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Hello fellow DeviantsSinging !

Recently I created a club but I'm afraid it just isn't as active as I had hopedYawn . I'm looking for you to fill the gap#1 . At Programmers United we need active users to play the role of Co Founder and Commander, to head new members in the right direction whist adding more troops to our companyHandshake .

Mainly what is required of this position is activity, how active are you here on DA? Personality can help too but who said you have to be the nice co founder, you could always play the role of moderation or officer:stinkeye: . There are many positions still open and many possibilities as to your role, but together we can do it all and without you there is little that can be doneNuu 

Please Come Join us, send me an application to the position as a comment here on this thread and I'm sure a position will gladly open up.
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Hi there Nod  

I was thinking about being able to help the group, if have a way to do this, even only being a "member", I'll be happy to help :D (Big Grin)