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December 3, 2009
Steampunk by ~PReilly
Suggester said: The copper tones applied in this piece really caught my eyes. The author created a steampunk aura and mixed it with a retro design that combines perfectly. Also, the shading is fantastic!
Featured by TobiasRoetsch
Suggested by Atramina
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I've always been interested in retro-futuristic style (Steampunk, Future noir) so I decided to create a piece for the genre.

Hidden away in an undiscolosed English location , a victorian era battle robot is being built. Only a hand full of people (Scientists, government officials, and a few high society rich folk) get a sneak peak at the unfinished project.

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poku62's avatar
Nice. Yesss ! ;)
J5art's avatar
Was the Iron Giant an inspiration for this?
GentlemenWorks's avatar

Is this availble for sale as digital art?
If so, how much for the high res picture?
vegkasse's avatar
This is really nice work done..Very creative and nice work done..
11JITW11's avatar
this is so good, I love how it's not just the robot you added the people too even though they are small it's very dreamlike, my friend got me into steampunk, glad he did
It's a bit like the Iron Giant.
Moe-Mux-Hagi's avatar
Pfew. My madness is shared.
fuzed-ice's avatar
Im glad Im not the only one that thought that
altm1's avatar
I really like what you created here! (:
Im thinking about doing a friend of mine a lil favour, since she loves/is interested in steampunk, but i guess asking you for a commission would kill my wallet. xD

Greetings from Germany~
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Reddsquirrel's avatar
The Iron Giant! :D Such a cool piece!
MoonMists-Teacup's avatar
Hazzah! I'm not the only one who thought so XD I used to be obsessed with that movie
Reddsquirrel's avatar
Such a good film! :)
Akaabots's avatar
digitalghoul's avatar
ADYodeler's avatar
Steampunk Iron Giant :) Love it
MouraMoura's avatar
Reminds me of the irm giant. Good job. 
Marry-A-Marauder's avatar
woah o: this is incredible!
MCHolly1's avatar
Love this. :) Reminds me of John Scalzi's "The God Engines."
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