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Dendrorhynchoides by MattMart
Crittendenceratops krzyzanowskii by atrox1
Hatzegopteryx by PrehistoryByLiam
First Light by amorousdino
Dinosaurs and Aves
Tyrant Kick by amorousdino
Allosaur in the forest by Blade-of-the-Moon
Herrerasaurids by Apsaravis
A day in italy by Hyrotrioskjan
King Hatzeg by Fragillimus335
Ocean Runner by Eurwentala
Gluttony by Julio-Lacerda
The Pleistocene Killer Crocodile by Eurwentala
Deinosuchus 1 by dewlap
Postosuchus by Baryonyx-walkeri
Prestosuchus by SebasRuna
Other Archosaurmorphs
Silesaurs R Us by Qilong
Marasuchus lilloensis by T-PEKC
Archosaurus rossicus by atrox1
Smilodon Populator by Leogon
Machairodus Giganteus by Leogon
Homotherium Serum by Leogon
Smilodons: Leave me alone!! by Leogon
Cynognathus crateronotus head restoration by RomanYevseyev
Anteosaurus magnificus by RomanYevseyev
Inostrancevia vs scutosaurus by atrox1
Secodontosaurus obtusidens by DiBgd
Banarang by Julio-Lacerda
The Lizard of Kronos by Smnt2000
Predator X ( Pliosaurus funkei ) by MALvit
From Below by amorousdino
Pachyrhacis problematicus by Gogosardina
Moanasaurus by Gogosardina
Mosasaurus hoffmani by Olorotitan
The Knob Lizard by Smnt2000
Hybodus and Ichtyosaurus by dustdevil
Xitun - Life in the Early Devonian by Gogosardina
Missisipian Sea by DiBgd
Antarctilamna by DiBgd
Tumblagooda by Gogosardina
Rayonnoceras giganteum by Olorotitan
Mastodonsaurus giganteus by DiBgd
The Blue by Julio-Lacerda
Miscellaneous Reptiles
Proganochelys by Kahless28


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Just heard from the editor of the BBC's new Walking with Dinosaurs site that DeviantArt is one of the best places to look for great paleoart on the web.

WOOHOO! :dance:

To all our members; outstanding job, you Deviant paleoartists! :#1:
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Mosasaurus Hoffmannii by rubbe Mosasaurus Hoffmannii :iconrubbe:rubbe 2 2 The Tyrannosaurus Rex by Aram-Rex The Tyrannosaurus Rex :iconaram-rex:Aram-Rex 150 12 Mosasaurus by Joevahkiin Mosasaurus :iconjoevahkiin:Joevahkiin 59 5 Tarbosaurus reconstruction by IlyaYungin1991 Tarbosaurus reconstruction :iconilyayungin1991:IlyaYungin1991 191 103 Chick collector by ArysPole Chick collector :iconaryspole:ArysPole 15 3 Triceratops horridus by IlyaYungin1991 Triceratops horridus :iconilyayungin1991:IlyaYungin1991 125 23 Tyrannosaurus rex (2017) by IlyaYungin1991 Tyrannosaurus rex (2017) :iconilyayungin1991:IlyaYungin1991 169 199 Pachyrhinosaurus speculative coat by RAPHTOR Pachyrhinosaurus speculative coat :iconraphtor:RAPHTOR 967 32 Sinornithosaurus by 9Weegee Sinornithosaurus :icon9weegee:9Weegee 35 6 Plesiosaurus by MisterBug Plesiosaurus :iconmisterbug:MisterBug 7 1 Avimimus by Apsaravis Avimimus :iconapsaravis:Apsaravis 1,436 80 Tsaagan by Dinomaniac Tsaagan :icondinomaniac:Dinomaniac 643 31 Pterodactylus by MisterBug Pterodactylus :iconmisterbug:MisterBug 7 0 More Palaeo beasties by Joevahkiin More Palaeo beasties :iconjoevahkiin:Joevahkiin 49 16 Ceratopsians Galore! by Joevahkiin Ceratopsians Galore! :iconjoevahkiin:Joevahkiin 43 20 Shamwow by 9Weegee Shamwow :icon9weegee:9Weegee 24 5


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annze-art Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2018  Student Traditional Artist
I would like to submit some art, how do I do so?
Charlott-A Featured By Owner May 30, 2018
Hi, I’d love to join this group but I’m unsure how to do so, can anybody tell me how to do so? Please.
azadraws Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2018
hey there, to anyone who is interested in extinct animals, there is currently a kickstarter project about a card deck full of cool extinct critters! check it out here: +fav… +fav 
Diantimony Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2017  Professional General Artist
Hey everyone, I'm offering some paleoart commissions!
Here's my info:
Commission Info by Diantimony  

And a few examples of my work:
Brontothere by Diantimony   Ceratosaurus by Diantimony   Maisaurus Commission by Diantimony   Spinosaurus by Diantimony  
godlessart Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2017  Professional Traditional Artist
OK, can I submit some art?
Diantimony Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2017  Professional General Artist
How are we able to contribute artwork to the group?
Rizzysaur Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
I would be interesting if I could contribute my artwork in here. Is there any possibility yet?
LadyOkamiTaka Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
I'd ike to submit some of my art to your group ♥
goatrex Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2017
Greetings everybody, I would like to join as a simple member, because this group seems very interesting.
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