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Tales from the High Seas

A few months back I visited a local pub with some of my friends (Actually, I wouldn't really call it a pub....More like a scummy dive). The place was tiny, darkly lit and looked like the inside of a 17th century ship. Dark brown and thickly lacquered wood panels on the wall being held in place by thick shipping ropes and black bolts. There were all sorts of dusty antiques and nautical devices hanging from the ceiling and every inch of the place. Rusty metal objects everywhere (Maybe I should have taken a tetanus shot before entering.) An old diving suit , fishing nets, wooden mermaid statues, old nautical paintings with overly ornate frames. There were also brass lined portholes with dirty lime green glass for windows. As I was sipping my beer I was expecting a giant tentical to come crashing through one of the portholes and snatch away one of the scruffy looking patrons sitting at the bar.

Anyhow, the style of the place and the lime green ambient lighting inspired me to create this piece. I wanted it to have an old world nautical painging style...Like something you might find hanging in a cabin of an old wooden ship. I worked on it for a while a few months back and ended up putting it on hold for a while. This weekend I managed to tighten it up a bit.

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Very effective image, emphasised by the ghostly green light and the creature's size. Great clarity.
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Really good work here - the colouring especially manages to convey just the right ambience.
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Hanging a portrait of a ship being attacked by a Kraken within a ship.

Not good for morale, I'd assume, but Great Work! :thumbsup:
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this place ... i think... show you the line of the creature color art... (laugh)
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the imagination world, this inspires me to write about atlantis
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This is really rockin'! I am quite partial to the maritime scene and giant cephalopods. Your work on this is amazing. Thanks for sharing!
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It's so great and scary and.. wow! I am amazed. The colour, the light, everything is wonderful! Fav, no doubt.
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woah, i seen this picture in the book "Fantasy Art Now" and I just had to check your drawings out. They're pretty impressive! :)
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Absolutely best, perfect color manage :).
Pity, the pic it´s not bigger :(.
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This is very well executed. The lighthing is breath taking. I must admit...sea monsters scares me too death...and the last drawing I saw that gave me chills was a frank Frazetta's a couple years ago...You are a master
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I LOVE this pic :love: its a funny thing, really.. I was at a bookstore reading 'Fantasy Art NOW' and came across this, wrote your name down, and googled you for deviantart XD I'm so thrilled I found you on here, so that I can keep up with your amazing art! Thanks for posting! :hug:
awesome man
and rather scary
i hate sea monsters (shudders!!)
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i hope to some day make art as nice as yours
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