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If anyone is interested, I created a Behance account and posted some of my class work.
Please add me... >///w///>()
Friend code: Preed 1349-5248-9043
I'm only three days in, so I don't have anything fancy yet.
If anyone is interested, I submitted concept art in my scrapbook section...
Granted, most of the people who would read this will probably being watching me and might have it set so you can see my scrapbook...

Here, have some music:
I'm cool now, right? ;A;
Now how do I use it?

-Edit- A link or something might be nice :^B -Edit-…

Awesome. :^B
When did they make a new main-series Pokemon game?!
I still haven't beaten White 2. ;A;
/was too busy/lazy to do it.
And they're for the 3Ds! ;A;
/doesn't own
And why are they called Pokemon X and Y?
Does it have to do with Chromosomes? >w>

Here, have a trailer:
Yeah >w>
It's an HP I got for about $500.
And I still have enough money to buy CS6's student edition and have money to spare. ;A;
Preed can make kawaii desu art again soon. TTwTT
So I'm looking to buy a new computer so I can make kawaii-desu arts and shit but I don't know what's a good brand to get.
Any suggestion other then Mac (like a PC or something)?
They are expensive... :B
Hello, DA
It's been a long time
How have you been?
I've been offline
You know, after you MURDERED MY COMPUTER
But I'm ready to put that behind me, for art, you monster.
DA decided that it would be fun to give my computer a virus, so I haven't been able to get on my computer for a week. It's still busted... :B
So yeah, DA hasn't been working on Firefox for me for like two weeks. :B
The staff still hasn't figured out why.
How are things?
...I really don't expect it to win.
1) They want something BIG. Mine looks like it's would be (at the very most) human-sized.
and 2) Its too cute. >x>()

...but in all fairness, all MMOs need some sort of cute-and-powerful monster, it's like MMO-law. >w>
If any of you are wondering why, when I first watch you, I don't fav any of your already-submitted-things, it's because I DID look at your gallery, I liked what I saw, and I don't want to go on a FAV spree. >3>()
If I did go on a FAV spree, my FAVs section would be like ten-times it's current size.
Why is it when I search for nice fan-art of Nami or Nico Robin from "One Piece", 99% of it is porn?
Why can't I find some nice pictures were they have their clothes on and they are either fat (inflation fetish) or have missile tits and nipples the size of plates?

On another note, here is something beautiful to watch:…
Enjoy. ; w ;
I should write more journals on here... >w>()

Anyway, I entered the Wonderland Contest. I hope they look at all of the entries and not just the first three popular ones.…

I really don't like how my pictures' previews look...They look like I saved them as JPEGs in MS Paint... >n>