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It was after Halloween, Marie has enjoyed it and now she's cleaning up the mess. She heard a knock on the door it was her friend Katie who's dressed as witch while Marie is a queen. Only difference is Katie is heavily pregnant look she's almost due anytime now.

"Hi it's good to see you Katie." said Marie while she hugged her "Good to see you too." said Katie as she smiles "Oh have a seat you must be exhausted." said Marie when she leads Katie to the couch "Thank you." said Katie after waddle her way to the couch, she sat down letting out a huge sigh and while rubbing her large womb.

"So how was your Halloween?" asked Katie  "Nice. Got a few little ghosts & goblins, but the best part was my gf coming over late last night and us "celebrating" Halloween in private.  How was yours?" said Marie while patting Katie's stomach  "Same here. Then I had my private time." said Katie while patting her own belly.

"You see that I'm a witch made this potion that made me pregnant now I can feel the babies kicking." said Katie feeling her baby Marie smiled.

"Oooh, poor witchie, so pregnant!! Hey, what's that bottle you've got there. Let me have a sip." Katie hands Marie a bottle and Marie has drank the potion. "Mmm..not bad ...sip, sip, sip....mighty tasty....glug, glug, glug ...ah, that was delicious." Marie let out a big burp and she giggles then feels a strange feeling inside her belly.

"Oh..oh...my goodnes.." Marie's buttons began popping on her blouse as her belly expands. "What's happening??? Ugh...I feel so full..my breasts ..bra tightening too...no....tits filling with ..milk?" Marie's bra snaps and falls to the ground, milk-laden udders bounce. "and YOU..you're huge!!! You look like youre nine months pregnant!!!" said Marie as she rubs her new pregnant stomach.

"Same to you." said Katie as suddenly her water breaks. "My water broke!" said Katie as she goes to lay down on the couch. "He he ho help me the babies are coming!" screamed Katie while she's in intense pain in labor.

"Oh, my god, just relax, sweetie!" said Marie as waddles over to Katie, while her huge belly and pendulous breasts heaving and wobbling. "Take my hand, ooh, yes, just hang in there, now, spread your legs...the babies aren't far away, just breathe ...look at me, hon, look at me ..breathe ...ready, here comes a contraction....push, angel, push!!!" said Marie.

Katie spreads her legs, looks at Marie and starts to push of over whelming pain. "Ho ho ho mmmmmmmmmmm ngh mmmmmmmmmmmmmm" Katie pushing as hard as she could while breathing.

"That was good, that was good, baby, but you're not there yet." Marie waddles around to Katie's vagina. "Oh my god, you're so dilated.... I can see the head, your baby's got dark hair!! The baby is ready to come into the world almost ...you can do it ...do it for me...do it for Marie..I want to hold this baby you've got ...I know it hurts, but it'll be worth it, when those little eyes look in yours and you know you're his or her mommy....push for me, baby..you can do it" said Marie dabs Katie's sweaty brow.

"Ngggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!" Katie lets out one big final push as hard as she could. "You did it!!! You did it!! It's...it's a girl!! She looks just like you!! I love you, honey!! I love you, you're going to make such an incredible mommy!!!" said Marie as she waddles around and put the baby on your chest, kisses Katie on the cheek.

"Oh my baby girl oh thank you." said Katie as she's in tears of happiness when she saw her daughter. "I love you too Marie and I know you will be an incredible mommy too." said Katie as she kisses Marie's cheeck. A few hours later Marie felt water break too. "Katie my water broke help me!" said Marie while breathing heavily Katie comes to her aid. "Ok Marie remember what you told me? You will be a great mommy too just relax and breath. said Katie.

"Ho ho ho mmmmmmmmmmm ngh mmmmmmmmmmmmmm" Marie while urging to push. "That's it sweetie your doing great and your pretty dilated.... I can see the head, your baby's got red hair!! The baby is ready to come out now.. look at me just relax do this for me Marie like you told me... I want your baby too as you did on my and your almost there it will be worth it now push for me .... 1..2..3....4...5 push!!! That's it you almost got it. said Katie dabs Marie's sweaty brow.

"Ngggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!" Marie lets out a huge push as hard she can. "You did it!!! It's here it's a .... girl!!! She looks like you too. said Katie as kisses Marie's head. "I forgot to ask you what did you name your daughter?" asked Marie "I named her Marry" said Katie holding Marry in her arms. "What are going to name your daughter?" asked Katie "I will name her Chelsea" said Marie holding Chelsea in her arms.

"Happy Halloween Marie" said Katie "Happy Halloween to you too" said Marie as they enjoy seeing there new daughters.
It's the first story based on a rp I did with a friend. I asked her if it's ok to post this and she said yes as long she remain anonymous.

Warning it's contains pregnancy, belly inflation, birth, nudity, and some sexual themes.
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its sounds rushed

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Can you make a serum to change a male to female and pregnant
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Make another one like this story.
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Just posted my Embryo reboot, I highly recommand you read it, it's worth it. :D
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What is it called?
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Great story as always
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Thank you I'm glad that you have enjoyed it. :D
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That pun feels overly mediocre and overused
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you think you could do something similar to this with my Character Yubel?
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Perhaps I could but I have to rp with your character though.
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note me if you wanna role play, seem fair?
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Yeah it's fair.
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interesting story very nice.
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The strangeness of magic I reckon.
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Yes it does. Weird happens before, during and after Halloween. I in the rp wanted make potions
because the logical choice that I was a witch for Halloween.
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