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X - Now Hell Lives In you by preimpression X - Now Hell Lives In you by preimpression
Colonist Name: Zero
Colony Name: Xione
LEVEL COUNT: (5 FB + 2 C + 2 DS + 2 DBG + 1 R) + (6 LVL) = 18 LVL

Zero was one of a select few who were chosen to accompany researchers in new colonies. His specified researcher was little-known by those he had met with. In fact, he hadn't spoken to anyone, alien or native, who knew the stranger. The one who gave him his instruction simply gave a location and a vague description of the hulking creature who would become his ruler, caretaker, and friend. What he did know was that it was of a species that was few and far in between. Many of their species had fallen in wars among their own people, leading to a population scattered across the universe that was unlikely to bounce back. There simply were not enough, something that Zero found sad and in a way, exciting. He would be living in intimate quarters with one of a dying race, perhaps one of the last few that would ever exist. He would be the best assistant and research subject that the stranger could ever dream of. 

He made his way across the desert, carrying bag swinging against his hip, hurting an old bruise every few bounds. While it was a minor injury, one that he could easily heal if he just rested for a few days, Zero was one who preferred to keep at it even to his own detriment. He approached the cliff's edge, knowing he was close by the incessant beeping on the navigation monitor the DIPD or DIDP or whatever they were called had handed him before sending him on his way. There were several others he'd befriended before heading out this way, and none of them had seemed to have researchers that planned on living in the dangerous desert. He considered this thoughtfully - 

- too thoughtfully, as his step led into open air and he tumbled out of the brilliant light and into a dark, musky cave. His tail flipped over his head, smacking his mouth full of his own fur as his smaller forearms tucked close and his larger limbs spread to attempt to slow him down. His tumble came to an end and he lay in the dark, blinking up at the only source of light. After the blinding light of the surface, the darkness of the cave was solid black.

Within that black crept closer a monster of both metaphor and reality. She crept forward out of the shadows slowly, letting her massive tail drag against the ground, flicking the end with every step. Her tongue slithered from her jaws, flicking to and fro, taking in the scent of her first claim. As the tsabhua before her began to see shape and form in the darkness, she held still, smiling though her calloused face would not show it. The childlike creature turned and, seeing her, let out a yelp not unlike the young of her own kind. For a moment, that gave her pause, willing some strange maternal instinct in her to bubble to the surface - but before a breath was exhaled, the thought had passed. She slipped forward further, into the light, and rose up even higher above him with her hulking arms curving back to rest on her knees, the closest she could reach to her hips. 

"So, this is what I'm left with?"
 she mused aloud, rough voice and as devoid of markers that would allow any of her species to determine her sex as her body. "You're smaller than I imagined."

Zero gulped, curling up tighter as he stared at her, "Dr Scoyfol?" which was answered only by a gruff laugh and a nod of the monster's head. Seeing this, he perked up, though he still hesitated. "I'm Zero! I was sent here by the Department of-"

"Yeah, yeah, I know, kid," she said, smirking and stepping forward to loom over the smaller creature. "Come with me, we've got a lot to do."

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