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Concept piece depicting a society marooned on a lost planet and using their vessel as a makeshift home.

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Dune-inspired, yes?
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if you showed a writer your drawings,then next year we would have some epic best seller.
Oh my gosh
You've gotta have an amazing imagination to think up something like this
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This is really cool! Great concept.
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great job on the scene
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wow, impresive!
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This reminds me of those scenes early on in Lawrence of Arabia, where he (and his guide who's later killed by Omar Sharif) are/is riding across the desert and you've got these tiny human figures against those beautiful and majestic but daunting desert landscapes.

I love pictures like that. What's not to love about a good landscape?

Anyway, great work!
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reminds me a begining of a highlander 2 movie, first version, later they cut off the ship and whole planet zeist stuff :)
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Looks like something you would see in Star Wars
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Captivating stuff indeed great work
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i love the colour shift depicting the aridness of the desert, gradually leading to the cold mountain top, and my favourite subject, science fiction, great work!
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Captivating stuff.
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nice plans. It gives you a nice depth feeling. This would work perfect in fusion or AE :) nice work all the way btw. I hope one day soon ill be able to do the same. Thank you for the great examples.
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another one from ImageFX... fAV
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Dude, everytime I log I see more sick work by you. I'm usually not a big fan of digital art, but your stuff is awesome
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Nice wrap-around on the cave. Makes good composition!

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especially the cape of the near man gives it a "Dune feeling " , an more redshifted version with more snow on the peaks would actually fit very nice with "Darkover Landfall "
Reminds me of Dune. Very impressive.
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