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Naruto Fan fic: Sasuke Retrieval, Everyone Dies
Art by Darka22
Sasuke Retrieval; Everyone Dies:

Silver, White and Grey, ninja of the Leaf, crashed through the forest in search of their mission’s end. A mission that had already been delayed by the attack on Gaara of the Sand. Branches snapped and the trees fluttered by in a blur, their view of the world around them stood still while they rushed ahead endlessly.
Time was short and Arisu, a ninja tracker, knew they could not wait for the Sand ninja to catch up. “I’m over here, try and keep up!” She shouted back to her fellow Leaf ninja, resting her hand against a tree to catch her fleeting breath to the pace she had set. “The ninja of the Sand will have to find their own way if they plan on h
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Naruto Fan fic: Sasuke Retrieval,The Life of Genin
Art by Nakamaland

Sasuke Retrieval, the life of Genin:
In their pursuit of Shikamaru and his team, the party of Argies Ages, Hakari Kessho and Amoroto Shizukana, suddenly stopped in their tracks. The level of chakra in the air was thrilling. There was no need for hand signals, no whisper, and no not any other  instruction had to pass between the three in order for them all to stop. They knew whatever was ahead of them was the enemy and that enemy wasn’t trying to hide their massive power, for surely who could oppose such a force.
“Chouji!” Argies blurted on seeing the single Genin face a giant monster of an opponent. It indeed was a Sound ninja, nonetheless not even Shikamaru could have predicted that they could be this strong. The magnitude of the sound ninja’s chakra caused the hairs on Arg
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The Head Case App (Final Version)
Wow this didn't take long at all.
The Head Case App is a small program that redirects you to two of the same emotional health support groups, it also helps you keep track of your mood from day to day and hopefully will let you find and resolve what sets your off. You can share progress reports with the group here on deviant art, DAHC, and contribute your experiences with their chat group so that together you might be happier and healthier than ever before :)

The only requirement for this program to run is java, make sure your java is at least higher than java 6
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The headCaseApp is a project in the making.
This simple little program acts as a widget on your desktop which links you directly with the HeadCases club here on DA and with their chat room. I also added the additional feature of quick and easy journal entries so that you can keep track of your health and hopefully find the source of your happiness.
Currently still in development I need you, and anyone else willing to test the program, to provide me with your feed back on what you thought the program needs and where I can improve.
Well without further a due here you go, the HeadCaseApp
You need java to run the program and nothing else, so enjoy :D
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Naruto Fan fic: Sasuke Retrieval, needs and wants
Art by :iconfisher903:
Sasuke Retrieval, a mission of needs and wants:
Finally with his arrival back at home Argies slugged his camping bag off his shoulder and looked around his house for any sign of intrusion. There was none. It was early morning and yet Argies contemplated jumping right into bed to sleep off the holiday he had spent with his squad. Training all day as it was with them, to return to a hot bath every night, the routine was a little tiring and now he merely wanted time to himself.
Though he was not one to sleep as much as he did on holiday, he still found time every night at the onsen to read whatever he had prepared in his back pocket. Whether it was to read of history and the battles that have come and gone, or if his passions pushed him to study ninjutsu and all its many arts and technics. Argies always found comfort in reading, he saw the knowledge it gained him as an advantage against the unseen enemy
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Millionaire by Precipitous120 Millionaire :iconprecipitous120:Precipitous120 4 38
Naruto Fan fic: Training Time
Art By Mimiko-Flamemaker

Team Training:
While I Looked through the divide of the wooden wall, Amoroto warned me against spying on the girls but this is serious!
“Hakari could be in trouble” I whispered as to not alert the attackers on the other side.
“…But Argies” Amoroto waded beside me, dripping with sweat and steam, unable to finish his sentence.
“We won’t know what is going on unless we look, the only other alternative is us jumping over this wall which if there is something wrong… prepare yourself!”
“…But Argies san, there is someone right there!”
“What, I don’t see anyone…?”

Looking throug
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Shimeji With Sound!
Finally it is Completed!I am a dummy! 
Shimeji with sound!Nod 

It took a while for me to make this program but now you don't want to hear all those details, you just want to experience the cuteness that is Shimeji with sound!Cheer 
Don't have 7-zip, download it here
Thanks to a lot, A LOT, of help from :iconknives6669: over several months we were able to create and perfect the shimeji to the point that it can now be shared with everyone :) (Smile) 
How To Install:

1. Download the old shemiji if you don't yet hav
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Infamy: The replacement point system
This has been months in the making for such a simple little program, but here we go!!!!!
Infamy, my idea on how to replace Da's point system for my own :)
With Infamy you can trade points for art without having to fork out cash. Since points can never be converted back into money, there shouldn't charge you for them, thus Infamy replaces DA's points so you don't have to pay. Instead artists can trade points for favours just like they have always done, and for their work they get points in return. Points which can then be used to purchase more favours from others, all without paying a cent :)
Basically, infamy is the agreed upon concept that points merely mean that you value a person and their work. The more you value a person work the more points you give them, which in turn gives value to points. Points are your Infamy, they are proof that you are talented and feared :D
Download the zip file here
Remember you need java on your comput
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Exploring For-loops and ints
Welcome to another lesson on java programming. Today we are going to explore integers and for Loops, together. First create a new java main class and call it 'TestIntegersAndForloops', if you are not familiar with java and how to create a new java main class then you can follow this link to your first java program :) 
You should now have a page that holds the following code:
public class TestIntegersAndForloops
public static void main (String[]args)
Now enter the following code so that your entry looks like this
import java.util.*;
public class TestIntegersAndForloops
public static void main (String[]args)
for(int Integer=1;Integer<101;Integer++)//this is a for loop
System.out.println("0 ");
for loops are used to perform a task until a certain criteria is met, in this case we are using a forloop and an integer.
int Integer
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Mature content
I Jizzed in my pants: :iconprecipitous120:Precipitous120 3 81
Hot Springs Holiday
Art by hotkage

Hot springs Holiday:
It was early in the morning and I, a ninja in the woods training, practised and sharpen my strengths in hope to improve my survivability. I decided to break from my normal day to day training routine and instead I practised shuriken exercises. Still dark the pale blue chill of the air only now broke with light, It was then I heard the hawk call...
My targets the trees couldn’t move out the way, and so to give them at chance at avoiding me I ran alongside them and picked my opponents from behind the rush of passing branches and tree trunks.
The Leaf had taken up using Hawks to send messages of alert to call ninja to the mission assignment desk. Not only faster than other bir
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Shimeji Beta Version
Shimeji Beta Version
Shimeji Beta Version 0.6
I've been working on this Shimeji project for the last ten days or so, and I'm quite surprised with how much I've been able to do in such a short period of time. If you would like to celebrate with me you can try out the shimeji here () 
A few notes:
Warning! Put your computers volume on low before running Shimeji, Java has no setting for volume so wav file sounds may vary
PS sound is super buggy but meh
Shimeji Now have SOUND! YEAH!!!!! Man I'm tired and besides that accomplishment I'm super super tired... I added nothing else new from beta 0.1 to 0.6 We are almost there to the first alpha release
The screenshot function prints out the screenshots into the folder where your shimeji is run from. It can only be cancelled/stopped by closing all shimeji. I was hoping to compile the images into a vi
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Programmers Unite, Trophy by Precipitous120 Programmers Unite, Trophy :iconprecipitous120:Precipitous120 1 39
Shimeji Terms and Conditions
Shimeji is an OpenSource project which means that it is free to use with no charge or limitations to what we as a community can add to it, but, currently the terms and conditions of the Shimeji are not to a friendly standard.
The current licence agreement of the Shimeji allows people and corporations to commercialise and sell any and all content of the shimeji and any contributions to the project. This means that not only can they charge you for an already freely distributed product, but they can also steal all artworks and programs which you have contributed to the shimeji project! This is a red flag, we simply must do something about it which is why I propose we write up a licence agreement right here and now in this thread. I will of course write up the whole thing first and together we can trouble shoot for any holes in the ts and cs

Terms and Conditions:
(First Copyrighted December 9th, 2017)
Copyright © Shimeji-ee Group
All rights reserved.
By use of th
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The Shimeji Functionality Project:

The Shimeji Functionality Project:

Hello and welcome to the Shimeji Functionality Project or SFP for short. What we will be working on is making the shimeji(computer mascot program) into a more functional PC buddy instead of a mischievous pet. Now the shimeji as it currently is, bounces around on your screen and plays with windows and other programs you have running. While this can be entertaining and cute it is at the same time pointless. What we want to do with the SFP is to add functionality to this cute program, so that you can give orders to the Shimeji and it will carry out your instructions to complete some task or another.
What we are looking for is a broad range of functions, research, testing, and computing languages. The shimeji is currently written in java which despite being mostly a universal language, it does still have its problems on operating systems like Linux. If we are to add functions to the Shimeji we will likely also run in
:iconprecipitous120:Precipitous120 4 90


Precipitous120 has started a donation pool!
620 / 1,000,000
We are hosting an Animation Competition to celebrate our new club, Programmers Unite!

Where we will be asking animation artists to make more programmer friendly emoticons. Find out more here:

Programmer's Emoticon ChallengeHello and Welcome to the Programmer's Emoticon Challenge :happybounce: Clap I am a dummy! Nod I think I've fainted. Giggle =P (Razz) 
Programmers United is hosting a competition for all those artists hoping to be featured in a Programming Group. Now what are the benefits of this, you might ask yourself? Well Programmers are often looking for artists to PAY in order to create artworks to match their brilliant programming. Imagine what it might mean for you if your work ends up being the new Facebook logo, or a when people open their Google browsers they find your own uniquely signed Google animation. While expectations are high there is no guarantee that any one of our programs will ever be that big, but wi

If you would like to support this initiative then please could you contribute to this donation pool

Once the winner has been decided all the points in this donation pool will be split between the 1st 2nd and 3rd place winners.

Good luck to all the competitors and my the best animation win :)!

If you are a programmer and would like to take part in the competition or simply want to join and talk to a bunch of coders, then...

Come and Join us in the Programmers Unite community, and feel the power of code at your fingertips or at mine :D

You must be logged in to donate.


Quick question, what are the possible causes of a burning sensation on nipples. My right nipple burns like fire for no apparent reason. It doesn't look odd and it isn't swelling, its just burning without heat
I thought it was just computer games but I see now I was wrong

nothing is fun... everything bores me and when I'm not bored I'm working.

I have hobbies, my work(farming) requires me to try new things, and yet everything is boring EVERYTHING

Programming, writing, gaming, exercise, all the things that used to entertain me are now boring.

Watching tv bores me too, I can't pay attention to the show no matter how stimulating, without doing some other task to take my mind off how boring it is~!

Is it possible that there is a reason I am feeling this way?

Ok that just sounds weird

Hello :)

I have gained 4.9kgs!!!! In the short period of 1 month

Now instead of feeling blue lets run an experiment to see which is the best weight loss exercise I can try.

I don't much believe in diets but I'm going to avoid sweets and bred, to at least speed the process of weight loss along.

What do you feel is a good ab exercise?

I'm willing to try it all!
Well Now you can do something about it, and earn points!

When someone sends you a llama, they give you the POWER to post THANK YOU on their page.


Now how might you use this opportunity to your advantage? Well we wouldn't be on DA unless we wanted views, so use your thank you to spread a stash entry displaying all your best works. :D

And if that doesn't work for you, share my stash and I'll give you points for every 100 thank you's you send out

Thank You!Thank You..Onion Thank You..Onion Thank You..Onion Thank You..Onion Thank You..Onion Thank You..Onion Thank You..Onion Thank You..Onion Thank You..Onion Thank You..Onion   
If you are here than you must have done something very good, as such I would like to thank you and share my personal collection of helpful links.
If you would like your work advertised here, show us some fantastic examples of your art and we will get right on it. In order to quality you need to have at least 100 works of art submitted to DA, that wa

Points, my thank you... to you
Hello :)

I've opened up a llama click game where 1 click equals a llama sent and we have about 80 clicks available per a page. Come join us in this click-athon and share the llama love.

Every week we send out points to whoever can advertise our various groups through this stash entry 
Thank You!Thank You..Onion Thank You..Onion Thank You..Onion Thank You..Onion Thank You..Onion Thank You..Onion Thank You..Onion Thank You..Onion Thank You..Onion Thank You..Onion   
If you are here than you must have done something very good, as such I would like to thank you and share my personal collection of helpful links.
If you would like your work advertised here, show us some fantastic examples of your art and we will get right on it. In order to quality you need to have at least 100 works of art submitted to DA, that wa

And you get 10 points for every person you invite to join the Lot A Llama Challenge 
Total Llama given out : 124 800 

Welcome to the Lot a Llama Challenge, a great way to spread your llama love and earn more points.
Quick and Easy Instructions:
Leave a comment telling us which group you have decided to invite and make sure it hasn't been picked alreadyDownload the One Click Llama Button if you haven't alreadySend llama to the Deviants in your picked group, you can do this quickly and easily from this page by clicking on the llama next to the highlighted 'LotALlamaChallenge' Then Help us share the LotALLamaChallenge with others by pasting this link Need more Llamas? on your profile page, to friends and in the forums or chat. Sit back and Laugh at how smart you are HAHAHAHAHA!
This is the stash message to help us tell th

We also have other llama challenges, some even offering 10 points every 60 llama sent out.

And then of course comes the Fame. If you follow the right links you can find us on discord and if we like your story we will advertise it for you, no charge!

Now for the MORE. Our various groups offer review systems, communities of common interest, and places to build and hone your craft. 

So what are you waiting for, join us NOW!
Llama are worshipped here on DA Sakata Gintoki  (Worship) [V1] , and as such it is only natural that they should have their own religious enteritis. You have been chosen by the llama Kami of infinite llama love, to be their lama(Buddhist for priest), as the llama lama it is your divine mission to spread the llama love and enlist more llama lama to join you in the good fight against the tyranny of llamalessness.

I became a llama lama because [Insert reason here]

I became a llama lama because I needed to advertise my club :iconprogrammers-unite:Programmers-Unite which is a programmers group here on DA. I also wanted to advertise my writing to a lesser extent, but yes I mainly became a llama lama to build up a community of friends.

0. Post a new journal entry on your page
1. Post the rules.
2. Tell us why you became a lama of llama, this is youropportunityy to tell us why people should watch you.
3. Mention who tagged you
4. Tag at least 1 other person who loves llama(or all the deviants sending you llama).
5. Send a llama to everyone in the list
6. Get a list of names from llama Warriors to add to your tag, for the next llama lama :)


Precipitous120's Profile Picture
United Kingdom
I just love life the way it is, with all the messy violence and the corrupt politicians.
Why would I ask for a better world! This world is perfect the way it is because it is so wicked, it leaves plenty of room for improvement.

I like story songs.
Enjoy art as long as it's actually good
Love poetry writing

Favorite past times are probably making programs, writing, editing computer games and making poetry. Recently I've taken up staring at art and drawing inspiration, it's actually helped me a hell of a lot! I suggest you try it =)

In case your interested in Dating me or Stalking me, here's a list of my hobbies.

Speech Writing
Critique Jerk(Mean but Honest/helpful hopefully)
hating life
forgettable others




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