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Retro Steampunk Raygun montage



Hey guys,
apparently some members of DA were wondering about little details that weren't visible on the first retro raygun image, so I went ahead and did a montage of different angles of the gun, along with some more info.

Inspired by the retro Flash Gordon , Buck Rogers , and Weta rayguns style weaponry.

The gun is about 90% metal, with the exception of the wooden grip, and the acrylic test tube on top.
The main tools used to make the gun were a hand drill, a dremel, screwdrivers, file , sandpaper , metal epoxy and a LOT of screws.

The main body of the gun is a section from an old brass andiron.

The flash hider is a section from a brass candle holder.
the test tube is....Well, a test tube.

The pressure guage is a ladies watch which was customized with new face graphics, and removal of the lugs.

heat sink rings on the barrel are washers which were spaced apart with lamp spacers.

The saddle ring was a lamp ball finial with a grommet base.

The uranium tube was an 8 oz CO2 cartridge.

The antenna was a hand made steel coil (along with the tesla coil on the CO2 cartridge.

The trigger, trigger guard, trigger housing, grip plates, plating on the body, plate on the rear of the grip, and co2 cartridge holder here custom cut from brass using a dremel.

All other knobs and greeblies attached to the gun were just odd screws and things I had in my old tool parts box. (allen screws, knurled thumbscrews, coin edged wheels, grommets, vintage camera parts, etc.)

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Wow! Fantastic work! It looks like it genuinely belongs to the turn of the 20th century. :)