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Proboscidea Size Chart

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Here are all the extinct proboscideans I have reconstructed, the culmination of about 2 months of work. Just to clarify this is my first attempt at a size chart and as you can see under the title, I've made a point of mentioning this is only roughly to scale. I pretty much eyeballed it based on skeletals and my individual reconstructions, so let me know if anything looks wildly off base. They all look pretty good as far as resolution goes, except for Moeritherium for some reason. 
From left to right (based on the very front of the animal, so Moeritherium goes before Platybelodon and Zygolophodon goes before P. falconeri thanks to those incredibly long tusks):
Woolly mammoth
Measurement Man
Palaeoloxodon namadicus
Palaeoloxodon falconeri
American mastodon

This is the most in-depth effort I've ever made for a single group of animals, and I learned quite a lot about the principles of scientific reconstruction, the "paleoart status quo", and proboscideans/elephants in general. I'll probably make a journal right after uploading this, in which case I'll link it. I would've reconstructed more species (Columbian mammoth for example) but I felt I was kinda running out of gas, and what better way to end than with the most famous extinct proboscidean? Thank you all for your support and encouragement, I loved reading your reactions to each crazy genus. Comment below which one you like best!
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Very excellent comparison size painting. Thanks !

So, um, not to brag or anything, but I got to see Lyuba when she was (briefly) on display here in the U.S. and... she looks a little big in this picture. looking at Wiki, I see that she is about 85 cm tall, which, if that's at the shoulder, makes your human figure 170 cm (he's almost exactly double her shoulder height). I believe I saw you say in another comment somewhere that he's supposed to be a bit taller than that? Anyway, it's not off by much, but you asked for commentary, so I gave it. And the picture is still amazing!

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It's amazing how the dwarf elephant's cousin is the largest elephant
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Those Zygolophodon tusks would make a really good structure for a hammock. Can imagine that man resting on those tusks...

Aside from this, really appreciate this chart. Very good to see how you represent all these proboscideans. Almost makes us think they are alive today.
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Late commentor, but I am so thankful to see such well designed members of the elephant family.
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Thank you for this really detailed work. I've always been an estimator of elephants and those reconstructed designs are one more interesting than the other. Again, thank you! :D
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Thanks! Glad you like it
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A comment a bit late, but I can not pass without commenting how magnificent this chart is with a great quality in each of the reconstructions, individual are great but together they make a wonderful illustration, it feels as professional as if they come from one of those National Geographic posters or for a nice paleoart book :D
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Thank you so much! You're too kind, I sincerely appreciate it
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as someone who's been into paleontology since age 4, i absolutely love this :] the detail and love put into every animal is fantastic. i'd have to argue my favorites are Palaeoloxodon namadicus (didn't even know something larger than indricotherium had been found!) and the wooly mammoth and her baby. such a cute detail!! 
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Wow thank you so much! I really appreciate you saying so. And believe it or not, I didn't know about P. namadicus before I started lol
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you are amazing!
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Thanks! You're too kind
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Ah yes, Measurement Man. --"Homo Wavihandusguy."
He's a little know species that often appears in textbooks and nowhere else.
It is believed that he is related to the similar species, "Homo Scubusguy" who often appears next to illustrations of oceanic creatures.
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Would love to see Mammuthus exilis.
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Darn I would love to have seen the Colombian mammoth in the mix
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It's fascinating to see how small Lyuba is in comparison to an adult of her species!
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The world must have been a wild place with megafauna everywhere. 
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This is bloody amAZing; I keep having to remind myself you're working on animals that really existed. They seem too bizarre! Thanks for introducing me to several species I've never heard of before. Aaaaaaand now I have Raymond/Mannie's voice stuck in my head saying sarcastic things. Dang it.
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