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Tales From Another World

By PReilly
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Keeping up with the Steampunk theme I decided to work a comic book vibe into this piece.

Our space explorer is sent on a mission to the mysterous planet Venusian. During the landing cycle his ship crashes and now must not only complete his mission but find a way off of this hostile planet.
What kind of characters and horrors will our hero encoun ter?

Find out in the latest issue of "Tales From another World
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Sagittarius-A-starStudent Digital Artist
Okay, must :+fav: just cause of he's got the FMOM Wave Disruptor gun, LOL. :D I love the blend of early SF pulp magazine cover and steampunk... and I'd definitely read this guy's story.
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kingwhiteHobbyist General Artist
This is incredible!
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Amazing. Simply amazing. I just wish this were a real graphic novel series, I would be all of it.
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fantastic work.
Jean-Pierre Jeunet meets Astounding Tales meets Conan.
Excellent muted earthtone colour palette, devices, metallics, character posture, persective.
What is the font on ANOTHER WORLD?

Again, striking work.
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PeteAmachreeProfessional Filmographer
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This would be great as a print
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scottygodProfessional Traditional Artist
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:D Excellent!
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WilsonWJrProfessional Digital Artist
Gorgeous stuff man!! Gorgeous!! Do you know if there is a Tampa chapter of Drink N' Draw?? :)
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Fantastic! I have a weakness for rayguns.
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:wow:... nice
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Fantastic piece, though a little disappointing that it's not an actual product.
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reminded me of an imaginefx tut! cool job!!!
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Channel-SquareProfessional Digital Artist
old school yea! I love the green earthy mossy-mustardish theme to this...hahaha nice adjectives eh? but awesome layout on it!
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Amazing work, almost has an old Flash Gordon vibe to it
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Hen-HenProfessional Digital Artist
LIKE WOW!!!! Thats all I can say
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Vagabond-KnightHobbyist Traditional Artist
Awesome painting. I love the pulp sci-fi look.
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That's a beautiful image.
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ShadowgrailProfessional Traditional Artist
Simply awesome and totally inspiring art style !
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redkidOneProfessional Filmographer
awesome! I saw one of those rayguns in a shop the other day, I want one so much!
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You never fail to impress me Pat, this and your steampunk robot have been right up my alley. I eat this shit up and want for seconds. :+fav:
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this is truly excellent
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S0ulfire84 Digital Artist
Very amazing :D

Great work! keep it up!
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