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Welcome! Monthly Bonus

Month of the Equus

The month of September is dedicated to these stocky equines.

Bonus: Equus characters have a chance to bring back a Long Forgotten Coin!

Prehistoria: Welcome!

Sun Jun 18, 2017, 9:31 PM by CaveSpeaker:iconcavespeaker:

Summer has come to Prehistoria, and thundering with it came the Equus! Keep your eyes open for the all new feature that is coming within the next month!

The time period in the world is set back to the Ice Age when large mammals, like smilodons and mammoths, still roamed the earth. It's your goal to tame, domesticate, and bond with one of the many animals that can be found on the continent. This is a closed species ARPG group.

Prehistoria Event:  Shadow of Umbru Event
Community Contest: None Yet!
Boss: Viraa B004

Monthly Adventures is a group activity that allows you to participate in unique story lines, get exotic rewards, and obtain an even more unique badge for your beasts import. Some stories will differ in paths you can take, the lore included, and other aspects of story telling. You'll never know what twists might be thrown your way!

DividerTribes by CaveSpeaker

Continue the story here!


Overflowing Treasure Chest by CaveSpeaker
Overflowing Treasure Chest, 1000-2000 Beads, 1-3 Trait Shards, a special lore event companion, as well as a special Milestone Badge.
Claim your rewards here!


Wilds are beasts who roam the lands of Prehistoria in search of purpose. They've experienced life's trials and hardship and now crave nothing more than a place to call home. Anywhere -- behind rocks, across seas, and hidden among the brush -- a Wild might be found, hiding but curious of you and your beasts. Will you encounter these wanderers and convince them to join your crew? Or will they run off, before you even get a word in edge-wise?

You can find these wilds during base activities and through active event activites! More details here!
Prehistoria Wilds

Caliroe 636 by CaveSpeaker

Beast of the Month

Caliroe has such an amazing, yet tragic story and Aineeth has put so much love into this night saber boy. From losing his sweet cub child to being cast away, Caliroe has a tale to tell. Much hard work and time has been put into his pieces to make him come alive! Take a look for yourself!
Why didn't you save her? by Aineeth  Nahn by Aineeth  Away by Aineeth
Congratulations Aineeth  !

Vote for Beast of the Month here!

Through the Fire

A wildfire is ravaging Hasswei's northern plains, causing all wildlife to run to safety in the nearby lake. While running to safety yourself, you hear a cub that has gotten separated from its pack crying for help. Do you take the risk to help the cub to safety with you or keep going?

Depict your beast helping the cub or ignoring its cries. For image requirements, please check our All Activity and Image Guidelines!


Sinew Bound Chest by CaveSpeaker
800 Beads and a chance at a random abandoned beast!
Quest ends on midnight, Sep. 16th.

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Dorosaury Featured By Owner 12 hours ago
can you get HP from activities? or would the prompts/themes be enough to get the beast to the last level/gain more slots after last level?
CaveSpeaker Featured By Owner 2 hours ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hello there!

HP will only come from Harmony Prompts or specified images during events, which is stated in this journal: 
Prehistoria Harmony Rank Guide

Please make sure to utilize the resources on our front page as they should explain anything you're unsure about!

For any further questions, you can either join our Discord or note the group! :heart: Have fun!
Dorosaury Featured By Owner 17 hours ago
is there dominant markings in this group? 
Falbe Featured By Owner 12 hours ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hello o/

We don't have dominant markings in the group :3
Dorosaury Featured By Owner 12 hours ago
ah ok.
seepranne Featured By Owner 18 hours ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hello, a newbie here! Is there an ending date for the Shadow of Umbru Event? I cannot seem to find it anywhere. Can an Equus hunt or fish?
Falbe Featured By Owner 12 hours ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hi o/

The Shadow of Umbru Event ends midnight September 21st EST.
And Equus can do all activities, hunting, fishing, discovery and foraging, so yes :3
seepranne Featured By Owner 12 hours ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Alright! Thank you so much for the reply!
Dorosaury Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2018
question about tamed beasts: are the ones through adoption center account bound while ones breed and uploaded not? like can i sell creatures that have been breed and uploaded? or no? 
Aspi-Galou Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2018  Professional General Artist
Everything you need to know is in this journal : Beast Taming: Summer (OPEN) ^^
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