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HI guys!
So I'm reopening commission status :dummy:

If you are interested in commissioning me:

Here's a price list:
Commission prices list - 2019 by Precia-T

And I forgot to add there wardrobe commission which is same price as character sheet and it looks like this: 
Kain's wardrobe - commission by Precia-T

1. send me a note I will add you to the list. List of commissions is always visible on my main page in the journal entry. 
2. When I am ready to make your commission I will give you my paypal data. I take payments up front. 
3. I do a sketch and send you samples to accept it. If it's character sheet, fullbody, portrait usually one lineart is enough. If it's an illstration, I might send you some more steps. 
4. If the commission is more complicated, I will ask for your skype hoping deeply you have one. Typing live and sending files is much easier there and I get flooded on DA sometimes and get lost in messages. It's impossible to work that way.


I agree to draw everything. 

That's silly nowadays, It is definitely, absolutely, fully your belonging after I'm done. You may resell it. You may ask for .psd file as well. The only thing I want to make sure of is that I can post it on my social media as an advertisement. 

Well... After I'm done with a sketch I usually finish it in a week. There are some of my beloved commissioners who are willing and accepting waiting longer. I can work under pressure of time if it's nessesarry but I obviously prefer not to stress. If there is a deadline, please mention it in a note. 

Mind that the commission list order is something that changes. When someone is not answering my note I take the next commission and come back to previous later. I usually work on 3 commission at the same time. If someone takes a lot of slots, they usually don't want everything to be done in a row so after making a piece for them, I take later numbers first before continuing the job for the person who took a lot of slots. I hope that makes sense because it was really difficult sentence for me to figure out. 


1. :iconkaneko-sama: DONE
2.:iconkaneko-sama: DONE
3. :iconkaneko-sama:
4. :iconkaneko-sama:
5. :iconkaneko-sama:
6. :iconjyggy:doing..........
7. :iconjyggy:
8. :iconicongm: DONE
11. :iconryukoou:
12. :iconrln: doing.......................
13.:iconventarix: DONE
14. :iconjasonwolfe:
16.:iconmadwolf07: o DONE
17. :iconmadwolf07: o
18. :iconmadwolf07: o
19. :iconmadwolf07: o
20. :iconmahasu: DONE
21. :iconpinkcomma:
22. :iconmadwolf07:
23. :iconmadwolf07:
24. :iconmadwolf07:
25. :iconmadwolf07:
26. :iconmadwolf07:
27. :iconmadwolf07:
28. :iconmadwolf07:
29. :iconmadwolf07:
30. :iconmadwolf07:
31. :iconmadwolf07:
32. :iconmadwolf07:
33. :iconmadwolf07:
34. :iconmadwolf07:
35. :iconmadwolf07:
36. :iconmadwolf07:
37. :iconsandstormriley:
38: :iconunboundking:
39. :iconunboundking:
40. :iconsapphire-spider:
41. :icontyvadi:
42. :iconleviathanmist:
43. :iconleviathanmist:
44. :iconleviathanmist:
45. :iconleviathanmist:
46. :iconleviathanmist:
49. :iconjchance:
50. :iconjean-midnight:


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mobfolios Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2019  Professional General Artist
Not to come off rude when i say this but do you do professional work?  As in published illustrations, comics etc.  I haven't come across anything that looks like your work so I'm curious.  Would really like to see some of your published works if you do.  You have an amazing art style I regularly reference when doing my 3D work and I'm very interested in seeing more sequential art like comic strips.
Precia-T Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2019  Professional Digital Artist
Not at all.
 I worked professionaly for several journals (donald duck, b&B, riders digest, political journals known rather in my country), animation movies (as lineartist and storyboarder), gaming studios, web making (graphic) and few advertising campaign. I do mostly freelance jobs because that brings definitely better money, no deadlines and nice people only. I know that some part of my commissions are printed as book covers, comics strips or elements for games but I don't track it to be honest. I did print two books which are more like a drawing vademecums, and  I am finishing my own prose book  which supposed to be a comic but will porbably end up as abundantly illustrated graphic novel. 
ObscureFanArtist Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2019
Used another one of your anatomy poses to create this...

Isn't She Cute by ObscureFanArtist

Its on there somewhere...

Children poses/anatomy

Thanks. All your work is amazing.
ObscureFanArtist Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2019
I forgot to mention the Scrap versions of my two pictures your work inspired. 

Emmie and Her Pearl 

Emmie and Her Pearl

Gemling Emmie

Gemling Emmie

Sorry and thank you, again.
Professor1717artist Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2019  New Deviant Hobbyist General Artist
8 марта ,счастье, успех, процветание, мудрость
и высокие достижения !
ObscureFanArtist Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2019
Used another one of your great bases to create this...

Femme Child Corazon

Thank you.
ObscureFanArtist Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2018
The comments were disabled on "Female Interactions 1" and I just wanted to let you know I used one of the bases (Gazing Into Eyes) for a fan art. 

Emmie and Her Pearl

Thank you for sharing you knowledge and talent. Merry Christmas.
ShimayaEiko Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Merry Christmas to you!!! :D <33
Bengtzone Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2018
Mary X-Mas!
Bombero22 Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2018
girl, i still miss your claymore arts, i'd like to créate my own arts, something like your style, any tips for someone to start from 0?
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