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January 8, 2012
A girl's best friend by ~PReilly
Featured by Casperium
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A girl's best friend

Aaaah, a girl's best friend....Not quite an "E.T." type friendship, but oh well.

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Famer17Music's avatar
Amazing Artwork! Featured on my youtube channel:…
RaymanFan9000's avatar
Quite the friend indeed.
commodorefrog's avatar
eldritch gods need friends too
Al-The-Craggymite's avatar
Wouldn't mind befriending a giant space monster thing that looks scary as hell.

Michael-Taylor1134's avatar
Great Work.
To Quote Deadpool:
"I So Pity The Guy Who Pressures Her Into Prom Sex."
Gregar-san's avatar
A giant alien creature....with many tentacles. Infinite Lenny (Chat emote) Infinite Lenny (Chat emote) Infinite Lenny (Chat emote) 
Maddog1996's avatar
Is it made of diamond?
LittleDesertStar's avatar
Why have E.T when you can have a friend that could destroy your enemies xD
InsectivasionThat's truly a cockroach from heLL:kiwf:cockroach 
Zynoveous-Prime's avatar
I like it. Brings light into an otherwise dark world. well done        Nod 
zevl's avatar
Strong atmopsphere :clap:
hannoth's avatar
So a girl's best friend is an alien with tentacles?
i know where this is going.
Intense, I love pieces that really throw things into perspective. Really symbolic, amazing job.
Ninplanet123's avatar
Are they REALLY friends, or...?
Ieafeons's avatar
this looks like......War of all worlds? :3
AcidicCook's avatar
That thing looks like it would be a great friend for a little girl...
So, is she harvesting any more of adam, or does she have a grudge against someone?
Zhrayde's avatar
Your art has been featured: [link]
joeltonongkh's avatar
Blow me away...completely...I wish I did this.
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