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Sanctification Regalia

Everything made by myself, start to finish. Even the extensions on the wig and leather ears were handmade by me.

Character: Night Elf Priest, Sanctification Regalia
Series: World of Warcraft
Model: Me :heart:

If you like my work, I have a Facebook fanpage which shows my progress and updates: [link]
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Looks great. You really nailed it!
predzor's avatar
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Daaaaamn, I love this!
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I really love this pic. Your costume has amazing detail. nice job!
DrywKapnobatis's avatar
Very good work! gz!
yohat's avatar
incredibly awesome work you had there :O!! those details on valanyrs omg.... and all of those attires and accessories gosh... you shouldve won over that silly Deathwing truly.... since there won't be any blizzcon this year., you MUST win on the next year! Cheers to ya! :D
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I have no words!!!
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awesome awesome awesome cosplay! great job! :D
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wish there was a bigger version of this, like 1400x900 for a desktop in HD
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I wish I was able to do such a good work! It's amazing, really... looks exactly like the game's one. Stunning!
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that is amazingly cool. i would be playing WoW right now, but my mouse's batteries broke and its hard to play on a laptop keyboard. even so, amazingly cool outfit. keep up the cool work!
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This is pretty freakin' amazing.
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:heart: Beautiful!
The costume, the model, the gear. :)
ahem, by "you" i meant..."your work" :3
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Hi, I love your cosplay, I want to make my own warlock cosplay for an upcoming convention , but I'm totally clueless about which materials I could use to make it lool really pro instead of a crappy one. Do you have any suggestions for me? =D I would appreciate it very much. And wat to go I hope you make more awesome cosplays like that. Congrats.
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this.. is.. the most awesome thing i've ever seen! okay ur other work is included in that sentence but still epicly epic work :clap: could u make me any t11 set and ship it to finland :la: i'd propably use it all the time
predzor's avatar
Hahaha, thank you! I wish I had time to make a t11. Seriously, the druid's wings alone make me want to shift focus to them.
sspools's avatar
indeed those wings are amazing =) prolly the most stunning tier
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You miss win the achievement "EPIC" and "SUPERIOR" worth 1000000 achievement points :D.
Anyways, IT looks epic I Luv IT :D
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I love your staff, it looks perfect. I'm taking it into cosplay reviews, if you don't mind. With all the references and links, of course.
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Thank you, and fine by me :3
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