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Anurognathus ammoni


Just recently finished the small pterosaur Anurognathus ammoni. As is common knowledge to most paleo folks these days, this was the titular member of the wide-eyed, nocturnal, frog-faced anurognathids. It's known from the Late Jurassic Solnhofen limestone of Germany, a semi-arid archipelago. 

Interestingly, despite being less popular than the giant Pteranodon, Anurognathus and its kin are some of the best-known pterosaurs thanks to exquisite specimens preserving soft tissue. 

    While we've known for some time that all pterosaurs were covered in hair-like filaments known as pycnofibres, new fossils from the Tiaojishan Formation of Late Jurassic China indicate anurognathids had a number of specialized filaments. Along with the coat of simple, hair-like structures covering most of the body, they also possessed brush-shaped pycnofibres on the neck, arms, feet and tail. Their wings were covered in soft, downy pycnofibres with tufts at the end, and around their mouths they had brush-like filaments that ended in longer bristles. 

    I've taken these findings to a new, admittedly speculative place here that while certainly unlike most other depictions in paleoart, isn't too outlandish. I looked closely at animals alive today that share similar ecologies and morphologies to the anurognathids; namely bats, oilbirds, nightjars, frogmouths and the like. I even took some inspiration from owls for the eyes. 


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I love this little guys, he is so cute !

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... I-I.. I wanna give him a scritch. <3

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Deplorably Cute!:D

It's so cute :-). It could be a pokemon lol. Better than Pikachu.

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What a little cutie pie, ohmygosh~ Cute Emoticon Blushing 
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Awww, it's so cute and fuzzy!
Is this something you made up or where there real animals like this?
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Yes, it was real. Many pterosaurs were covered in fuzzy filaments called pycnofibers.
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I see, thats cool.
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The disturbing fact is how much like a Muppet's this pterosaur's face looks.
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90% adorable, 10% terrifying.
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Why is this thing so fucking cute!! It probably eats people's faces off
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It is a very cute animal.

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It's absolutely gorgeous, I love it! Your attention to detail is admirable.

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Thank you so much! You're far too kind
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How on earth do you draw all those pycnofibres?
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It took forever lol
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Great job Liam! Excellent textures!
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Good morning, Anurognathus ammoni is so Cute!!!!.
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