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Hey, all! I'm sure if you follow me you've been seeing the dog characters I've been popping out. Well, I'm here today to tell you about Sun-Tales , the DARPG game! It's currently closed for new members, but you can watch for when it opens! So far it's a really great community - super nice to each other and very supportive.

These are my three current dogs in the game:

Martouf | Tok'ra by preimpression Jolinar | Tok'ra by preimpression Egeria | Tok'ra by preimpression

If you'd like to see more, feel free to check it out! They're always open to suggestions too, if you have any good ideas :)


2018 - 365 Art Piece Challenge

Mon Dec 25, 2017, 7:07 PM

365 Day Art Challenge

I have decided to do a 365 Day Art Challenge this coming year as a method to practice and really focus on getting better at art. I don't remember the origin of this list, as I've had it saved for years, but a number of the days I have changed due to low interest in their themes (some of them I just would not draw and have no interest in exploring.)

Also, seeing as my core is about to run out and I have no money to replace it, this will likely be my last post for awhile in this pretty skin. I will be replying in comments and as a status with all new pieces, which will be posted in a folder titled 365 Day Challenge (or something like that. I may change my mind later and not want to lose this journal design.) 

If you have ideas for replacements for themes before my core runs out, feel free to suggest!

kepperoni has been a star and gave me 3 months blESS YOU KEP also don't go bugging her for one, be cool kids.

The List

1 Introduction  1 - Introduction by preimpression
2 Leap  2 - Leap by preimpression
Light  3 - Light by preimpression
4 Dark  4 - Dark (v.ii) by preimpression
Seeking Solace  5 - Seeking Solace by preimpression
6 Break Away  6 - Break Away by preimpression
7 Heaven
8 Innocence
9 Weary  9 - Weary by preimpression
10 Transparent  10 - Transparent by preimpression
11 Memory
12 Insanity
13 Misfortune
14 Smile
15 Silence 15 - Silence by preimpression
16 Geode
17 Blood 17- Blood by preimpression
18 Rainbow
19 Ghost 19 - Ghost by preimpression
20 Plant Study
21 Experiment
22 Mother Nature
23 Cat
24 No Time
25 Trouble Lurking
26 Tears
27 Foreign
28 Sorrow
29 Happiness
30 Under the Rain
31 Flowers
32 Night
33 Canyon  33 - Canyon by preimpression
34 Stars
35 Hold My Hand
36 Precious Treasure
37 Eyes
38 Abandoned
39 Dreams
40 Rated
41 Teamwork
42 Standing Still
43 Dying
44 Two Roads
45 Illusion
46 Family
47 Creation
48 Childhood
49 Stripes
50 Breaking the Rules
51 Sport
52 Deep in Thought
53 Keep a Secret
54 Tower
55 Waiting
56 Danger Ahead
57 Sacrifice
58 Kick in the Head
59 No Way Out
60 Rejection
61 Fairy Tale
62 Magic
63 Do Not Disturb
64 Multitasking
65 Horror
66 Traps
67 Playing the Melody
68 Hero
69 Annoyance
70 Constellation
71 Obsession
72 Mischief Managed
73 I Can't
74 Are You Challenging Me?
75 Mirror
76 Broken Pieces
77 Test
78 Drink
79 Starvation
80 Words
81 Pen and Paper
82 Can You Hear Me?
83 Heal
84 Out Cold
85 Spiral
86 Seeing Red
87 Food
88 Pain
89 Through the Fire
90 Triangle
91 Drowning
92 All That I Have
93 Give Up
94 Last Hope
95 Reach
96 In the Storm
97 Safety First
98 Puzzle
99 Solitude
100 Relaxation
101 Blink
102 Wedding
103 Fantasy
104 Lock and Key
105 Electricity
106 Poison
107 Fairy
108 Panties
109 Stitch
110 Nightmare
111 Dragon
112 Noodles
113 Protect
114 Mask
115 Sword
116 Web
117 Vampire
118 Zodiac
119 Bones
120 Phoenix
121 Deviantart
122 Egyptian
123 Anthromorphic
124 Cosplay
125 Chain
126 Action
127 Island
128 After A Battle
129 Art Trade
130 Original Character
131 Realistic
132 Moonlight
133 Holiday
134 One Shape
135 Fruit
136 Midnight
137 Elf
138 Pageviews
139 Transformation
140 Fear
141 Under Water
142 Future
143 Mascot
144 Wings
145 Breathe Again
146 During A Battle
147 Vortex
148 Progress
149 Upside Down
150 Unseen
151 Flag
152 Princess
153 Prince
154 King
155 Queen
156 Sharp
157 Fading
158 No Color
159 Censored
160 East Meets West
161 Hologram
162 Tattoo
163 Dirt
164 Dinosaur
165 What If
166 Portal
167 Lace
168 Envy
169 Study
170 End of the World
171 Graffiti
172 Silhouette
173 Robot
174 Tutorial
175 Death
176 Movie
177 Bird
178 Fun
179 Teeth
180 Jewelry
181 Anniversary
182 Distraction
183 Chaos
184 Fashion
185 Wood
186 Angel
187 Circle
188 Bunny
189 Ice Cream
190 Goth
191 Scar
192 Redesign
193 Fast
194 Stamp
195 Sparkle
196 Charm
197 ID
198 Buttons
199 Space
200 Rocket
201 Life
202 Youth
203 Content
204 Change
205 Dreams
206 Pessimistic
207 Pirate
208 Novel
209 Doom
210 Garden
211 Sadness
212 Confusion
213 Freedom
214 Inevitable
215 Idle
216 Vampire
217 Convention
218 Roleplaying
219 Skull
220 Pain
221 Joy
222 Time
223 Warmth
224 Voodoo
225 Insomnia
226 Solitude
227 Zombies
228 Heaven
229 Evil
230 Drive
231 Candyland
232 Robot
233 Oldschool
234 Puppets
235 Flight
236 Movie
237 What if
238 Outcast
239 Dance
240 Summer
241 Play
242 Uh-oh
243 Duel
244 Beyond
245 Heart
246 Photo
247 Pants
248 Spice
249 Fiesta
250 Percent
251 Soap Opera
252 Underwear
253 Stress
254 Desire
255 Mutation
256 Skeleton
257 Rock
258 Lies
259 Witch
260 Message
261 Bugs
262 Effort
263 Bandaid
264 Heights
265 Imaginary
266 Fly Me to the Moon
267 Discovery
268 What?
269 Adhesive
270 Underworld
271 Drink
272 Mechanical
273 Sojourn
274 Video Game
275 Crisis
276 Insanity
277 Ice
278 Working Hard
279 Hardly Working
280 Sandwich
281 Clone
282 Clumsy
283 Keyboard
284 Hope
285 Song
286 Surprise
287 Cursed
288 Victory
289 Internet
290 Fire
291 Orange
292 Love
293 Annoyance
294 Misunderstanding
295 Myth
296 Puppy
297 Lost
298 Pie
299 Fate
300 Death
301 Chores
302 Running Out Of Time
303 Life
304 Relationship
305 Play
306 Toy
307 Computer
308 Eclipse
309 Emotion
310 Run
311 Fear
312 Gamble
313 Christmas
314 Animal
315 Wild
316 Morning
317 Loneliness
318 Friend
319 Pet
320 Grow
321 Flag
322 Cigarette
323 Punk rocker
324 Earth
325 Boredom
326 Sweet
327 Smile
328 Hold
329 Hug
330 Wings
331 Wrong
332 Right
333 Tears
334 Hope
335 Night
336 Star
337 Courage
338 Ice Cream
339 Woman
340 Mad
341 School
342 Freedom
343 Eagle
344 Falling
345 Dream
346 Reality
347 Purple
348 Blue
349 Red
350 Pink
351 Rainbow
352 Rain
353 Snow
354 Teenager
355 Space
356 Wind
357 Fly
358 Tree
359 Mistletoe
360 Vulnerable
361 Forever
362 Gothic lolita
363 Warm
364 Cold
365 The End

EXTRA Vacation, Fortitude, Grey, Expectation

Do I owe anyone anything?

Sun Nov 26, 2017, 10:22 AM

Update November 2017

I'm pretty sure I don't owe anyone anything on deviantart, but I wanted to be sure.

If I do owe you something and it's not on my Trello then please let me know! 

Also, as I don't actively post art on deviantart anymore, you can find me at my portfolio website, Artstation, or on In Dire Straits.

Some examples of recent work you can find on my portfolio website are as follows:

Preimpression's World of Reos Hub

Sat Mar 18, 2017, 2:33 PM

World of Reos

Companions: N/A
Naming theme: Numbers
Other: N/A

My Vayrons

The Guard - Zero 934 - Tracker
The Thief - One 297 - Tracker

Curly mane


Marked collared greying lilac slate roan piebald with accents and starmarks

Physical Traits: Curled Tail + Fangs

Nanook's Shadow

Pups have a +10% chance of inheriting the coat of the darker parent. (Eg Breedings between tundra and tawny base coats will have a higher chance of tawny, breedings between brown and black base coats will have a higher chance of black, etc.)
Aippaq's Fortune
Heterozygous genes have a +10% chance of passing on to offspring.

Tapetoe Companion: Provides a high chance for any of the Tokota's offspring to inherit a completely random trait (common-extremely rare.)

I'd prefer USD, but I will consider activity rolls. Please offer in the comments below! 

This is for one full slot. His litters so far have both dropped a lilac that had starmarks. I will be taking him to dominant and eventually alpha, so keep that in mind!

(I'm selling min one, max three of his slots. Probably the only public ones for a long time.)

2017 ARPG Geno Sales

I'm open to offers on the below genos! I'll add more as I pick more to sell.
I prefer USD but am open to see what you have to offer.

If activity rolls, give a deadline with your offer.

BELOW: Can be lilac, starmarked, roan, and dun with POTA tokens.
ON HOLD FOR missamilee
2) Male, Natural Mane
Submissive - Healthy
Marked collared greying dun lilac tundra piebald with accents and starmarks


BELOW: Can be lilac, starmarked, roan, and dun with POTA tokens.

2) Male, Natural Mane
Submissive - Healthy
Marked collared greying tawny piebald with accents
Hereditary Traits:
Nanook's Shadow


BELOW: Can be lilac, starmarked, roan, and dun with POTA tokens.

1) Female, Curly Mane
Submissive - Healthy
Marked collared greying tundra piebald with accents
Hereditary Traits:
Excellent Conformation

2) Male, Natural Mane
Submissive - Healthy
Marked collared greying dun chocolate roan piebald with accents
Hereditary Traits:

3) Female, Natural Mane
Submissive - Healthy
Marked collared greying tundra piebald with accents
Hereditary Traits:

4) Male, Natural Mane
Submissive - Healthy
Marked collared greying dun tundra piebald with accents
Hereditary Traits:

5) Male, Natural Mane
Submissive - Healthy
Marked collared greying dun sand roan piebald with accents and starmarks
Hereditary Traits:

6) Male, Natural Mane
Submissive - Healthy
Marked collared greying tawny piebald with accents and starmarks
Hereditary Traits:


Belemoid Activity Roll Tracker

Tue Jan 10, 2017, 6:15 PM

TCA Taming Academy

Thu Jan 5, 2017, 9:57 AM

Rank 1- Novice Tamer

Upon Completion: -10 off taming odds.
In order to receive the rank of Novice Tamer you must complete the tasks below.

   - Have 1 tokota with excellent AoAs.
   - Complete 1 weekly quest.
   - Find 3 treats via exploration.
   - Create a piece of art that depicts your handler meeting his/her favorite Wild Heart or Mediator trait tokota.
   - Complete 1 Taming Attempt

Alpha Tokota Tracker

Mon Dec 19, 2016, 5:52 PM

This is the activity roll tracker reserved for my alpha tokotas.

Applicable Tokotas

URI's Pimento 13929 by TotemSpirit  URI's Caribbean Spice 15733 by TotemSpirit

Hunting: Aippaq's Boon, Bear Totem, Sturdy Bow, Flint Arrows, Hunting Saddle, Black Cat
Fishing: Aippaq's Boon, Black Cat
Exploration: Alpha, Aippaq's Boon, Bright Flashlight, Raven Totem, Creature Whisperer, Black Cat, 5% Bonus
Caving: Alpha, Aippaq's Boon, Head Lamp, Carabiner, Carbon Fiber Rope, Jeweled Pickaxe, Black Cat, +
  Burrowing Owl, Salamander, Elemental, Pygmy Cave Lion, Creature Whisperer
Diving: Alpha, Aippaq's Boon, Black Cat, Diving Light, Flippers, Oxygen Tank, Creature Whisperer

Caribbean Spice
Hunting: Aippaq's Luck, Lucky, Bear Totem, Sturdy Bow, Flint Arrows, Peregrine Falcon, Cleverness
Fishing: Aippaq's Luck, Lucky
Exploration: Alpha, Aippaq's Luck, Lucky, Bright Flashlight, Raven Totem, Creature Whisperer, 5% Bonus
Caving: Alpha, Aippaq's Luck, Lucky, Head Lamp, Carabiner, Carbon Fiber Rope, Creature Whisperer
Diving: Alpha, Aippaq's Luck, Lucky, Diving Light, Flippers, Oxygen Tank, Creature Whisperer

My Art Status

Wed Oct 12, 2016, 1:37 PM
If I owe you something that's not listed, let me know!


     pixel blue progress bar - 3 by puucheii 2 CEs for Sylphier
     pixel blue progress bar - 0 by puucheii Design for AshTheDreamer  Blue2 by puucheii

*If no payment button by ARPG stuff, payment is after what I owe.

progress bar - pixel blue progress bar - 0 by puucheii  pixel blue progress bar - 1 by puucheii  pixel blue progress bar - 2 by puucheii  pixel blue progress bar - 3 by puucheii  pixel blue progress bar - 4 by puucheii
Blue1 by puucheii  Blue2 by puucheii

Skin by SimplySilent
URI's Black Velvet 20593 by TotemSpirit


How much would his public slot be worth?

This is an interest check - this boy doesn't have his AoAs yet! I want to know what worth people might put to his slots once I put up his public slot(s). He's 25%, mel red, wolverine, and has Swift Feet + Curled Tail. I'm going to be rushing him to dom once my normal build boy Blackfish is uploaded. I'm not going to be accepting any offers or anything like that until his AoA is done and judged. 

Seriously, just shout out whatever you'd pay for a slot to him. I'm all ears. I'll tag y'all once I have the slot actually available.

Coding by SimplySilent

ARPG Activity Art Packs

Sun Aug 28, 2016, 7:41 PM by preimpression:iconpreimpression:


These are commissions for USD paid through Paypal invoice. 

These will be in my activities line less style, as seen below. These prices are also per ARPG creature. Aka if you pay $20 USD and want the HP of two tokotas, 20 HP will be of one and 20 HP will be of the other unless you want to split it in another way. 

- Finish time for one piece can range from one to three days, real life pending.
- If the HP quantity is high enough, we can work out a deadline.
- I may add my own tokotas/belemoid to the pieces. 
- If the price is higher than $50, we can work out a payment plan, otherwise payment must be up front.


I go by the standard $1 USD = 2 HP ratio. 

2 HP = $1 USD
20 HP = $10 USD
ROLLS = $5 Per Roll

Non-caving rolls will likely be a lot of HP as I will include my own tokos and work on their HP
Caving rolls will be barebones + shading


2 TP = $1 USD
20 TP = $10 USD

Please inquire about any other ARPGs, as I'm not familiar with any other USD to point ratios.

you get some decent moisture for your buck by preimpression  dont tell her the truth by preimpression

The List
 = Paid

 00/00 HP - Import links for name

The Form

HP or Rolls:
HP or Roll Amount: 
Character(s): Import links to ARPG characters.
Preferences on Activities: 
Tribe Tracker: 

Total USD: 2 HP = $1 and 1 roll = $5

Remember to include if the HP/rolls are split between characters and double check the Total USD. If it's unclear, I will ask to clarify.

Coding by SimplySilent

Belemoid Semi-Customs (open)

Fri Aug 26, 2016, 10:22 PM by preimpression:iconpreimpression:

Meredith 149 by Beleport

Hi I'm desperately in need of money for university. I'm also offering 3 slots to Pistachio 123, who has a special tan coat colour - $10. 

$10 USD base per semicustom slot

+$5 for fifth gene
+$5 for dominant gene
+$10 for dominant rare gene
+$5 for black as a base coat

+$5 for uncommon gene (counts in your 4, can stack with a rare gene)
+$10 for rare gene (counts in your 4, can stack with an uncommon gene)
+$5 for curly mane

+$10 for me to design it

- First-come-first serve, comment on my comment in this journal.
- Will be Beta.
- No refund.
- No resale without permission.
- You must have the money available to send within 24 hours.
- You may only pick up to four genes total, not including base coat colour. 
- These will be given starter lineages.

- For Breeder, write "Semi-custom." Do not link to this journal.
- For proof, link to the comment where I give you your geno. Tag me so I can confirm.

If you do a chargeback at any point, I will blacklist you and ban you from Belemoid.

If you comment to hold a spot, you must edit with the form within a half hour of your post. If you don't and the slot fills up after you, you've lost the slot. 

Your Choices
Base Coat
Can be Tan or Bay (TT/Ee/rr or TT/ee/rr)

Pick up to four of the following:
Buckskin, underbelly, masked, goggles, badger, brindle, points, saddle, blanket, dun, collared, greying, piebald, ticking (must be paired w/ piebald to show), scruff.

Natural mane (LL or Lc)

Pistachio Slots

Semi-custom Slots
  1. AlkalineAkeail - PAID
  2. ZestyToaster - PAID

Base Coat:
Extras/Total Price:

Coding by SimplySilent


These are all in my bank. Offer whatever, be it slots, genos, HP, TT, or USD. (Preference is USD)

x2 Wolverine
x2 White Otter
x1 Brown Otter
x2 Stoat
x4 Winter Stoat
x1 Albino Skunk
x1 Spotted Skunk
x1 Skunk
x1 Red Salamander
x1 Bobcat

Italics means they are in negotiations. If I don't get a reply in a week, they will be put back up for sale.


x1 Winter Stoat pending for Nifken
x1 Wolverine pending for Nifken

Coding by SimplySilent


URI's Pimento 13929 by TotemSpirit
Pimento is an alpha male black tokota.

Creature Whisperer
Hunter Trait
Caver trait
Snow White trait

I would like that his childrens' facial accents resemble his. You can be creative with this, of course!


Slots to him are $50 / 100  HP / 20 AR
You may also offer slots/genos of similar worth.

1. Pending Affyre (0/6 CE Entries) (Agreed on prior to alpha/hunter/caver)
2. Pending kagetora4ever (0/60 HP) (Agreed on prior to Snow White)

Sea Salt WM48 by TotemSpirit
Physical Trait: Fanged
Tapetoe Companion
Pug Companion


Offer for his slots. USD Preferably. (No less than $60 worth)
1. Pending for hickeys (?/20 AR)
2. kagetora4ever


None ATM

If you want a slot to any of my other tokotas for their AoAs, please inquire in a note.


Coding by SimplySilent


Wed Jun 22, 2016, 5:11 PM
Hey I need to keep track somehow. I'm tagging y'all so you can correct me if there are any mistakes.

Shrouded-Mist - 31/45 HP
 of Pim - Spire Ezra split slot - N/A
Scowlish - 0/4 caving rolls (w/ Spice + Pim) - #4 - N/A
Azzy-Lionblood - 1/4 activities for - #1 - N/A

If we have a transaction for HP of my tokotas, etc, please let me know. I have all art things that I owe in a trello, so you needn't post here if I owe you art.

Skin by SimplySilent

Commission Weebly

Fri Jul 3, 2015, 9:33 AM
Here are all my currently set commission prices, free for you to take a look at. I gave timesets and predicted cost for art examples, so the prices for different things can vary.

Here you go!

Skin by SimplySilent