd, Goldar, Rito, and Master Vile.

Second Best...

Power Rangers: Dino Thunder

Very good. It's good to have Tommy back. Mesogog's an awesome villain.

Third Best...

Power Rangers: In Space

Awesome. Andros was an awesome Rangers. Astronama's a very cool villain with a tragic backstory.

Worst shows...

Power Rangers: Turbo

A show that plagued Power Rangers. Justin's a bad choice for a Blue Ranger. Dimitria's a pointless mentor. Divatox is too stupid. Elgar's too unfunny.

Power Rangers: Wild Force

Cole's a dumb Red Ranger. Shayla's a mindless mentor who's singing is awful. The episode Forever Red has a cheap battle with Serpentera. However, I like Master Org II, because he got a tragic backstory.

Power Rangers: Operation Overdrive

This show make Power Rangers fans start watching Super Sentai. All characters are dull, except for Tyzonn.

Power Rangers: (Super) Samurai

Mentor Jii's a worthless mentor. Octoroo's very annoying. However, I like Lauren, because she's a female Red Ranger.

Power Rangers: (Super) Megaforce

This show nearly loses many Power Rangers fans. Troy's a pointless Red Ranger, because he lacks character development. Gosei's a dumb mentor. Prince Vekar's a stupid villain. Orion's a waste of a 6th Ranger like Sam. Most monsters from Goseiger and Gokaiger are unused. However, I like Vrak, since he's a cool villain.

Fourth best...

Power Rangers: Time Force

A very cool show. Jen's an awesome Pink Ranger. Ransik's an awesome villain. Nadira's a pretty villainess.

Fifth best...

Power Rangers: RPM

A super cool show. Each Ranger has a tragic backstory. Ziggy's a cool Green Ranger. Venjix was an awesome villain.

Sixth best...

Power Rangers: Dino (Super) Charge

A good show. Koda's the best Blue Ranger ever, because he got a tragic backstory. Ivan's a cool Gold Ranger, since he's a knight. Kendall's an awesome Purple Ranger. However, the last episode makes viewers think if the Dino Charge Rangers didn't make the dinosaurs extinct, the Dino Thunder Rangers won't exist. In my opinion, Power Rangers: Dino (Super) Charge took place in an alternative dimension, just like RPM.

The bestest Power Rangers show of all time...

Power Rangers: Ninja Storm

The Power Rangers show I grew up with. It's the most genre savviest Power Rangers show of all time. All rangers are awesome. Sensei's a great mentor, since he's a guinea pig. Lothor's a cool villain.

Power Rangers belongs to SABAN Brands and Toei Company.

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VanossFan28 Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2017
Go-Onger is better than RPM.
Prentis-65 Featured By Owner Edited Aug 18, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
The Battlizers on most Power Rangers shows are awesome. My favorite Battlizers are Red Battlized Ranger, Red Amored Ranger, Red Battle Warrior, Quantum Ranger Mega Battle Armor, Red Wind Ranger Tri-Battlized Mode, and T-Rex Super Charge Ranger. SPD Red's Battlizer was used on a Sentai movie for DekaRed.
VanossFan28 Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2017
You make me cringe.
Prentis-65 Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Yoshi Sudarso guest starred in one episode of Ninninger, which was adapted into Power Rangers: Ninja Steel.
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