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A Franchise in the making.To all of my fans and watchers on Deviantart,I'm excited to announce that I am currently underway of creating my own Dinosaur franchise called "Dinova". The idea first occured to me when I was brainstorming over different ideas for dinosaur stories and then, the idea hit me that I should take everything that I've come up with - ideas for stories, dinosaurs, and characters, and put them all into one big franchise.This has to be the most brilliant idea I've ever come up with. I am also currently working on the lore and history that takes place in the world of Dinova, and will be leading up to the events of my beloved jungle girl character, Shira the Amazon. Many of the stories are influenced by the classic stories of folklore and mythology, from the war between the Greek Gods and Titans to the saga of King Arthur, it will also have the jungle adventure themes of Jumanji and Tarzan, with the fantasy of Genndy Tartakovsky's Primal and Ray Harryhausen and the science-fiction of H.G. Wells. All set in the worlds from the imagination of Edgar Rice Burroughs.Because the making of this franchise requires research into mythology and folklore (as well as Paleontological research), I will be taking leave from Deviantart for an unknown span of time, but I will be posting artwork weekly, depending on my work.After fifteen years of brainstorming over ideas, I've finally found it. My passion project.To be honest, I call Dinova "The closest thing to what Ray Harryhausen would have done if he got the chance to create his own passion project, The Valley of the Mist.I hope you guys are excited to see what I do with this idea.Until then,Cheers.
Albuquerque Museum Toons! 2 by Fyrekobra
The World of Pangaeon by PaleoartStudios
My sona reference sheet by Setecema
Triassic Period
Postosuchus Profile by Davidy12
Postosuchus Portrait by Alldoo
LBT style herrerasaurus by Animedalek1
The Extinct Alphabet Book: Henodus by MaastrichiangGuy
Jurassic Period
Dilophosaurus Stalking Collab by LWPaleoArt
Dilophosaurus 2020- Feathered version by LWPaleoArt
Dilophosaurus 2020 -Scaled version by LWPaleoArt
Maraapunisaurus Profile by Davidy12
Cretaceous Period
Stylized Achelousaurus by LWPaleoArt
The Faces of Australovenator WIP by LWPaleoArt
Senter and Robins Velociraptor Update 2017 by LWPaleoArt
Stylized Lightning Claw by LWPaleoArt
tropeognathus|beasts of bermuda by TheChaosApex
Sarah rides a Quetzalcoatlus by Animedalek1
Rhamphorhynchus by Alldoo
Tapejara Portrait by Alldoo
Marine Reptiles
Loch Ness Monster by Slade824
Blue Ocean Play by dinosaphira99
Lieoplurodon by Alldoo
Tribal Mosasaurus 2 by Alldoo
Haikouichthys by Louisetheanimator
Dunkleosteus by Louisetheanimator
Happy Earth Day 2021 by OddDoggo123
Rodan Reference by OddDoggo123
Adzebill Feeding Time by Davidy12
Woolly Rhinoceros Profile by Davidy12
Thylacoleo Profile by Davidy12
Why Macrauchenia didn't have a trunkToday letís talk about Macrauchenia, that odd Ice Age animal from South America that throughout our lives has always been portrayed as resembling a humpless camel with the feet of a rhinoceros and the face of an elephant or tapir. All those attributes made Macrauchenia an interesting creature to be included in popular media ranging from documentaries, video games or even certain movies. However, newer studies revealed that Macrauchenia might not have had that odd trunk that made it receive attention, but rather a big fat nose like a moose after studying comparing the skulls to other herbivores both extinct and extant. While it may seem sad to realize it may not have had a trunk, it actually kind of does make sense for Macrauchenia to not have this feature when one pays attention to its lifestyle:-Animals with grasping trunks use them to browse from high vegetation. Macruachenia was largely a grazer who ate grass although it did browse occasionally but it had more help with a long neck while elephants and tapirs have particularly short necks.-Animals with trunks also use them to breathe while submerged underwater (tapirs do this to escape from predators and elephants do this to keep their skin from drying out ). The only times Macrauchenia would ever go into the water is to cross it to get to the other side of land. While we have found rock art from Colombia dating from 12,600-11,800 years ago showing extinct megafauna with one of them resembling a trunked Macrauchenia relative that could Xenorhinotherium, it still remains unconfirmed and the image could be exaggerated like many ancient pictures weíve found.
Jurassic Park and World
Indominus Rex by Louisetheanimator
The Eye of Scorpius Rex by WillDinoMaster55
C2 CryoAllo for CtR-Roleplays [CLOSED] by Nazrindi
Jurassic Park Tour Jeep by Louisetheanimator
King Kong - Skull Island
KONG vs Horned Sharptooth by masonmdaythetrex
Kong VS Gator Dragon by masonmdaythetrex
Kong VS Mega Komodo Dragon by masonmdaythetrex
King Kong 2005 Vs Jp3 Spinosaurus by masonmdaythetrex
Dinosaur Movies
Toons in Space! 2 by Fyrekobra
Sarcosuchus by masonmdaythetrex
TRS: DINOS and MONSTERS VS ALIENS by masonmdaythetrex
Easter Eggs 2021- Fosterovenator for Emosnek by Nazrindi
Slug's flame attack scares Topsy by ChipmunkRaccoonOz
Yellow Yoshi by erickreillyart
Ideas for Prehistoric Park Season 3To celebrate the 15th Anniversary of Prehistoric Park, I've decided to do my ideas for a third season of the show if they decided to bring it back. This is the second Idea list I did for the show since my Ideas for a second season 5 years ago, so go check it out if you'd like. ,Ideas for Prehistoric Park Season 2May 19, 2016Since the 10th anniversary for Prehistoric Park is S3E1 Raptor Rescue: Nigel heads for Late Cretaceous Mongolia in order to rescue the Iconic Velociraptor. Place and Time: Gobi Desert Mongloia, Asia, Late Cretaceous 70 Million Years ago. Creatures Encountered: Velociraptor, Protoceratops, Saurolophus, Tarbosaurus, Therizinosaurus.Creatures Rescued: 2 Velociraptors (A male named Victor and a Female named Violet) who later have five chicks, 2 Protoceratops (A male and female) who later have four chicks. S3E2 Queen of the Snakes: Nigel returns to South America, this time he's go his sights the largest snake in the world, Titanoboa. Place and Time: Cerrejon Colombia, South America, Late Paleocene 58 Miilion Years agoCreatures Encountered: Titanoboa, Carbonemys, Cerrejonisuchus, AcherontisuchusCreatures Rescued: 1 Titanoboa (a female named Titania), 1 Carbonymes (a male that was lured into a cage with food). S3E3 The First Dinosaurs: Itís off to the Triassic Period, as Nigel plans to add some of the earliest DinosaursPlace and Time: Arizona, USA, Late Triassic 220 Million Years Ago. Creatures Encountered: Coelophysis, Plateosarus, Postosuchus, Placerias, Cynodont, Peteinosaurus. Creatures Rescued: A flock of 5 Coelophysis (2 males and 3 females), 4 Plateosaurus (2 males and 2 females). S3E4 The Whale That Walks: On his second trip to Germany, Nigel is set on saving the ancestor of the whales, Ambulocetus.Place and Time: Germany, Early Eocene 49 Million Years ago. Creatures Encountered: Ambulocetus, Liptictidium, Propalaeotherium, Gastornis, Godinotia. Creatures Rescued: 1 Ambulocetus (A Female named Amber), 2 Liptictidium (A male and a female), 4 Propalaeotherium (2 males and 2 females).S3E5 Sea Serpent: With the parks Aquarium finally complete, Nigel is eager to add it's first resident, a Mosasaurus. Place and Time: North American Coast, Late Cretaceous 82 Million Years ago. Creatures Encountered: Mosasaurus, Pteranodon, Elasmosaurus, Xinphactinus, Ginsu Shark, Archelon.Creatures Rescued: 1 Mosasaurus (A Female named Mona), 2 Pterandon (A male and a female who are lured to a cage on the boat with meat). S3E6 Mega Shark: Nigel sets sail for Pliocene Peru to save the largest shark to ever terrorize the seven seas, Megalodon. Place and Time: Peru, Pliocene 4 Million Years Ago. Creatures Encountered: Megalodon, Odobenocetops, Brygmophyseter, Livyatan, Cetotherium, Squalodon. Creatures Rescued: 1 Megalodon (A Male named Mako), 1 Livyatan (A Female named Livy who responded to the first attempt at using the whale song recoding). The Velociraptor and Titanoboa episodes where the first two I thought of for this season while the Triassic and Eocene episodes I had to brainstorm on. As for the last two with the sea monsters, I had to consider the enclosures, the location of the portals entry and exit points, how Nigel would get to his destination and how he would get Megalodon and Mosasaurus through the portal. So what do you think? Do you like my ideas for Prehistoric Park's third season? let me know. And give your thoughts as to how Nigel would get them back to the park.


Welcome to Prehistoric Club

The Group was made for everyone who Loves Dinosaurs & Mammals We Allow post and talk all things about Prehistoric Dinosaurs & Mammals

(We Accept)
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So Please care to join this Club if you love Dinosaurs




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