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Hey you'll have taken such amazing photos!!!
Hi guys, if you're from Auckland please join this new group for photographers, models, artists, MUA etc xx
Why was my entry declined, :O
Hello fellow NZ lovers,

I don't know how many of you have been to the Glenorchy/Dart area near Queenstown, but if you have been there I am sure you fell in love with a beautiful, untouched place. There is a plan in the works to create a tunnel from Milford to the Dart area so tourists can shorten their trip to the Sound. If the road goes ahead it will ruin this beautiful place, a world heritage listed place.

Please sign the petition opposing this awful idea.

I have contributed 2 or 3 images, they sat for a week or more waithing for approval then I receive a declined each time, would like to know why ? (ie: an explanation would be nice)
Is it acceptable to submit an image of a sunset sky-scape? It doesn't have anything but the sky in it, and I took it from the window of an airplane above Christchurch. You wouldn't guess that it was taken through a window though.
Sorry:) I submitted an image twice, wasn't meant to put both in 'seascapes'.