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Commission: Dance Studio by PrennCooder Commission: Dance Studio :iconprenncooder:PrennCooder 37 28 STAReSPACE Profile - Aerone by PrennCooder STAReSPACE Profile - Aerone :iconprenncooder:PrennCooder 22 25 Summit Mountain Meeting by PrennCooder Summit Mountain Meeting :iconprenncooder:PrennCooder 35 32 Space Jam! by PrennCooder Space Jam! :iconprenncooder:PrennCooder 56 32 Next Gen: Family Christmas Card! by PrennCooder Next Gen: Family Christmas Card! :iconprenncooder:PrennCooder 37 41
.:Hobby List For Your OCs:.
I thought of four different categories of hobbies for characters that, hopefully, if you pick a few, will add some depth to your character as a person. There isn’t any real person who grows up with only one hobby, so think on it and figure out a few items from this list your character would be interested in. They don’t have to be good at it either!
• Physical:
o Dance
o Cheerleading
o Martial Arts
o Gymnastics
o Soccer
o Volleyball
o Track
o Football
o Hockey
o Baseball
o Softball
o Ballet
o Coaching
o Choreography
o Yoga
o Skating
o Rollerblading
o Jogging
o Weightlifting
o Wrestling
o Bowling
o Hiking
o Hunting
o Skiing
o Tennis
o Boating
o Climbing
o Snowboarding
o Skateboarding
• Academic:
o Astronomy
o Microbiology
o Anatomy
o Chemistry
o Physics
o Botany
o Mechanics
o Writing
o Teaching
o Reading
o Archaeology
o History
o Research  
o Zoology
• Musical:
o Singing
o Percussion
o Flute
o Violin
o Cello
o Viola
o Trumpet
o Tuba
o Trombone
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Art Vs Artist Meme 2 by PrennCooder Art Vs Artist Meme 2 :iconprenncooder:PrennCooder 47 23 Art Vs Artist Meme 1 by PrennCooder Art Vs Artist Meme 1 :iconprenncooder:PrennCooder 45 30 - Colors of the Prism - by PrennCooder - Colors of the Prism - :iconprenncooder:PrennCooder 24 0 Happy Holidays from the Trio! by PrennCooder Happy Holidays from the Trio! :iconprenncooder:PrennCooder 60 49
.:Co-Writing And Co-Creating:.
One of the best creative exercises to expand your skills and test your creative limits is to work with another person and create some characters, plots, and a story world together. I'm sure I’ve mentioned it in my other guides, but I’d like to make a post dedicated to it. I wrote my first several novels on my own; however, I found myself increasing in skill and producing content much faster after I had worked a bit with other people on story and character concepts. Even if its something just for fun that the rest of the world is never going to see, I believe it to be a worthwhile experience and rewarding for both of you!!
1. Decide what type of world you’re going to use. Is it one that already exists? From canon? Or is it your own fictional world you’ve made previously? If its new, you’ll need to make a few ground rules clear and established before you begin the story, possibly even before you create the characters. identify what does and doesn’t exi
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.:Writer's Philosophy On Touchy Subjects:.
While as a general statement, I’m in favor of touchy and uncommon subjects being explored analytically and creativity in the written word. Unfortunately though, more often than not, books that explore touchy subjects usually dive into grotesque and perverse idealisms rather than the ones which are fascinating psychologically. No, I’m not into that haha. This doesn’t mean that all touchy subjects out there interest me—in fact, many don’t—however, I respect the courage involved in publicly posting something that may likely attract adversity.  
The fact is, we live in an oversensitive and judgmental, world where people respond harshly, almost paranoid, to any perceived possible threat, without the thorough understanding of different perspectives, belief systems, and motivations of other people. Now why do I appreciate seeing some touchy subjects talked about boldly? I respect the lack of fear in presenting a subject that may disturb easily offended
:iconprenncooder:PrennCooder 14 13
.:Story Genre Components And Concepts:.
The way I see it, writing genres are composed of a base genre and then possibly a few other sub genres to give the story its own unique vibe. There are certain genres that are big enough to have certain distinctions which make it unlikely (or in most instances, impossible) to occur within the same story universe, due to it being simply too much to focus on. Writers naturally choose one of these base genres as a directional way, so as to not overwhelm or confuse their readers or even themselves. A base genre also sets the context for the whole of the story. The readers will loosely know what to expect based on the confines of the genre—not to mean that it limits your writing or creative freedom, but that it sets a foundation for the book.
• If you’ve got regular people living their lives, and the story follows somewhat normal everyday instances of humans in the real world, then its slice of life. Slice of life genre doesn’t have to be “plotless” but s
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.:Worldbook Worldbuilding Concept Outline:. by PrennCooder .:Worldbook Worldbuilding Concept Outline:. :iconprenncooder:PrennCooder 24 19
.:Improving Concept Art:.
I have some time, so I thought I’d try to knock out some of these guide ideas I have. This topic is about aspects of art and drawing style that really irritate me creatively. Creative people are constantly experimenting and improving in ways we don’t realize, but, there might be some habits of our drawing style that annoy other people (and make them dislike what we produce) without us realizing it as well. If you avoid the below topics, its no guarantee that you’ll get more followers, but you will definitely have a more attractive art style!
• While browsing Deviantart, sometimes I come across an image that looks attractive at first as a thumbnail size, but then when I click on the image to open it in its own page, it looks blurry. I’m not talking about blurry photographs of drawings, or characters in motion, I’m talking about a digital style where the user has painted in a lot of detail in the piece, but has failed to use any crisp lines, shadows, t
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Fanged Fury by PrennCooder Fanged Fury :iconprenncooder:PrennCooder 40 10

Cooler book title 

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- Characters' College & Majors (Tylesion Universe) - these are fictitious colleges in California, created for my books. Just thought you'd want to see what my characters are doing with their lives! Most people only write teens/high school students, but I write college age now, especially more often as I get older. Starting from the books that narrate their high school years, my characters go on to live very full lives. 

North Star University: the elite STEM college
- Aerone (astrophysics)
- Travis (mechanical engineering)
- Shelley (chemical engineering)
- Auden (electrical engineering) *Shelley's first boyfriend
- Seaver (medical technology) *Aerone's younger half brother

Maypel University: large, diverse, chill, scenic campus
- Cecelia (sociology)
- Haylee (I haven't decided yet, I can't decide where I see her)
- Dalton (law (to be some kind of attorney?))
- Manon (business management) *May change to law enforcement
- Alysha (kinesiology) *Travis's first girlfriend
- Preston (business)

Bluebird Community College: the place for weirdos
- Corah (biology - unspecified so far) *couldn't get into NSU
- Kibbon (parapsychology)

Never went to college:
- Garth
- Torwyn
- Larrow
- Leroy
- Gabby
Honestly I kind of want to start that book club idea back up. Anyone who writes and wants feedback is welcome to join. This would be for story content (not scripts or poems). Even if you only have fanfiction you're welcome to join just keep in mind that the readers may not be in the fandom.

My idea is that I'd assign every person who joins a person to show their writing to and a person to receive from. You would then read someone else's writing and give them feedback helpful to them and someone would love you feedback for yours.

I'd like to start this up weekly so that you have time to read their text and come up with some encouraging words to help their story move along. Anyone who is interested please feel free to comment and please be honest about certain things you don't want to read. For instance I don't read mature content, stories where one of the main characters is a tomboy, romance (either straight or gay it doesn't matter, I don't care for the genre) or tragedy.

For text length I don't want to set a limit because I read fast so personally I won't have one. I've been reading more lately so honestly I don't hate reading so much lol. But if you do have a limit of how much you'd read please specify.

I will have a bit of a literacy criteria but that's basically my only litmus. If you want in and I don't already know you please message me a sample of your writing even if it's only a page.

Thank you and I hope this gains some interest :)
Aerone enters Desintirde for the first time...with his father. After a huge fight, he's having difficulty processing what he sees when he enters the first of many alternate realms of the universe. 


Aerone scoffed, slowly moving his body to a ready stance. A fight could start any moment. And he still wasn’t certain who would make the first move, him or his father. Aerone never wanted it to come to this—how had his bold and peaceful ambitions brought him to the brink of violence? And why did he feel like his morals were doing somersaults in his mind? Maybe that’s what Merl had wanted along—for Aerone to lose it, to stop thinking right. But what was right, at this point? “What’s the purpose of being able to do whatever you want, and betraying everyone else in the process? Huh?”

“Something you’ll never understand. What? Did I disturb your human mind’s emotions? I forget, sometimes, when talking to humans, that they feel things I never have.”

“What? What’s all of this?!” Aerone yelled back. “I listen…I hear in your voice an eerie calmness. You’re the kind of formal, strict, resourceful, intelligent kind of father I thought I could respect. It’s almost like a fairytale, to live in a home on the edge of the forest, and then discover that you have a rich dad who lives in a mansion. But, I question you. I don’t accept you as my dad. You’re…a psychopath. You’re detestable. I’m terrified. And, knowing I might find you and Jake to be more evil than I could have imagined, I still came…because there are things I absolutely can NOT go on living without knowing…”

“And that would be…?” Merl smirked. “To know if Jake is angry at you? Well, he was, briefly, but he simply does not want to have any contact with you. It’s because you are of no use to him. He is not curious about you. Nothing about you intrigues him. It will only irritate him if you pursue contact. Blood doesn’t make a “brother”, the way you think of it, at least. You are pathetic in your attachment to him; this idea of what you want him to be is yet intriguing. I wonder how fast your stubbornness will lead you to your death. Are you smarter than I think? Can you learn? Or will adolescent impulses unravel all your self-control? You, above all those in my house at this time, are the biggest hypocrite.”

Aerone took a few steps towards the man, but before he could act, Merl reached down, gripped the boy by the ankle, and threw him. Aerone screamed as his body flopped as it skimmed a table with some cloth and ornaments. Pulling them with him, Aerone took a direct hit to the wall. Small bits of glass etched at his skin, carving painfully against the flesh. The moonlight from the open windows leaking into the dark room illuminated the lavender walls, separating them from the black of night in a house where there was no light. Aerone's teeth had slammed into the inside of his mouth. Blood gushed out, that he felt forced to swallow. Nauseous at the taste of it, he gathered up a bit gulp, and then spit it out onto the carpeted floor. “Guess you’ll have to call the cleaners tomorrow.” He muttered.

Merl laughed as Aerone broke into a run, cutting across the room directly at him. The man didn’t even flinch. He waited for Aerone to leap into the air, before grabbing his skinny little wrist and throwing him down towards the floor, like he was only a doll. Aerone turned intangible just before making contact. “Oh, I see, you finally learned something, but still, you don’t take care of your own BODY. How can you expect to bend it to your will? All this time, if you listen, the beating of my heart hasn’t changed. I control it.”

Aerone emerged from the floor, grabbed Merl by the leg, and disturbed his balance. When Merl tried to react, Aerone interfered. Merl was disoriented, but it was only momentarily. Aerone phased back under the floor, and then came up in a different place. “I’ll get stronger one day. You just watch!” He came directly at Merl with a struggle. But Merl dodged too fast for Aerone's blasts to reach him. The projectile of Merl's blasts were far more accurate. One lightly skimmed Aerone's shoulder, and another two on his outer thighs. Aerone screamed until he felt he had no air left inside of him. And then he continued in silent screams.

“I’m not talking about your power strength alone now, child. You’re starving yourself to death. That’s why I don’t have to kill you. Eventually the force you exert on your body will be too much for it. You’ll expire, and your own expense. The biggest threat to your life is you yourself. How can you claim the persona of a hero of Blackthorn County if you can’t even save yourself? I won’t save you. All you put into yourself is garbage. You deprive yourself of the very things that you need, all for some pitiful emotional claim I’ll bet.”

“There’s nothing wrong with my body!! I may not be as strong as you, but I’ll get stronger! I promise!” Aerone yelled. Their struggle continued. He was flying so fast he didn’t even get a chance to interpret the scene properly before Merl fired more shots. The world was in motion and it wasn’t going to stop. How long would Aerone continue to get lucky? Merl said he wasn’t going to kill him, that he didn’t have to, but he sure seemed to be trying. Merl ran Aerone out of his energy. It took a while, but eventually he had his son pinned on the floor. Aerone panted rapidly, trying to gather the strength to get up. But his wounds burned with sizzling pain, and he could not find the strength to get up.

“You still haven’t listened. Shut up for a moment and tell me what else you hear.” There was silence. Aerone acknowledged the inescapable rhythm of machinery from several rooms away. He heard his heartbeat throbbing throughout his body. He heard the whirring, shifting, clunking, and maneuvering of the Zerim folk who were hard at work on Merl's technology. “You haven’t forgotten about the night shift just because you left the room, did you? The day shifts are much bigger, but the intent of the night shift is much clearer. Both are impressively productive, but serve different purposes. They are locked together in harmony, each time, picking up where the other has left off.”

“And they work for you…all of them? Every last one?” Merl didn’t waste time with answering such a stupid question. “You’re so smart, so strong, and determined, but you don’t care…about people. That’s what I don’t understand. And you seem to think that Jake is the same. But I’m trying to tell you, there’s a different side to him! Even if part of what you say is true, it’s not the whole truth!! You live with him! You must know this too!” Nearly to the point of tears, Aerone insisted. “He didn’t have to help us! He wanted to! He wanted me to get stronger!”

“I don’t feel what you feel; I don’t want to. It doesn’t matter how you go about that—you’ll always arrive at the same conclusion that I have a different lens of outlook on this world. Yours is clouded, heavily deterred by the humanity in you and the belief that concepts you were raised with must be true. It matters to me that you do what I want and respect the way that I live. You must understand that pursuing relations with Jake and I opens the doorway to a world you don’t understand.”

“Stop talking like you’re some kind of alien! We all share this same world! We’re all people in it. You’re no better than anyone!”

“Oh, is that so? Is that what you think?” Merl smirked as he released the boy, and put distance between them with a kick to Aerone's body. “Oh no, no…if this is what it takes to show you, for you to believe me, then show you I shall.” He laughed evilly as he grabbed the boy by the arm and dragged him along. Aerone was but a helpless puppet in his arms, and he resented every breath of being such.

Aerone grimaced. Clamping his large hand around the boy’s wrist like a handcuff, Merl hauled his son deeper into the depths of his manor estate. Aerone’s power, working against that of his father’s, was crucially inferior, and he couldn’t break away. The boy gasped in surprise where, in the dimly lit area of the lab, Merl opened the hatch and the doors to a glowing red vat. A rip, a tear, and a pocket…a singularity. Aerone couldn’t make sense of it. With no hesitation, Merl flew through along with the boy.

Aerone screamed. “Stop!! Wait! Stop! What’s going on?!”

“Stop your fussing, child!” Merl ordered. “Do you dare turn a blind eye to the world of your ancestors? Conflict is useless. You’ll keep struggling, but they’ll keep coming.”

Aerone continued to writhe and scream until he opened his eyes to the other side of the “pond”. It was a portal; a gateway which, when stabilized, acted as a “bridge” to a hidden realm. To a mind as young and inexperienced as Aerone's, none of this made sense scientifically. Aerone gaped, immobile, ignorant, and in awe. All shades of red, pink, and reddish purple seemed to be present here, even some orange and a bit of yellow, and shades tainted with black. It took his mind a few moments to accept that what his eyes were seeing was real. At first what his mind perceived to be a hellish world he actually realized was the home of an entire civilization—the Zerim people. There were districts here ranging from formal aristocracy to urban grunge, and all the types of citizens in between.

Levels upon levels of buildings were everywhere, mostly in connected columns or strings, but some floated, alone, disconnected, like islands suspended with no regard for gravity. Ruins and rubble were in the distance, as well as vast unexplored islands of botanical overgrowth. Soil glowed, mostly blue. The sky pulsed and throbbed with some sort of energy activity somewhere out there in infinity—the same power that coursed through the blood of all Zerim people. It was yet to be harnessed in its true integrity.

The Zerim trafficked about, like it was nothing new, like it was normal. In much closer perspective, Aerone realized he was surrounded by a closed-off station, almost like the border crossing from one country to another. No one else seemed to be around them. Other portals were nearby, but closed off as well. Aerone breathed unevenly, fearing asphyxiation at first. As he started to calm down, he realized the air was breathable. Aerone could see no boundaries to this world. Did it really go on for infinity? All of these buildings…stacked one on top of each other. The Zerim had no need for ground since they could fly. Yet floating patches of black dirt were around the area. Aerone whimpered. Wordless gasps followed.

Desintirde—the realm of my birth. Desintirde’s as much a part of your lineage as it is of mine. There are many portals between it and the human realm, but they come and go, based on the flow of energy in this world. No portal can ever truly be tamed, but…with the help of my colleagues, I was able to configure a likely area where portals tend to pop up based on where anomalies converge. I’m not the first to do so and I won’t be the last. They don’t always connect to the same place here as they do from the human side.” He scanned the area with his eyes. “It gets tricky.”

Aerone continued breathing like it was a task he had to force himself to do now. His mom and his stepdad knew nothing of this place. Even if he told them, they wouldn’t believe him. There was no one around to protect him but himself. The boy continued to look around shamelessly into the distance where he could see ginormous mountains and landscapes, including waterfalls and the falloff of the water’s edge into endlessness. Mist surrounded the mountains like a scarf. Valleys down below met with rivers that ran into the buildings cleft from stone, and pieces of metal. Most of the buildings were in columns. They simply existed, perpetually floating. Most of the buildings were red, gold, and brown—he couldn’t make out a lot of the details. He could only process so much so fast.

A misty wind blew onto Aerone's face, which bothered him like a cold sweat. Despite the heat of the land he was standing on, the breeze made his eyes feel cold. The humidity calmed his hair, which had been frazzled from the fight. This place was mysterious, dangerous, lively, bustling, yet calm, beautiful and cozy all at once. Wars started and ended here, but so did families. There were so many sounds he couldn’t begin to make sense of. He couldn’t tell what was near, and what was far. He was afraid of being spotted, but he didn’t try to hide himself.

Various mineral smells faded in and out of the air he breathed here. He could sense the barbaric intensity of emotions around. But these monsters he thought he knew…they had homes too…in their own world. A lot of the ones he saw were just going about their daily lives. There were all kinds of monsters—and people—here, living together. Aerone saw a few struggles going on, as power fights ensued. But power against power was fair. Zerim chased each other. Zerim flew around. Zerim walked in their own homes. Zerim had clothes. Zerim had food. They had castles, beasts, training grounds, communities, lore…these were people with culture, livelihood, personality.

Aerone looked down at his hands where he’d been trying so hard to stop the blood from his wounds. It would clot soon, and eventually he’d heal. But it might scar. He was hoping not. His hands gripped his body so tightly that they were starting to turn red themselves, not from the blood, but from his own panic. He slowly released, but he found himself shaking quite a bit. Was he…a killer as well?

A killer of more than just monsters? But all of his fighting…had been in defense for a helpless humanity! They could not have saved themselves! So, he had to act. No, he didn’t want to think of his conflicts now. He couldn’t bear to go into that argument with himself now, because it had no end. He didn’t know the conclusion. He didn’t have the full story. He was met with overwhelming pain, suddenly, which jerked his train of thought around. His dizzying Zerim sense gave him the mother of all headaches, but it was not his worst pain.

“Distraught? Distracted? Feeling hypocritical?”

“No.” Aerone answered quickly, turning around to face his father.

“Sometimes, you need to take a few moments to just shut up and watch, once you realize you’re in WAY over your head.” Merl sighed. “The universe is vast…with so little you can understand.”


Team Prism: consists of Aerone, Travis, Cecelia, Garth, Kibbon, Corah, and Shelley. 

From "Desintirde" (book 2). 

---> Story content and characters by PrennCooder, not intended for use by anyone but me. All my species are closed species. 

#action #american #book #books #boys #california #chapter #chapters #characterconcept #characterdevelopment #comedy #concept #criminal #drabble #drama #drivers #enemies #family #fight #fighter #fighting #forest #fostercare #friends #funny #girl #girls #group #guys #hero #heroes #highschool #human #humor #joyride #justice #middleschool #novels #originalcharacter #originalcharacters #originalstory #people #rich #scene #scenes #school #setting #story #storybook #storytelling #superhero #superheroes #teen #teens #tough #travel #worldbuilding #nanonovel #fosterkid #teamprism #novel #aeronesovant #tylesion #travisholland 

Next Generation characters and endgame ships (final couples) surrounding my characters in the books. Main characters for both first generation book series and next generation series are bolded to emphasize their importance. Yes I did just split up the AeronexCecelia endgame ship, yes I did. No this isn't an AU. Torwyn really only belonged with Cecelia, so I put her with him. Yeah AeronexCecelia still date, but ultimately he ends up with Haylee.
Note: cadulan means nonhuman in the Tylesion universe. I don't feel like specifying everyone's species but as you can see below most of them are nonhuman, which means they have powers. 
Note: I kind of want to give Aerone more kids. Maybe they'll adopt? Maybe I'll add in a younger kid? 6th kid will be a boy if it ever exists. Also Ivan and Cecelia may have another boy. TBD depending on the plot. 
Note: yes several of my major characters are unpaired if you don't see them on this list. But even some of the ones that are paired may be somewhat open to shipping earlier in the timeline? Idk, ships are fickle. But not all of my unpaired ships are open for shipping either. 
Note: my next generation characters are mostly unpaired as far as shipping goes. I think I only have 5 ships for them. However first generation has like...30 ships, if I were to list out everyone and everything that I ship. 

Aerone & Haylee Sovant – homey, adventurous, connected, stable

    ·         Dover Sovant (human)

    ·         Askaya Sovant (cadulan)

    ·         Angelique Sovant (cadulan)

    ·         Marisol Sovant (cadulan)

    ·         Lenni Sovant (cadulan)

Travis & Shelley Holland – the serious family

    ·         Jacklon Holland (human)

    ·         Esther Holland (human)

    ·         Tobias Holland (human)

Kibbon & Corah Clevely – the fun family

    ·         Jessica Clevely (cadulan)

    ·         Alek Clevely (cadulan)

Torwyn & Cecelia Lestri – deeply connected, yet strained

    ·         Ivan Lestri (cadulan)

Larrow & Avonai Haida – noble, mature, refined

    ·         Isabella Haida (cadulan)

Preston & Carilyne Venturi – very much in love

    ·         Raven Venturi (cadulan) *Carilyne’s stepdaughter

Garth & Angelina Lloyd – barely held together 

#ng #nextgen #nextgeneration #ngoc #nextgenoc #nextgenerationoc #oc #ocs #originalcharacter #originalcharacters #originalspecies #ship #ships #love #kids #story #series #human #character #characters #concept #worldbuilding #universe #tylesion #aerone #aeronesovant #ceceliahazel #teamprism 

Narrowing my ten main down to these six most significant characters. I'm proud of these new concept statements I wrote for them.

: main hero. Chill, calm, moral, reserved, dedicated, kind-hearted, wise, leader of his own team of superheroes and allies, quietly battles an eating disorder. Astronomy enthusiast, and aspires to go into the field. Dance hobbyist. Has energy-based powers. Grew up in a good home, close with his household, but inherited his powers from his evil father. Works in a café inside of a lighthouse.

Travis: confident, strong, lazy and difficult to motivate, but highly intelligent, has a lumberjack look to him, very casual. Genius intellect, talented with science and engineering, but finds it more comfortable to be a mechanic. No powers. Grew up in a stable home, but distant from family. Morally neutral, but stays along for the ride. Fascinated by the idea of merging superpowered energy with technology.

Cecelia: peppy, airheaded, graceful, social, supportive, trusting, generous, fun-loving, passionate, upbeat. Has electrical-based powers. Wants to do good things for the world, but prone to being misled and isn’t violent. Grew up in a good home. Struggles with trying to find meaningful life direction and a greater purpose for living. But for now, her friends are her life. Works as a gymnastics teacher for kids.

Kibbon: impulsive, energetic, naïve, confident, charming. Has crystal-based powers. Creative and bold in the usage of his powers, and often underestimated in battle because he acts like a moron but can fight like he’s been training his whole life. Morally sound, good intentions, family and background is mostly a mystery to the others. Raised in another dimension (in caves). Excellent skater.

Garth: reclusive, disorganized, underconfident, curt, stoic, appears very bland and boring to others but conceals fire abilities and can also shift into a dragon at will. Wants a simple life where he can continue in a depressing rut of familiarity and not have to deal with people. High school dropout, never went to college, works as a lab tech in a government owned building.

Torwyn: main antagonist. Orphan who left his home in the dimension he grew up in to live in the human realm where he could use his psychic powers to build a better life for himself. Wants to live his life the way he wants with (a few friends and) no interruptions or repercussions from the laws of his original home. Has and is willing to continue to kill for profit and self-defense, and get rid of anyone in his way. 

#teamprism #tylesion #aerone #aeronesovant #travisholland #ceceliahazel #torwynlestri #conceptart #conceptual #concept #conceptdesign #characterconcept #fantasy #supernatural #paranormal #oc #ocs #originalcharacter #originalcharacters #winterbreak #superhero #hero #heroes #villain #story #storyline #plot #setting #bg #background #bio #backstory #summary #evil 


The Pink Police
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
• I’m an extroverted Christian who writes novels and loves mornings and lot of healthy exercise. My art and story world inspiration is mainly drawn from my own main characters, and you will find that said OCs are pretty much all that I draw. I have a few fandoms (Danny Phantom, Noragami, Teen Wolf) Gravity Falls, Stranger Things, Lord Of The Rings, Big Hero 6, Detective Conan…that is pretty much it) but my own storylines interest me most. I’m an approachable person! I love to chat. Don’t be shy, I love making new friends! If you want to draw my character or know more about them, just message me!
• <3’s - character group dynamics, detailed character personalities, complex plots, action written well, adventure storylines, humble heroes, believable villains, developing dynamics between my OCs and other people’s OCs
• </3’s - unnecessary or unrealistic ships, violent and depressing backstories, tragedy, clichés, long backstories, tomboy/anti-girly characters, politics (I am nonpolitical), yaoi or yuri being forced on people (I don’t ship yaoi/yuri)
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Team Prism Stories

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From book 1: Team Prism: The StormA fun establishing scene near the beginning of the first book in my main series, before Team Prism has officially been formed and before its leader has even discovered he has supernatural powers. Aerone meets Travis, Haylee, Dalton, Manon and Alysha (his classmates for years to come) as he begins the adventure that is middle school. The first couple of chapters (or so) of the novel do cover Aerone's middle school years but it mostly does take place in his 9th grade year. 

The first week of seventh grade gave Aerone that uneasy feeling of transition between elementary school and middle school—mostly because it was all placement and aptitude testing. The school system Aerone's mom and dad had put him into was one with a rather large student body. It was kind of on the edge of the woods, at the end of a dead-end street, nor far from some cliffs and a gorgeous creek. In the summer, nature blossomed all around it. In the winter, the snow laced every
Team Prism: Foster KidThis one is about Aerone's first close friends--Travis and Kyoni! I'm posting a few drabbles (various scenes) from my books. I'd like you guys to get to know the characters better than how they can be captured through my drawings, and actually read some of the story content! Hope that you enjoy it. Let me know if you'd like to see more! 
Brandon and Selina liked to do their holiday shopping on Black Friday, fairly far in advance too. It had become an annual “holiday” tradition for them to go to the mall as a family and collect something the gifts for all of their loved ones. Brandon took the boys and Selina took the girls, and they split up. What started as a fun scavenging adventure for the six of them soon turned sour as they met up in line to pay. The kids were bragging about gifts quietly while Brandon and Selina were just trying to keep the peace. All of a sudden, the pair in front of them in line caught their attention.
A man was scolding his son.
Team Prism: Aerone Meets KyoniA scene from Aerone's 8th grade year where he meets the fourth member of his squad. Though Aerone is the last to meet Kyoni, he might be the one to have the most impact on him. 
Once the bus pulled into the drop-off point, the middle school students headed into class. “I can’t wait for you to meet Aerone!” Travis patted Kyoni on the back.
“Oh yeah, you’ll love Aerone!” Alysha enthused. “That kid is pretty rad. He doesn’t know it, but he’s so much fun. He and his family live in this really gorgeous house that has a glorious view of the forest…” She kept going on, but Kyoni wasn’t listening.
Kyoni barely remembered his class schedule, but he was lucky enough to have most of the same classes as Travis so that he could follow and not get lost. Travis and Alysha made their way to the center of the classroom in biology, but Kyoni disappeared into the back, put his head down, and decided to take a nap. Aero
Team Prism: Sibling SquabbleOne of my favorite things about the first couple of Tylesion books is the sibling dynamics. This scene is actually from the first book. Let me know if you'd like to see more of these drabbles (parts of the book). I'll post a few more scenes. I'd like for you guys to know the characters better <3 <3 thanks for reading <3

Tylesion took the back seat in the metaphorical car of Aerone's life as the boy plunged into his studies to keep himself accountable. Funneling all of his energy into classwork and homework was easy for a while, but he didn’t know how long he could maintain it. Frequently skipping dinner to go the extra mile on his academics, Aerone spent hours in his bedroom, ignoring his sisters, even if they wanted to talk about potential supernatural activity in town. He hadn’t realized that what had started out as a mature and noble pursuit had turned to such sensitive desperation and stress…until Corah made the unfortunate mistake of heading i
Team Prism: Dalton Meets TylesionDalton meets Tylesion. Going off the #DannyPhantom and #WesWeston fanon kind of inspired me for the situations surrounding Dalton's character. This is one of my favorite scenes in my first novel of the Tylesion series, so I wanted to post it for you guys!

After about a half hour of strolling through the night, still a bit far from home, with a gurney displaying their unconscious little sister, Shelley and Tylesion were beginning to enjoy their walk a little and relax. School had them kind of tightly wound. Corah's pulse remained steady—so far, so good. The crisp night breeze was calming, and with it being such a ghastly hour, Shelley's energy began to fade rapidly. Shelley laid down beside her sister to see if she could get some rest, but that was when the whole plan hit a snag.
An unforeseen crooked patch of pavement tripped the front wheels of the gurney. Tylesion didn’t even have time to think before he had to grab the girls and fling them onto the gras
Team Prism: Late Night At The LabHere I am with Garth's debut scene in the Tylesion series! Garth is one of the characters who appears in nearly all of the Tylesion books, and is even a main of several of them. This is before he meets Aerone. Hope you guys enjoy <3 let me know if you'd like to see any story segments featuring some of my mains in particular, and I'll find a cool scene with them and post it!
As of now, Auden, Joney, and Mishonna were the only people in the gym area of the building. It was late. Anyone else who was here still was hard at work on research, diagnostics and development—the technical work was a bore to these three. An eerie silence fell over the place. The sound of footsteps from the hall got louder. Someone brushed past the open archway. They kept going forward, then backtracked. A tall, broad-shouldered young man wearing a lab coat entered the room. The trio of high-schoolers gazed briefly over to assess the figure, but did not stop working out. What was his name, Mishon

From book 2: Team Prism: Aerone Meets TorwynHey! I love this scene. This is the first time Tor and Aerone meet in the books. Although Tor will make an appearance in book 1 probably, he won't cross paths with Aerone till here! I consider it a key plot part, also because this scene is where Aerone gets more of a taste for his father (Merl) and brother (Jake)'s character while they are away, and what's really going on at the estate. Comment below if you'd like to see other scenes featuring any of my main characters, and I'll find some and post them! Thanks so much for reading :hug: 

On one of the last days of winter break, Aerone packed up a backpack with some supplies, and flew, in the night, over to Merl’s house. Aerone wasn’t thinking straight at all when he flew in, preparing to demand to see his brother. He wanted to see Jake. After that? He had little planned out. The short-sighted objective was sure to lead him to certain doom, and if he escaped, he would not come out unscathed.
As soon as Aerone
Team Prism: Aerone Enters DesintirdeAerone enters Desintirde for the first time...with his father. After a huge fight, he's having difficulty processing what he sees when he enters the first of many alternate realms of the universe. 

Aerone scoffed, slowly moving his body to a ready stance. A fight could start any moment. And he still wasn’t certain who would make the first move, him or his father. Aerone never wanted it to come to this—how had his bold and peaceful ambitions brought him to the brink of violence? And why did he feel like his morals were doing somersaults in his mind? Maybe that’s what Merl had wanted along—for Aerone to lose it, to stop thinking right. But what was right, at this point? “What’s the purpose of being able to do whatever you want, and betraying everyone else in the process? Huh?”
“Something you’ll never understand. What? Did I disturb your human mind’s emotions? I forget, sometimes, when talking to humans, th

From book 3:

From book 4: Team Prism: Inviting CeceliaSeems like ancient history that Cecelia is a part of Aerone's Team Prism, but there was a time before that! 

In another part of town, Cecelia had been wandering about just to get some fresh air, and she wasn’t alone. “Stop following me, please.” Cecelia walked forward but Tylesion blocked her way. “I just want to be left alone. I can barely hear myself think anymore with everyone trying to tell me what to do. I let you go, and now please let ME go. I don’t even want to know how you figured out I was the girl in the yellow suit. I’m too tired to ask.” Exhausted and slightly defensive, Cecelia couldn’t conjure her typically confident demeanor. She played with her hair to try and occupy her racing mind and relax her fast-beating heart, but her thoughts were all over the place.
“I have to know why you set me free.” Tylesion explained. “You have a good heart, but seem highly conflicted. It’s like you can

From book 5:

From book 6:

From book 7: Team Prism: Lighthouse EveningA drabble from one of the Tylesion novels. Its in the middle of a book. Just thought I'd post it to give you guys a snippet of the characters. Maybe I'll post other small sections of the books if you like this one! This part is more of an establishing scene, but I'll try to dig up some actiony scenes. I'd like you guys to get to know my characters a bit more than just what you see in the pics, so here ya go ;) enjoy!
The magic of spring, the comfortable weather, it all faded a bit fast into this mundane routine of its own…which frequently involved sixteen-year-old Aerone riding his new motorcycle to work on the weekends—and occasionally after school—hoping to finish his shift before it got so late in the evening that his motivation abandoned him. His friends thought he spread himself too thin between homework, having a job, a secret identity as a superhero, and sparing some time every week for them, the work put into it was a reward in itself.
Though some we
Team Prism: CrystalsThis is Kibbon's debut! His first meet with Aerone and Travis. 
I'm posting a few drabbles (various scenes) from my books. I'd like you guys to get to know the characters better than how they can be captured through my drawings, and actually read some of the story content! Hope that you enjoy it. Let me know if you'd like to see more! 
Wearing a faded graphic tee shirt, a bandanna, skinny jeans, and boots, Aerone stepped outside the front door of his home and took in a deep full breath of fresh spring air. It was almost getting to be hot enough that he’d have to leave the boots inside and dig out his moccasins from the hall closet. He could only stare on, green with envy as his best friend Travis pulled into the driveway with his brand new truck. Since both of the guys had passed their drivers’ test, Travis's parents had awarded him with a vehicle of choice. Aerone forced a smile as he hopped into the passenger’s seat and greeted a grinning

From book 8:

From book 9:

From book 10:

From book 11:

From book 12: Team Prism: FollowedAerone and his friends hang out a lot, particularly at his house. This time, someone followed them. Will she be friend or foe? Let me know if you'd like to see more of a particular character! Thanks for reading!
Cecelia rounded the street corner in her jeep as she came upon the street where Aerone had grown up. She’d been to his house SO many times that she didn’t even remember the drive here as she parked in the driveway next to his motorcycle. Kibbon was in the passenger’s seat, enjoying the breeze of the topless car. “Might want to put the top up, in case it storms.” Kibbon mentioned.
“Oooh, gotcha!” She could be a bit of an airhead, even though it was obviously getting rather cloudy outside. With a light step, she headed up to the front porch and fixed her long locks of hair. Aerone had the door open before she was even on the porch. “Hey! We’re here! And Garth’s comiiiing!” Cecelia chimed in a sing-song vo

From book 13: Team Prism: Aerone And TorwynThe last of the drabbles I'm posting today. This one is a pretty clear picture of Aerone and Torwyn's rocky relationship. They're pretty evenly matched enemies, though not to say that they'll always be at odds. I hope you enjoy seeing little snippets of the Tylesion books and get to know the characters better through them <3 thanks so much for reading!

Aerone came in through the back door and headed to the kitchen, where, very visible through the window, was the pale blond Torwyn, sitting down at a table, eating with one hand, and holding a cellular phone in the other. Aerone sighed, knowing things were about to get difficult. Torwyn was skinny, clad in a black tee shirt with a moon on it, ripped navy skinny jeans, and black leather boots. He also wore a black leather choker. He had surprisingly good skin for a teenager, which he tainted with thick eyeliner. His thin, pin-straight hair masked most of his face when he looked below the horizon line.
“Nervous about col
Team Prism: Stay TogetherThis is actually a loose scene that I wrote (as in its flexible which book it'll end up in) just because I wanted to write something with these six all together, without Garth. These six make up the three power couples of the books and have a dynamic that I love. Garth is great too, but I see him being sometimes left out due to the three power couples being the three main Sovant siblings and their love interests. I'm posting a few drabbles (various scenes) from my books. I'd like you guys to get to know the characters better than how they can be captured through my drawings, and actually read some of the story content! Hope that you enjoy it. Let me know if you'd like to see more! 
“There, it’s finished.” Cecelia grinned, holding a handheld vintage mirror in front of her boyfriend’s face. In the reflection was a—pale by comparison—skinny teenager with silky straight black hair. His name was Aerone. The very longest strips o
Team Prism: Grad Birthday PartyI managed a short drabble before I ran out of inspiration today lol. Aerone's graduation party/18th birthday.

It was early afternoon. Aerone and Haylee went out for a quick walk after they had lunch at one of the Italian places in town. A summer Saturday was the best time to go out, when they could take their time and neither had anywhere to be for a while. The couple held hands and their various bracelets jingled together as they walked on. Aerone's neighborhood was a townhouse area at the edge of the metro-suburban area—a fair number of houses mixed with an attractive wood that new developers had yet to destroy. The area was hilly enough that it made for quite some scenic views, but not so much that it was a pain to new drivers. Aerone couldn’t remember the last time he didn’t have to drive somewhere, be somewhere, or go somewhere immediately. It was nice.
“Hey, do you hear that music?” Aerone commented as the two were on their way back to his


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