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sweet amma work on this somehow
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man you sketch some amazing characters ..........
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nice, really like the detail :)


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Right out of the imagination! ^^ <3
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That doesn't look like a creature I'd want to meet... unless he's actually friendly!
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Definitely not on my piss off list, he looks like he could do some damage.
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Looks like somethin u would find in an RPG game XP
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This piece was featured as an art example in the Gimme Feedback's Art Quest 2012 March 12th Blog: [link]
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Your sketch is wicked.
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really talented!
beast! nice texture man
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nice!!! where did u get that kinda paper?
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Hey, sorry for the late reply.

I didn't use papoer, it was a digital sketch. I merely selected the paper texture in Painter.
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very cool! do you use graphite powder? I like your technique.
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It's like a raptor but... not a raptor.

The design is great but I personally don't get what's with the extra tiny arms.
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wow all the details
thats not a sketch its a WAY cool drawing !!! i love great work !
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wow this looks so cool
rohitrajan's avatar
great sketch...
the muscles are too realistic..
can you tell me which software..
i guess it is photoshop..
but,the outer lines and all..
please consider this message if you have time...
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