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The Ashlands

The Ashlands, a barren vista surrounding the Red Mountain in the imperial province of Vvardenfell of Morrowind. Here dwells the ancient enemy, Dagoth Ur and his ash vampires, seething with the divine disease corprus.

TES:III Morrowind fan art.
Adobe Photoshop CS3
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Hi there!
My name is Andrew, and I'm the editor in chief of the Tel Mora Independent Press, a web-based publication dedicated to the sharing and exploration of art and literature created by the Elder Scrolls community! I was wondering if you might allow us to make use of this wonderful image in our next issue? We will of course include adequate credit along with a link to your DeviantArt profile (or another site if you prefer).
If you'd like to see what we're about, feel free to visit us at

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For sure, you have my permission, as long as the abovementioned conditions apply. Please link to my dA profile, if you will. 
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Заебато. Пиши ещё. Именем Неревара - Давай ЕЩЁ!!!
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Remind me some old wanderings...
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This looks beautiful. :0 I love the texture you used.
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It has a nice atmosphere but don't you think there should be a tomb entrance or something between two tree stumps under rock spire in the left? Otherwise there is no real focal point in the picture.
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Hmm... That is a rather sound advice. I have often made such paintings where I let the specator imagine from the hazy masses what he/she will, but perhaps there could indeed be something of substance to focus at. I will make a note and edit the image to include what you suggested, for I do think it would amplify the mood somewhat. Thank you.
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*starts drooling slightly*
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You truly captured the atmosphere of Morrowind, and more. This is beautiful.
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Amazing! Speechless! :D
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your work is insanely amazing !!!
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Interesting compisition 
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I mean composition* 
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This makes me wish I had Morrowind
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I am completely in love with this. It's just amazing!
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Dude... You remind me of W. Turner. :D :+fav:
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This is an incredible picture!
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Wow, this is awesome.
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Thank you very much. Morrowind is a very inspiring game, to say the least.
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Totally agree, really makes me wish I could draw and paint.
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