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Into the Depths

By PReilly
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Again with the steampunk thing. A bit of the old "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea".

Our explorer investigates the depths of the sea in search of a sunken vessel rumored to hold a fortune in treasure.
Legend has it that the vessel is guarded by an unkown beast.....But who believes in legends anyway, right?


Been getting a lot of feedback in terms of similarities to the video game "Bioshock"

Just to point out that this character is based on the old diving suits worn during the turn of the century.
Thes vintage diving suits were around long before Bioshock.

Take a look -




Obviously Bioshock was inspired by these dive suits.

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This just makes me think how cool it would be for some guy in a diver suit with, like, Excalibur or something fighting Cthulhu

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TheeartistkidHobbyist General Artist
Love it👏👏
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Amazing composition!
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MyGraphicTabletsHobbyist Digital Artist
Deep waters are muddy and creepy. Excellent use of colors!
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Stunning work! it inspired us over at Makes Me Wanna Write - makes-me-wanna-write.blogspot.… - enjoy! We fully credited you for the art, of course. :D
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wanderbkProfessional Digital Artist
The atmosphere and coloring are both beautiful. Awesome composition as well—great job.
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RebellingLemmingHobbyist Traditional Artist
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Love this one.. Faved!
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MagsoiStudent Digital Artist
Ahhh it's amazing~!
Reminds me of Bioshock. Soooo cool. 
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...Man, an underwater roguelike would be kickass.

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Joker-laughHobbyist General Artist
LOVE ^_^
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Yep, this guy is screwed.
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Sagittarius-A-starStudent Digital Artist
Awesome, I always loved 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, I so wanted to visit the undersea world in a fantastic Victorian submarine led by a crazy, enigmatic Captain with a mysterious past. :D But I could happily skip the "being dragged off by killer octopi" moment, though, lol!! I love those old diving suits, too. They sure knew how to dive in style in Victorian times.
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JimNelsonArtProfessional Digital Artist
I am absolutely in love with this piece! It's just perfect. Well done.
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Looks he's about to punch a giant squid IN THE FACE.
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LevothnixStudent Digital Artist
Wow! :) Can I put this in my essay about steampunk?
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Very Nice :) Just to let you know, the reason people think it's like bioshock is cause of the glowing eyes on the helemt, i think. The big daddy's are just big diving suit enemy's in the game with eyes that glow
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AWESOME! reminds me of the Pulps paperback covers. Love this!
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nekrosithHobbyist Digital Artist
Awesome, and indeed, reminds me a lot to Bioshock B-)
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I love it, and yes i thought of bioshock ha ha ha. but something about it captured a sliver of my imagination well done XD
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i wish someday that will be me diving like that it looks so fun !!! :D
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TsillaVHobbyist Traditional Artist
These light games are just amazing !^^
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