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Technical Difficulties

By PReilly
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Always been interested in folklore and mythical creatures so I decided to create a piece depicting a gremlin attack on a WWII B17 bomber.

"A gremlin is a folkloric creature, commonly depicted as mischievous and mechanically oriented with a specific interest in aircraft.
Their origin is found in myths among airmen, claiming that the gremlins were responsible for sabotaging aircraft. In later times, different fantastical creatures have been referred to as Gremlins, bearing varying degrees of resemblance to the original Gremlins."
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Love it, kind of a blend between the Speilberg version and the Twilight Zone version
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The origins of gremlins is from British folklore.  When the Industrial Revolution began cutting down forests to make way for factories, the fey moved into those factories and made things difficult for the humans in return.  As technology advanced, so did the understanding of it by the gremlins, and they became popular during WW2 by the RAF.
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Absolutely amazing!
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ethanpatrickharrisProfessional General Artist
That twilight zone episode with the beast on the passenger plane wing always freaked me out. Great freakin' picture.
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Oddly enough I like this picture better posted on dA than in Modern Fantasy Now. I guess it's because I can enlarge the picture and get a lot more detail. Congratulations on getting this piece(Myths and Monsters), Tails From the High Seas(Myths and Monsters), Wrecking Crew(Myths and Monsters), and Pirates(Scenes and Settings) into Fantasy Art Now. All of the pieces that got in were prime examples of your work and I think you warrant a gallery watch.
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delarondeProfessional Filmographer
LOL were you listening to some Racer X ( Paul Gilbert on guitars ) at the time you were painting this piece ? lol...The song Technical difficulties is simply..astounding and it reflects well in this painting. ;)
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CedautingerHobbyist Traditional Artist
Ho yeah love those gremlins, hehe summoned by some occult nazis I suppose.
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Ahhh Nazi gremlins!
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Spot on. I love it when classic themes and mythology is tackled. Love the colours and details on this one.
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ChasarsisProfessional Digital Artist
I seriously though that might have been a scene out of resistance for a second. Very interesting
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Wonderful! reminds me of a episode on "the twilight zone".. Real pro stuff... Excellent work...
(Feel free to checkout my profile)
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beautiful work, very dynamic and the angle of the piece makes it very interesting
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great work
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Very clever ;)
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OnikaizerProfessional Digital Artist
Gotta love the gremnlins! just like the one on twilight zone the movie... There ... is something... on the wing!
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There's...some...thing...something on the wing.

Awesome piece, great work on the colors and mood.
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DanSchoeningProfessional Traditional Artist
This is brilliant! I'm also a fan of folklore, and gremlins were always one of my fav. Your should hit up some European folklore, Baba Yaga perhaps? Or even an Canadian Wendigo?
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Hey Dan! How's everything?

BTW, I think I may have Art Gremlins....You ever do a sketch that turns out great and then you put it away, then a few days later you look at it again and it looks like shit?

Well, that happens to me all the time...Those damn Art Gremlin are ruining my doodles when Im not looking!

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DanSchoeningProfessional Traditional Artist
I must have computer Gremlins cause I just got your reply! LOL, I so hear you on the Drawing Gremlins, those bastards have been in my art pile for at least a year now. If you have a plan to get rid of them let me know man
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pinka1Professional General Artist
god your work is awesome! u rock!!
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the bouncin betty drawing on the plane was painted directly on the canvas (on a different layer or not) and you did it somehow rotated?
or you created it alone, and then rotated it?
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where do you get these ideas
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