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A Huntress and Her Pet

By Predatorspet
This was drawn as a gift to an rp member in my group…

He’s always bitching about how there never seems to be arts about human MEN and yautja WOMEN

Sayings he’s tried of not seeing any originality in the human yautja pairings… and that a human male with a yautja female is just as ‘hawt’ as a human women with a yautja male

And I tried to explain that a lot of people don’t seem to think yautja women are pretty… which is I really don’t see why not!! They are gorgeous and powerful :heart: .. but I agree.. it doesn’t matter the gender of the pairings .. is all hawt to me x3 …

But here’s a little fan art of one of my cute little black&white number, Karyme (who is much bigger larger than who she’s cuddling with just doesn’t look it) and his scarrie male human Jake Hunter (yes is very punny) … they are new lovers and therefore they are in that semi experimental stage where your getting into full blown infatuation … you can hardly keep them off each other one way or the other eWe’’’’ … yes I’m a dirty gurl

Technically he doesn’t deserve this because he was dissing :iconfirekitty488:’s Zan’zu because he’s a WoW troll … said he was ugly and that it looked like his dad had sex with an elephant … and I was all >8F HEEEEEYY! It’s “What did you do mug a walrus?” get it right! (lawl jk I didn’t really say that) .. so we got into a squabble about that.. which I ended up winning… because I have the vagina :XD:

Hell I’ve gotten into a couple squabbles about trolls and my yautja women lately.. all my gf’s (with the exception of :iconfirekitty488: and :icondarkhumour: ) think Vertigo’s body is bang’un but they say once you hit his face that it’s all ruined the same goes for a anthro rper I know .. he said:

“You’re yautja’s bodies make me happy in the pants but their faces turn me off…”

Ooh’muh’guh Fuh’taa’whu?!?!!? What are people’s problems!! That’s like saying Imperfect Cell is fugly

People just have no taste I swear hhmmph!

Karyme, Art and Keefe belong to ME!! :shakefish:
Jake Hunter belongs to Keefe
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OMG this is so cute!
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I think i took the title to serious.
It inspired me to make a littl epair in wich the male human is actualy just a pet.....somethign like a cat or anything else.
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Ha ha could never take it too seriously really. I have a few off handed stories for myself tucked away with the same notion. Humans do not make excellent pets but they make for interesting ones no less ;P Probably beats being a trophy any day.
I don't know why some people would say that. The females are very beautiful. Although I've always envisioned them w/o the mandibles. In paleontology, it's been confirmed that some prehistoric animals had similar appendages. For mating purposes. But the females never had them. And that's why I think that.
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Hmm, well there are plenty of animals even still today with sexual dimorphism that regards structure of the face. You'd be the first to suggest it to me. Makes for a fresh perspective on what could differ between the genders regarding the yautja. I don't personally see myself adopting it. Mostly because it's such an endearing trademark of the species I'd not want to draw them without. Also since I don't see their mandibles as a mating related apparatus, so much as a social one in regards to how they commonly use them in the comics and movies. Even further because the Predator Alien hybrid from AvPR was a queen and sported mandibles.

Still it'd be something to see their little wrinkly alien faces without the gaping mouth and wiggly tooth'd bits. :giggle:
Thank you for thinking about my theory. I appreciate it. :-)
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It takes a certain type of crazy for a human man, to love a female yaujta. On the other hand, we're all crazy in one way or another. Keep on lovin... keep on lovin...  
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That it do that it do. It's a special sacred love whether you're a crazy boy or a crazy girl. Love them strong powerful lady yautja.

Love them fiercely.
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They will have many beautiful hybrid babies.
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Very romantic  especially how she's purring  
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Hm hm hm yes. I'm a sappy fiend. I'm all about the purring.
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I'm guessing that scar on his face is when they first met xD
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Haha you know I am not sure? The guy I drew him for just told me he should be littered in scars so bingo bango scar city!
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nice !!! ... 
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A very wonderful and original piece.  In fact, I'm hard-pressed to recall another piece that showed a Yautja lady and human male.  I also like the pose.  In fact, a friend of mine was in the same pose on the grass with his lady by a lake this summer, so you captured a very real moment.  I'm glad there's someone else out there drawing unsual pairings.
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Hahah lately I'd say dem Yautja women have been growing on me thanks to my friend :iconbrandi01: here who has been known to do a bit of pred art :3. But yeah I think of more in a Yautja sense they're pretty and not a human sense, I mean personally I can't say I've been finding really many issues with the ones I've been seeing so yeah....TOTALLY AGREE HERE >:B. Need more human male on Yautja female pairings in my opinion but heyyyy that's just how I see it XD. Love the pic btw scars are pretty kick ass looks like the poor sum betch has been through the meat grinder D:.
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Female Pretador and Human male couples is just delicious, love the pic. =D
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AWESOME ! and you're 100/100 Right !
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Hahah well thank yah darl'n :)
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Sorry talking so much haha >< one last thing:
I fully agree with your last statement and frankly i think Yautja women have very beautiful faces. They want to see something ugly?... All women out there forgive me for saying this, beleive me i have a lot of respect for the female gender and a lot more than males but if they want to see something ugly:
they can go look at a female Hutt or a Darkspawn Broodmother or a giant Human toad (basically a person with at least 90% of their body as fat). They are all the same essentially and all disturbing. Course i don't mean people who are overweight, i mean people that intentionally get as fat as they physically possibly can until they are bigger than a Hutt. It is really distubing
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