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Just a group for people who are into pregnancy and impregnation.
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Warframe FatFrame Overly Full Ivara by YattyNat Warframe FatFrame Overly Full Ivara :iconyattynat:YattyNat 156 12 Oddly Massive Mei by YattyNat Oddly Massive Mei :iconyattynat:YattyNat 345 18 Pregnancy APP by MrSmuttyDoodles Pregnancy APP :iconmrsmuttydoodles:MrSmuttyDoodles 100 1 Violet + Olivia 5 by infernal-aces
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Violet + Olivia 5 :iconinfernal-aces:infernal-aces 308 2
Sweet Mother of Pearls! by Kink-King54
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Sweet Mother of Pearls! :iconkink-king54:Kink-King54 106 6
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Natalie Portman tg pregnancy ap by demisword
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Natalie Portman tg pregnancy ap :icondemisword:demisword 97 0
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Animated Marjane Pregnant Belly Kicking Test by PyraDk

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Animated Pregnant Belly Kicking and Rubing Test by PyraDk
Jogging Harriet(RWBY AU Story) Harriet was huffing gently as she jogged around the park like she did every day, getting in the exercise and fresh air that she desired on a daily basis as she traveled the same familiar path that she had been traveling for years at this point. The fact that it was a nice and sunny day made the jogging more enjoyable, though she certainly would’ve jogged even if it was cloudy, snowing or raining since she was determined to jog every day regardless of what mood nature decided to be in that day. The sunny days were also more preferable to Harriet due to the fact that she was currently pregnant with triplets and several months along, the sunny days allowing her to expose her belly while she jogged so that she could enjoy the warm sun on it while also enjoying the cool breeze blow on it as she worked up a sweat. How Harriet was able to jog so well despite being heavily pregnant was a mystery to anyone that happened to see her jogging through the park, her belly seeming absolutely massive on her smaller frame, yet at the same time she was able to jog as if it was filled with air instead of babies. Harriet didn’t mind the looks she got, finding enjoyment in seeing their expressions of shock as they saw her jog. This especially counted for anyone else she saw jogging along the same path, enjoying their surprised expressions when she got ahead of them so easily, somehow jogging faster despite the size of her belly. Given that she ran along the same path every day, it was easy for her to recognize that people that frequented the same park that she did on a regular basis, whether they’re there to jog or do something else. Today was one of those days as Harriet spotted a familiar woman resting on a bench that was along the path she took, passing by that very bench every day during her jogging routine. Much like Harriet, Elm was someone that liked being at the park on a daily basis, though for her it was more for the fresh air and relaxation instead of the exercise that Harriet was getting. Hence her simply taking her seat on the exact same bench every day and enjoying the atmosphere the park had. It was due to this that Elm got to know Harriet, mainly due to being in a spot Harriet passes by during her jog and talking to her whenever the chance happened.At this particular moment, Elm was relaxing on the bench while snacking on a box of doughnuts, eating said doughnuts with one hand while the other casually rubbed her massive belly which was fully exposed. Just like Harriet, Elm was also heavily pregnant with triplets and several months along, though Elm had a larger body which made her huge pregnancy look more natural.Spotting Harriet coming along the path, Elm smiles as she waves her hand at the jogging woman. “Looking good today, Harriet!” She speaks loudly so Harriet can hear her clearly while coming closer. Harriet couldn’t help but smile a bit at the comment, coming to a stop in front of Elm as she catches her breath, sweat dripping down her face and her pregnant belly. “Thanks. I could say the same for you, Elm.” She replies, looking over Elm before looking toward the 5 boxes of doughnuts Elm had next to her. “You sure you got enough doughnuts there?”“I think I did since I got one box for each of my babies plus a box for myself.” Elm giggles, finishing off the doughnut in her hand so she could pat her belly with both hands. “When your babies love doughnuts as much as you do, it’s a win-win all around!”Harriet raises a brow at this as the math didn’t add up to her. “Wait, if you got a box for yourself and one for each of your babies then shouldn’t that be four boxes since you’re having triplets like me? Why do you have a fifth box then?”“Well, since I knew you would come by this spot like usual, I wanted to get you some doughnuts to snack on while you do your jog.” Elm explains while she grabs one of the boxes and holds it out for Harriet to grab onto. “I got you your favorite kind~”Harriet looked at the box for a moment before taking it and setting it on her belly as she opened it up, her belly being large enough to work as a portable table when she needed it to be. Opening the box, she sees that it’s filled with jelly doughnuts which were indeed her favorite kind. Harriet couldn’t help smiling a bit as she saw this. “I swear, you know me better than anyone else despite the fact that we only talk for a short while each day.”“I still see you practically every day so I’m going to learn a thing or two about you eventually.” Elm moves the rest of her boxes and pats the spot next to her on the bench. “Here, take a seat with me and enjoy those doughnuts while you rest. You can finish your jog after you cool down a bit and get something in your stomach.”In the past, Harriet would’ve refused to sit down and take a break during her jogging, believing she should do the entire jog without stopping once, but it was kind of hard to refuse a seat when it was being offered by the very woman she had developed a friendship with over the course of many months. Harriet walks over to the bench and takes the seat being offered, having just enough wiggle room between the edge of the seat and the large pregnant woman sitting right next to her. “I swear, we’re going to get ourselves wedged on this bench together one of these days if we grow any bigger cause I know for a fact we had much more space on this bench before we got pregnant.”“I’m sure we’ll give birth before that happens. Though on the off chance it does, then I would rather be stuck with you than anyone else.” Elm giggles, taking a bite out of one of her own doughnuts. “No argument here.” Harriet smiles as she rests her box on her belly, taking one of the jelly doughnuts and biting into it, really enjoying the taste of it as she rested there with Elm. Whether it was food, games or a simple conversation, Harriet just couldn’t help but want to sit next to Elm and spend time with her, even if it was simply to relax. “You know, you should jog with me sometimes. It would be good for you to get some exercise for a change.”“Hey, I get plenty of exercise just carrying my babies around. Plus, jogging isn’t my thing.” Elm giggles. “But I suppose I wouldn’t mind power walking with you if you’re willing to slow down so I could keep up. Think you can manage that?”“Yeah, I think I can walk slow enough for you to waddle with me.” Harriet nods. “We can do it after we finish the doughnuts. That sound good?”“Sounds like a plan~” Elm nods in agreement, looking out to the park in front of them while continuing to eat her own doughnuts. “It sure is a nice day today.”“It really is.” Harriet gets cozy as she leans on to Elm, simply enjoying the nice view in front of them for the time being and already looking forward to doing this again tomorrow....
Candid Velvet(RWBY AU Story)It was a normal day for Velvet as she made her way around the grocery store, gathering the stuff that she needed while keeping a sharp eye out for something in particular as she made her rounds. As she made the turn into the cookie aisle, Velvet spotted what she was keeping an eye out for as her eyes focus on a woman that was browsing the cookies shelves with one hand resting atop a massive tan belly which was only covered halfway by the shirt she was wearing, the bottom of the shirt stopping just above the popped belly button. It was pretty obvious that the woman was pregnant and carrying multiples judging by the size of her belly, most likely triplets if Velvet were to take a guess. Regardless, it was an amazing size and Velvet was not going to miss her chance while it was standing right there in front of her with its belly on display for her to see.While the heavily pregnant woman was distracted with her cookies, Velvet quietly took out her scroll and started recording the woman while getting in some pictures as well, standing far away enough for the woman to not notice that she was being watched which was exactly what Velvet wanted.“She’ll be perfect for the collection~” Velvet thought to herself with a smile as she made sure that the video and photos she had taken were nicely done, fully capturing the woman and her pregnancy on camera without any flaws.Velvet was a simple girl that loved to take pictures and record things on her scroll whenever she could. Pair that with a pregnancy fetish and Velvet was a simple girl that loved to take pictures and record pregnant women whenever she got the chance during her daily life.However, despite all of the pictures and videos she took, she didn’t have the courage to actually approach the pregnant women she was attracted to, being far too shy to even speak properly if she was anywhere close enough to brush her hand against their bellies. This was especially true for women like the one Velvet was currently recording who simply walked around with their bellies exposed either half way or all the way, not showing any concern over keeping it covered up just cause they’re out in public.Once the pregnant woman grabbed her cookies and started walking away, Velvet decided to close her scroll, saving what she had already gotten before subtly following after the pregnant woman, wanting to see if she could get some even better shots from other angles once they’re in a more open part of the store.Following the pregnant woman to the fruit aisle and seeing her stop to look at some bananas, Velvet pulled out her scroll a second time and resumed her recordings and pictures, this time getting a good shot of the woman and her belly from the front without the woman noticing she was being filmed.“Damn, her belly button looks like a gumball~ She really must be having triplets~” Velvet thought to herself as she got a better look at the pregnant woman’s belly button from the front, really seeing how big it was. It was a wonder the woman could even walk at all with such a huge belly but she appeared to manage it just fine.The woman appeared to be taking her time with the fruits, allowing Velvet to record for a good while along with easily getting in a good number of pictures before Velvet decided to pocket her scroll, deciding she got enough and should be on her way before she got caught.After paying for the groceries she got during her trip, Velvet headed straight home to her apartment, getting everything put away before getting on her laptop and uploading her videos and pictures onto it, storing them in a file where she kept everything she recorded that involved pregnant women.The file itself was organized into quite a number of groups based on the location Velvet took the pictures and videos of the women, along with how big their bellies were and whether or not their bellies were exposed at the time.Once the videos and pictures were placed properly, Velvet then went onto Youtube and into her account which she used to share the videos that she collected, putting up both of the videos she took of the woman, adding it to the long list she already had up consisting of all the pregnant women she had managed to record previously.Velvet’s channel was a channel that focused solely on pregnant candid videos, meaning videos where the pregnant woman was unaware that she was being watched. It wasn’t the most popular channel by far but it appeared popular enough given that she had around 100,000 subscribers and each of her videos broke at least a million views.Suffice to say, she was certainly popular with the people that came onto Youtube looking for the kind of content that she provided and Velvet was happy to offer that content toward the people that had the same interest as she did. Not to mention, she got tons of positive comments on her videos and channel for what she did which made Velvet quite happy.Once Velvet was done with her uploading she decided to get herself something to eat while checking out the other videos on Youtube, her mind pondering the places she should go to next while looking for more pregnant women whom she can record for even more candid videos. Wherever the pregnant women were, Velvet was going to be ready to record them.

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Mature Content

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Cant Z.1007 'Alcione' by REREREWEWE

Mature Content

Mayternity - Horten Ho 229 by REREREWEWE

Mature Content

OC - Hyacintha Vergiliana by REREREWEWE

Mature Content

[CM] - Phantom Pregnancy by Marrazan

Mature Content

Mermayternity2021 by Kitten-Factory

Mature Content

What I promised you 2 by Kitten-Factory

Mature Content

What I promised you part 1 by Kitten-Factory

Mature Content

Fluttershy's Dramatic Birth! Release! by Lusty38

Mature Content

Uzaki-Chan Not Here Not Now! Preview! by Lusty38

Mature Content

Awkward encounter (read description) by Kitten-Factory

Mature Content

Starfire's Clueless Pregnancy! by Lusty38


Warframe FatFrame Overly Full Ivara by YattyNat
Oddly Massive Mei by YattyNat
Pregnancy APP by MrSmuttyDoodles

Mature Content

Violet + Olivia 5 by infernal-aces

Mature Content

Pregnant Yahagi by maiesen
Request - Vapor Trail by Funble
in due time by xCountingBodiesx

Mature Content

Nel and Starshine by CelesseShading
Furry Anthro

Mature Content

Cradling Them by Preg-fur
selfie by Cardinal-Danadriel
Afterglow by Raifox

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Hi everyone. I like to do a birth/pregnancy roleplay.
My favs are:
Difficult pregnancy (a lot of problems like miscarriage scares, bedrest, preeclampsia, anything you name. The more difficult the better)
Difficult long births (noisy ones, with a day or two in labor, pushing without progress etc.)
Public/unassisted/transportation birth
Mpreg/Fpreg/normal pregnancy
Playing as your significant other/doctor/midwife
Birth denial/delay
Sexual activities/walking/moving during birth
Playing a stillborn/ miscarriage /maternal mortality (which I really need to do right now. Especially if you can add it to the idea below)
Or a super romantic one with every thing sweet and lovey dovey

I only play on Discord cause I can’t send notes here.
Hope to hear from you.
My discord: Abbie#6323
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Hi, I'm new here! I'd be interested in a pregnancy rp, preferably a long-term one but doesn't have to be, of course. I like to play the preg role and am more of a bottom/sub, thats why I'm looking for someone with a dominant/Top attitude who would like to make me become pregnant or play with my belly ^-^

I'm okay with:
Fpreg/mpreg (also trans female to male)
First-person or third-person telling
Multiples pregnancy 
labor and birth
Rapid Pregnancy
18+ stuff, but nothing too kinky lol (but you should be at least 18, I'm 19)
Either playing as ourselves or original/fictional characters

I don't like:
Fandom characters (don't have much experience)
Gore/vore/rape and anything similar
Humiliation/abusive behavior (keep it nice >~<)

If you're interested, just send me a note! I will try to reply fast ^-^ 
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Looking to do a Sexual rp that Leads to pregnancy and birth on discord.
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Hi, I've got two pieces of artwork that I'd like to submit (it won't let me), but the folder is full.

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Pizza Bash, Pt. 1 by ShadowTheSylveon

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Pizza Bash, Pt. 2 by ShadowTheSylveon
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Hi! I've got a story to submit and it's not letting me for some reason? It says the folder is full.

. Lesbians' Lengthy LaborIt had had been a couple weeks since Chrissy's party, and almost as long since Cindi and Blaire woke up pregnant with the cheer captain's babies. The two still weren't sure how she had impregnated them, but they were getting used to their pregnant bodies. Both of them were full term with triplets, and looked the part, with massive bellies and milk-swollen breasts.Chrissy had convinced the two to stay with her until they gave birth to her daughters. Cindi and Blaire looked ready to deliver on the first day, but had only gotten larger since then. Neither knew how much longer their pregnancies would go on for, all Chrissy told them was that it would happen when the time was right. Cindi and Blaire were preparing lunch, Chrissy had stepped out and the two had decided to surprise her. The clothes they had on hand were mostly too small, but it was all they had for now, Blaire wearing panties and a t-shirt that used be over-sized, but Cindi stuck with only panties and a frilly apron, as it was the only thing that covered her. Of course, mealtime was not without it's own difficulties. Blaire had a lot more experience in the kitchen, calmly cooking while Cindi darted around nervously. Cindi was getting exasperated. "Okay! Stir this...mix that...gotta add some of this..." "Just relax, panicking is just gonna make you mess things up." Blaire said. "That's what I'm afraid of! I wanted to do something nice for Chrissy and it's all going wrong!" The goth could tell that the cheerleader was starting to tear up a little bit. Blaire set down what she was working on and grabbed Cindi, pulling her into the best hug she could manage with their pregnant bodies. "I'm here, Cindi. And like everything else, we're in this together." Blaire softly rubbed her girlfriend's swollen pregnant belly, she could feel Cindi's babies kicking. Cindi sniffled. "Right, together. Like we promised on the first day." She leaned in and kissed Blaire. The goth smiled in a decidedly un-goth way. "Now, let's finish our surprise for Queen Chrissy." With Cindi having calmed down, the two worked together to finish the preparations, setting up a nice presentation for the cheer captain, who would be home soon, hopefully. Cindi tossed the apron aside and sat on the couch, feeling like she had earned a break. Blaire sat down next to her. Cindi leaned over on the other girl's shoulder, and put a hand on her belly and rubbed. "So, we've got a bit of time before Chrissy gets back. How should we pass the time?" "We should probably just relax for now. I could use a little break." Blaire sighed. "I know something relaxing." The cheerleader kissed the goth, slipping her a little tongue. "Mmm..." Blaire kissed her back, enjoying the unexpected forwardness. "That's not relaxing." "But it is fun." Cindi got closer to Blaire, pressing their bellies together. Both of their bellies moved as each girls' triplets kicked. "Oof! Mine are really active today." "I think mine kick harder, though. But I'm sure they're just excited to meet their sisters." Blaire said. "I think they just want lunch. Are you hungry, girls?" Cindi's belly wobbled as her babies got very active. "I'll take that as a yes. I promise we'll eat after I have some more time with your other mommy." She leaned in and kissed Blaire again. "What if Chrissy walks in on us? You know she doesn't like being left out." "Then we'll just have to be fast." Cindi winked at the goth. Blaire giggled a bit. "Okay! Bed or couch?" "Bed, definitely." Cindi grabbed Blaire's hand. The two pregnant girlfriends quickly rushed to the bedroom. Not even bothering to close the door behind them, the two climbed onto the bed and embraced. Starting to lavish attention on each other, starting with passionate kisses. "Mmm, I love the taste of your lips, goth weirdo." "And you know exactly what to do with my body, dumb blonde." Cindi noticed something. "Blaire, uh, you're leaking." Blaire looked down, milk from her breasts was soaking through her shirt. Again. "Well, I don't need this right now anyway." Blaire removed her shirt and panties, fully revealing her massive triplet belly and milk-filled breasts. Cindi did the same, matching Blaire's belly, but her own milky tits weren't quite as large. They two pregnant girls faced each other on the bed. Blaire started to rub Cindi's belly. "I'm a little thirsty, Blaire. How about I have a drink?" "Alright then. Come and have some milk." The goth smiled and lifted up her breasts. As Cindi leaned in for a drink, Blaire gave herself a quick squeeze, spraying milk onto the other girl. The cheerleader yelped, now dripping with breast milk. "Ah! Not fair!" Blaire giggled. "I couldn't resist. If that wasn't enough, you can go ahead and drink if you want." Cindi put her lips around Blaire's nipple, gently nibbled at first, but then started sucking, getting a taste of the goth's sweet breast milk, putting her hands on Blaire's belly and rubbing as she drank. Blaire started to moan, closing her eyes and letting her head roll back, enjoying the special treatment at the hands, and lips, of her girlfriend. Cindi came up for air, still soaked in milk. "Mmm, I think you get sweeter every day, Blaire." "And you've been getting better at that..." Blaire sighed contentedly. "Hey, goth weirdo?" Cindi smirked. "Yes, dear?" Blaire looked back at the cheerleader, only to get milk sprayed in her face. "GAH!" Cindi laughed mischievously. "Just making sure we're even." Blaire wiped her face and pouted. "I guess that's fair." "You're cute when you pout, but I'd rather see you smile." Cindi kissed the other girl. A sly smirk appeared on Blaire's lips. "You said you wanted to be fast, so how about a race?" "If you're in the mood for our usual game, I'll gladly make you go down." Cindi grinned. The mutually pregnant girlfriends got comfortable on the bed. Since neither ever wanted to make the first move, they came up with a little game. Both girls knew what to do: tease each other until one girl climaxes, whoever cums first has to eat the other out. Technically there was a loser, but really both of them won in the end. It started with a tight embrace, as close as they could get with their massive pregnant bellies in the way, and long, passionate kiss. The cheerleader put one hand on the goths belly and rubbed softly. Blaire ran her hand up Cindi's inner thigh, approaching her pussy lips. Cindi used her other hand to gently massage Blaire's breast, eliciting a soft moan. Blaire wasn't going to get that go unanswered, she started to softly rub Cindi's clit with one hand, while running her hand across her girlfriend's swollen pregnant belly. Cindi gasped, Blaire was taking more initiative than usual, but she wasn't going to let that go unanswered. The cheerleader slipped her hand between the goth's legs and started fingering her girlfriend's lips, causing Blaire to moan even more. Blaire wasn't going to be outdone, dipping her fingers deeper into Cindi's pussy, but she wasn't stopping there. She leaned in and started to lick one of Cindi's nipples, followed by a soft nibbling and then starting to drink from the cheerleader's heavy, milk-filled breast. Cindi shuddered, Blaire knew all of her weak spots, she could feel herself getting closer to the edge, she tried her best to keep fingering the other girl but she was losing focus. Blaire knew she was winning, starting to give the other girl a bit rougher treatment, stroking Cindi's clit, rubbing her belly and sucking on her nipple. Cindi couldn't take it anymore, screaming out in pure pleasure as she finally reached climax. Cindi flopped back on to the bed, her body limp and shivering. Blaire had a smug look on her face. "I win, and you know what happens next." "Just a sec. I need to recover from that!" Cindi said, still trying to catch her breath. "Don't take too long, you already got me so hot and wet. I need you right now." Blaire purred. Blaire climbed up further onto the bed, pointing her pregnant belly towards the ceiling and spreading her legs to wait for her girlfriend. Cindi got onto her hands and knees, positioning herself to eat out Blaire. The cheerleader knew exactly how to drive the goth wild and she started by licking the other girl's dripping wet pussy lips, then moved on to licking her clit. Blaire was already moaning, with Cindi giving her everything she wanted. But Cindi was only warming up. This wasn't the first time that Cindi had given another girl oral, and it wouldn't be the last. She moved on from licking to softly sucking on Blaire's clit while teasing it with the tip of her tongue. Blaire got even louder at this treatment. Cindi was relentless as she pleasured her girlfriend, finally driving the other pregnant girl to an orgasm. Blaire moaned as waves of pleasure flowed over her entire body. The two girls laid back on the bed, both needing a break before they continued. Blaire rolled over to face Cindi. "No one is better at that than you." Cindi cocked an eyebrow at the other girl. "Really? I'm even better than Chrissy?" "I think you are, at least." The pregnant goth smiled adoringly at the pregnant cheerleader. Cindi rubbed the other girl's belly. "I could go for another round, if you're up to it." "I want to relax for real this time." Blaire snuggled up close to her girlfriend. "Not for too long, though. Chrissy could be back any minute and you know how...strict...she gets when she sees us having fun without her." Blaire smirked. "What's the worst she could do?" A third voice joined the conversation. "Oh, I can think of a thing or two." The two pregnant girls looked up, Chrissy, the captain of the cheer squad, and the girl who had impregnated them both at her house party two weeks ago, was standing in the doorway. "Queen Chrissy!" Cindi and Blaire shouted in unison. "I'm glad you remember my proper title." Chrissy strolled into the room and loomed over the two pregnant girls. "I see that my two new breeders are enjoying each other's company." "We wanted to surprise you with lunch! We just finished cooking and we were resting." Said Cindi. "Really now?" Chrissy smirked. "Sit up. Both of you. Now." "Yes, Queen Chrissy!" They said in unison again before moving to the foot of the bed. Chrissy put a hand on each of their bellies and started to rub. "You know, I think that you two like each other more than you like me. I wonder what I should do about that..." Blaire spoke up first. "But I really like being pregnant with your babies, Queen Chrissy!" "Yes, thank you for making me your breeder, Queen Chrissy!" Cindi said. "I can't wait to give birth to your daughters!" A grin appeared on Chrissy's face. "Oh really? What about you, Blaire?" "I'm excited too, Queen Chrissy! I'm looking forward to having your babies." The goth said. Chrissy sighed. "Well, I thought you two were enjoying being my little pregnant toys, but if you're both so excited for things to be over, then I think it's time for me to help things along." Chrissy lifted her hands off of their bellies and snapped her fingers. Suddenly, the pregnant pair both felt a sharp pain. They each clutched their midsections. "Hngh! Queen Chrissy, something's happening!" Cindi grunted in pain. Blaire panted. "It hurts! Was that a contraction?" Cindi groaned as another contraction hit her. "Are we going into labor?!" Chrissy grinned wickedly. "That's right. You're both overdue, and I think the time is right." "If the babies are coming right now, what do we do, Queen Chrissy? HNGH!" Blaire said. Chrissy sighed. "Well, they're on their way, but they aren't coming right this second, exactly." "AUGH!" Cindi felt another sharp pain. "Then when are we gonna give birth?" "Oh, I'll decide that later." Chrissy went back to rubbing the two girls' pregnant bellies. Cindi grunted and huffed as the contractions got stronger. "What does that mean, Queen Chrissy?" Chrissy laughed a bit. "Well, they're my babies and I get to say when they're born." Cindi and Blaire both groaned as their contractions got worse, getting closer together and the pain only increasing each time. Chrissy just stood over them, pleased with herself as always. "Queen Chrissy, how long are we gonna be in labor?" Cindi managed to say between contractions. "As long as I say you are. Unless you're really in that much of a hurry to get it over with." "This hurts a lot, Queen Chrissy! But we both really want to have your babies soon!" Blaire said. Chrissy sighed again. "Alright, fine. You can have it your way." She stood up and walked away from the bed. "But I really like having pregnant toys, so I'll let you give birth once I've had my fun." "Thank you, Queen Chrissy! HNG!" Another contraction hit Cindi. "We'll do anything you want!" "That's right." Chrissy pointed at the floor. "First of all, Kneel. On the floor." The two pregnant girls, in the throes of labor, their bellies wobbling with activity, crawled off the bed and onto the floor, then got into the position that Queen Chrissy commanded them to. "Just like that. Now stay there while I get ready." Queen Chrissy started to undress, while her two breeders continued struggling with the seemingly endless labor pains only increasing as time passed. She wasn't in any rush, she loved seeing her pregnant toys stuck like this. After all, they needed to know their place, she thought. When she was done, Queen Chrissy sat down on the foot of the bed, spreading her legs wide. Meanwhile, the two pregnant girlfriends remained in position, dutifully waiting for their queen's next order, still feeling the pain of their contractions while their bellies shook from the overdue triplets wanting to be born. Queen Chrissy looked down at her two breeding bitches. "Alright, I'm ready." She smirked. "You two are going to put your tongues to work for me until I'm good and satisfied. And then I'll consider letting you finally give birth to my babies." She chuckled to herself with a cruel edge. "Maybe." "Yes, Queen Chrissy! Anything you want!" Cindi panted from the labor pains. Blaire groaned as another contraction hit her. "That's right, we're your toys, Queen Chrissy!" Queen Chrissy leaned back and relaxed while the cheerleader and the goth, both overdue with a set of her triplets, got to work pleasing their queen. The two girls enthusiactically went down on Queen Chrissy, licking and nibbling and sucking. Cindi and Blaire knew they had a lot of work ahead of them, their queen was insatiable and wouldn't let them rest until she had truly had enough. The two heavily pregnant girls, in a haze from their seemingly endless labor and the vigorous cunnilingus they were performing on their queen, lost all track of time. They had no idea how long it had been until, finally, Queen Chrissy made a sound that wasn't a pleasured moan. "Alright, you two can take a little break. I think you've proven your loyalty properly." Cindi and Blaire fell back onto the floor, panting, their massive pregnant bellies sticking up in the air. Both were exhausted and still trying to deal with the contractions. "Queen Chrissy, did we do a good job?" Cindi looked up at the intensely dominant cheer captain. "Yes! Can we give birth to your babies now, please?" Blaire pleaded. Queen Chrissy crossed her legs and leaned back, relaxing in the afterglow. "I suppose so." She sighed. "Since these pregnancies are almost over, I'll just have to knock you both up again sometime soon. Won't that be nice, my cute little pregnant toys?" Cindi huffed. "Yes, Queen Chrissy! I love being pregnant with your babies!" "Please get me pregnant as many times as you want!" Blaire managed to say between contractions. "Excellent!" Chrissy smiled brightly at her two breeder bitches. "Since we're all in agreement now, I'll let you both go ahead and give birth." Queen Chrissy stood up. "Let's get you onto the bed." Queen Chrissy helped each girl climb onto the bed and get into a proper position for giving birth. "I hope you're both ready." Queen Chrissy snapped her fingers again and suddenly, both Cindi and Blaire felt something wet flowing from between their legs. "I think my water broke! HNG! I need to push!" Cindi panted, spreading her legs instinctively. Blaire got into the same position. "Mine, too! I can feel the babies coming, right now!" Cindi followed her instinct to push, hoping it would be over soon. She held out a hand towards her girlfriend. "Blaire! Hold my hand! Please!" Blaire grabbed the other girl's hand and squeezed. "Together, right?" "Together. Always." The two girls held onto each other as their labor continued, both pushing. Their bodies getting ready to deliver all six of their babies, while Chrissy helped them give birth. Cindi groaned, hers was going to be born first, she could feel it starting to crown. "It's coming! It's coming!" Cindi screamed as her first daughter was finally born. Blaire wasn't far behind her, soon delivering the first of her three babies. Chrissy carefully set the newborns aside and got ready, as their sisters weren't going to wait. Chrissy's labor delaying trick had held things off long enough already and Blaire's next baby was already crowning, the goth panting and screaming as she pushed out her second daughter, with her last triplet not far behind. Cindi struggled a bit more, her second baby taking more time to be born. Cindi's labor only got more intense, tears welling up in her eyes as she bore down, every fiber of her being telling her to push, more and more until finally she delivered her last baby. The two new mothers were both completely exhausted. Sore, fatigued and utterly sweaty messes. Blaire had already drifted off into unconsciousness, with Cindi falling asleep right after giving birth to her third daughter. Chrissy took care of the newborns while her two breeders rested. Both girls peacefully sprawled out on the bed together, still holding hands as they slept. Chrissy stood up and stretched, yawning. Very pleased with herself, as she always was. She had two new willing breeders for her ever-growing harem, both of whom had more than proven their worth to her and six beautiful new daughters to show for it. "You all can rest. I think I'll go eat that lunch now."... 
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