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Welcome to Prehistoria-ARPG!

Prehistoria is a savage, untamed land filled with endless adventures and its up to you to decide what to do. Tame and bond with your very own prehistoric beast and use it to conquer.

This is a multiple closed species ARPG.

Monthly Bonus

Monthly Bonus:

The month of February is dedicated to Woolly Mammoths, our gigantic and fluffy elephants.

Woolly Mammoths characters have a chance to bring back 1x Golden Charm of Altering while participating in normal activities.

Mammoth Monthly bonus

Cycling Hub

Status: OPEN

Harmony Ranks
Crafting Boss Battle
Adoption Center
Tribe Works

Monthly Quests

Monthly Quest:

Romantic Scavenger Hunt

Spring is slowly taking hold in the lands of Prehistoria, painting the still snow-covered landscapes with delicate touches of color. The weather was warming up and the birds were singing again. The Valentine Event was underway. Seized by the mildly excited atmosphere of everyone, your beast decided to go and meet someone special, and invite them to a slightly special date. A scavenger hunt.

To complete this quest, depict your beast asking their special someone for a date or scavenging together.


Only ONE beast per player will get the reward!

- 1x Sinew Bound Chest

- 800 Beads

- a chance at 1x Breeding between your beast and another*

* Your beast may go on a date with a Primal, or with another player owned beast (in this case it must be done as a collab to make sure everyone is agreeing on this).

Both beasts can be of opposite or same gender, but must remain the same species.

Your Beast don't need to be Rank 2 to participate in this Quest.

Strich in der Landschaft

Seasonal Adventure:

Dawn of a New Year

Dawn of a New Year Milestone

Rewards for full story completion:

– 1x Overflowing Treasure Chest

– 1000-2000 Beads

– 1-3 Trait Shards

– 1x Potion of Oblivion

– the special Milestone Badge shown above

Beast of the Season

Beast of the Season will be awarded on the 1st of every season.

For further information have a look here:

Beast of the Season

Current BotS:

Caesar U248


Events and Sales

Current Sale:

Strich in der Landschaft

Current Event:

Valentine's Lore Event 2024

Valentine's Event

Start: February 11th

End: February 25th, Midnight EST

In order to get the event loot in activities your activities needs to have:

It's the time of love! Show appreciation to your friends!

Either add another players’ beast in your activities or tag someone with a sweet message in the description to get event loot!


Beach Morning has a chance to randomly pop up in breedings!


Wilds can be found during base activities (Hunting, Fishing, Discovery and Foraging)!

For further information have a look here:

Prehistoria Wilds

Current Wild:

Skye T181

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hey! how can i get one of these creatures?

Hello and welcome to Prehistoria! :D

You can find all needed information about how to play in this guide. :3

thanks! also- what are genotypes? and how do i find my first free creature? i might need a little extra help due to my

autism -n-

Hi, I have a question regarding Impy/Jynx. If I have two beast both with an Impy/Jynx and I want to picture both in one activity, do I need to draw 1x Impy/Jynx or 2x Impy/Jynx for both of them to get the companion boost?

Hello! :3

If you have multiple beasts with Impy and/or Jynx, depicting only one Jynx/Impy is enough to get the companion boost. Even if multiple beasts have the same companion ^^

Example with a roll from Falbe:

[Prehi] Hunting 71
Hello! I'm interested in joining and I can't seem to figure out joining. It's been quite some time since I used DeviantArt, like 2018 or 2019 was the last time. Some groups required information filled out in the join request and some just had you leave it blank. I'm reading through the newbie guide and I don't know if I'm missing any forms I need to fill out, or if I just click the join request button.