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Drone by Predaguy Drone by Predaguy
The lowest tier of the caste. Do not under estimate, like any other Xenomorph.

It has been reported that a single drone was responsible for the deaths of 6 crew members in under 24 hours.

The drone lives for the hive. It is responsible for the construction and upkeep of the physical structure as well as the nurturing of young, and storage for the adults. Drones can be found at their highest work rate in the queen's chamber, moving and securing eggs. Though all xenomorphs are capable of creating hive resin, the drone is particularly capable in this task, able to create more in less time, with less resources required.

A drone stands, typically, at 7' tall. The smooth outer dome on its head is its top identifier. The hands utilize twin thumbs and fused fingers to form a solid and sure grip.

Due to the drone's tendency to shy away from direct conflict when warriors are readily available, the drone is sometimes referred to as a lurker or stalker by USCM personnel who have seen the Xenomorph first hand. When the hive is invaded, drones will rush to their nearest hiding areas they themselves build. When pressed into this area, they are near impossible to tell apart from the hive.

Evidence through the larval state suggests drones are the fastest to produce. A larval drone is ready to emerge even with highly undeveloped limbs.

line art by :iconpredaguy:

Design and colors by :iconfrithkeeper:

© Aliens: Terra Olaf Brunson and Roberto Huerta
© Fox and other respective owners of Aliens, Predator, etc.
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