Is ECLIPSE really that bad for you?
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I know people are angry about it, I see them complaining and became very mean toward DA staff, often crossing the line. I will never agree with threats, vulgar language, disgusting memes, or child-like hysteria but I do understand people are angry because they feel ignored. But lets stop with emotions for a moment and lets think about it:

Everything changed and we don't like changes, especially when we think the platform was perfect before. I myself was shocked yesterday when I saw everything upside down. Why though? Because I didn't have time before to switch to eclipse and get to know it better. I don't like changes because that demands me to discover things over again and I felt comfortable with the previous DA. But hell, I did feel comfortable with Photoshop cs3, thinking it was perfect and all new changes are for nothing and it forces me to reorganize my way of thinking but is it really worse? Last comment I got on my art where I redrew some portraits after years was: how I made an improvement, what is the biggest difference?

Well photoshop. New version of photoshop, that I hated. It's dynamics works better even if I didn't like it at the first place. Because I'm not a programmer and I didn't realize the wage of physics. I just didn't like the way it worked and looked.

World moves on, there are young people who would not use anything complex, with too much text, they need big images that you can just scroll, simple as instagram. There are so many market research about it and I believe DA staff or WIX has to know at least something about it, and for sure more than I do.

I always ask my student to go for something new, to get out of a comfortable zone. It's like with a brush you got used to, now you lost it but you have fifty more. It's not worse, it's different. I remember first 3D game I played when I was 10. I couldn't believe this kind of crap will ever be better then super mario bros kind of 2d games .____.

I see many things doesn't work on Eclipse, I don't know how to delete mass feed and I can't find my gallery when im on mobile. But it is something that can be done because Eclipse is still developing we just have to give it a chance and trust me it's not easy for me since I am here everyday, treating it as a platforn to earn money. These changes affects me as well.

Whats better?

This journal looks professional, there is a bg picture you can place to make it look more like a website you can show to potential serious clients. Before it looked like a pony blog. Site about graphic has to look nice graphically.

Just when I found the boxes with organized things, it made sense, it's easier to use then before and there are no bugs as there were before, driving me crazy everytime I tried to upload a picture. Why won't we search for good things?

What other options do we have?


Which is not created for artists though you have only square shape images you can upload on mobile. You don't really contemplate art or watch movies on stamp-size mobile, do you? If you do, don't tell me that. Besides you can't really type much on instagram, it's too simple to start any conversation. It's for showing photos mostly.

That does not change the fact that you can visit my Instagram Hua hua hua ^.^


The quality of facebook uploads I will leave without a comment. It's good for writing though and good for advertising. But facebook is very often connected to personal account where people wish to see many type of things, like your friends photos, posts etc. If someone will watch your art page and see everyday disney pictures in their feed, they may want just stop because of the amount of different information. DA is just for art. Besides on facebook you can't have any type of gallery that would make sense. You just upload and it dissapears among thousands of other posts of yours. There is no order to it. It's purpose is to show your life, it's not art platform

That also doesn't mean you are forbidden to join my facebook ^.^


Good luck to it!

It's nice, but it's mostly for 3D proffessional artists. It's not really for hobbyists that wish to scroll among fanarts. This is a platform where people look for serious job, while DA always used to be a platform more for hobbyists and fans. Artstation indeed has a good upload quality, but until it will load all the images you may be already dead.

You don't need to join that v.v


Does this even live anymore?

It is something like instagram 2.0 or actually 0.2 Mess, blog, quick scroll.

I wish to invite you to my tumblr, but.. unfortunetly... I forgot the adress v.v probably something with Precia in it (?)

I'm not saying these platforms above sucks. I'm saying they were not created for exposing art purpose (except artstation) Remember Eclipse is something you can adjust. It takes only few minutes, maybe hours to get to know it. You are all so eager to learn from tutorials, spend hours on learning a new graphic programs, which is impressive. Why won't we just give it a chance?

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JohnKillingerProfessional General Artist

the website is still working off an incomplete version of this and i'm waiting for them to update with the complete version. the website is buggy, inefficient, unpleasant to look at, and just overall worse. i don't know why DA is pretending this version is better than what we already had.

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SpacePhoenixHobbyist Digital Artist

I tried switching when it waas DEMO, we are all forced to it now, and it still absolutely awful, and that is that.

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Well, considering that I now have to go through a much more convoluted process of organizing my "favorites", and the site has a habit of freezing on both my PC and smart phone, I'd say that YES, this transition is cumbersome and unnecessary.

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They also removed the delete button that made it easy to favorite a deviation and remove it. Now you have to click "back to watch" and delete it from there. They just slowed things down for no reason. They didn't even add basic stuff back...

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Precia-TProfessional Digital Artist

my Catalina system didn't go well on my atari as well :(

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Tinselfire General Artist

Unfortunately, yes.

And unfortunately, the numerous design and usability issues are only a part of why. The by far biggest issue I see if the shift in tone to a more competitive atmosphere. The increased prominence on stat display focused on approval rather than participation - watchers and views are displayed first with uploads coming in third, and comments are hidden - is troublesome since conflating traffic with artistic success is a common source of social media-related psychological issues. And the introduction of benchmarking tools is just baffling since it is effectively fostering a known self-destructive behaviour; even though optional, it sets a norm.

Frankly, compared to the green site, it is less a matter of whether Eclipse is better or worse. Eclipse is in comparison hostile.

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I started using Eclipse right when they started the beta and I'm quite used to it now. There are only a few parts I'm uncomfortable with, otherwise I actually like it more.

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You have posited the position that Eclipse is just OK fine for everyone in the form of a question: "Is ECLIPSE really that bad for you?"

In a word, YES! The problems are too numerous to list in the lifetime i have left.

In a former life i supervised many hardware and software engineers, and if any of them had foisted a product like this on any of our customers i would have fed them to the dogs.

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Precia-TProfessional Digital Artist

other that the title I've also put some text below, but nevermind. Does that mean youre leaving? or only complaining?

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i read your text, some of it was helpful; thank you for that; i dabbled with Eclipse on and off from the time that they announced it, i really did try it

and now that Eclipse is a fait accompli there is no choice but to make the best of it because it is all that is left

so, to answer your question: i am complaining ( for the moment ) because vast sections of the new platform are slow, glitchy, and unnecessarily difficult to use; it is just plain badly designed and untested. Period.

we both know that there is nowhere else to go, but that shouldn't have been any reason for the people who gutted the old dA to do so

i complain because it's all i can to -

because when you send in a report nothing happens

because it is obvious that the ubercontrollers and money managers of the site don't care about the frustration and inconvenience they have inflicted on the members of the community

because it is impossible to have an intelligent conversation with the painfully and deliberately anonymous people in power

why do i feel entitled to be a whiner?

because i have pissed away much time and many thousands of dollars over the last ten years by buying premium stock, buying art prints for myself and others, gifting core/premium memberships to people i wanted to encourage, and as a group admin ( typically 9 or 10 Groups )

i can assure you that from now on i will not be pissing away any more money on deviantArt, and may well resign all admin responsibilities as well

so i whine, because they should have at least been professional enough to debug the platform before releasing it; even if the did eliminate many useful features and even if they did substitute many of the remaining features with inferior, no longer real-time replacements that do not correlate with past data sets ( see statistics )

i could go on, and i could waste my time giving you specific examples of the infuriating problems i have found in just the last five days; but you will do nothing about it and neither will the dA ubercontrollers

so i will make random complaints instead

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Precia-TProfessional Digital Artist


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LadyLincolnHobbyist Writer

I have been here a long time and am doing my best to "give it a chance."

The issues most are having now with Eclipse are its clear lack of functionality when compared to classic. I still believe that it was wholly unfinished upon release— and needed more time to be re-vamped (and re-sized down a few 1,000 notches) before being hoisted onto its loyal and dedicated user base. I am all for a much needed change; but not a rushed and sloppy change that alienates more than 50% of your community.

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DivinitasXStudent General Artist

Honestly I've already been on dA less and less and now you can't even view the new artwork from your watched artists anymore without having a handling on it like in the 90's. Like who thought it was a good idea to make people watch the artworks then having to go back and delete each one individually.

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petrzajczekNew Deviant

I love how you yearn and advocate for a change yet your country is a catholic imperium. Such irony.

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Precia-TProfessional Digital Artist

That is most idiotic comment I've ever received, you can feel to be a winner :)

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StrawberryGigglesStudent Writer

I like the look but the UI is ridiculous IMO.... cough:

- I can’t create literature like I usually do because the page doesn’t move as I input text meaning text gets lost at the border of the screen. although I can bold and italicise my text in the literature interface, I can’t do that here in comments. Pressing the button does nothing? Writer is gone and only accessible via old journals saved to So you have to write over old journals or fics. I used writer religiously but it’s put me off.

- The watch area doesn‘t default to ‘all’ meaning when I look in my watch area I see ‘nothing here!’ and think ‘wtf’ before remembering it automatically sets to ‘new deviations from deviants’, not groups. Pointless extra clicks compared to the gorgeous one-scroll-browse of classic dA

In the watch pane, the thumbnails of each image look like one big collage image and don’t give any indication what group they come from, just the name of the deviant, who I don’t follow, so again i think... what? Compared to classic dA where I looked, saw where it came from, and could click through.

- Sometimes when writing comments or status updates the cursor doesn’t move at all, and having to Highlight text to italicise/bold/underline it is iffy. Sometimes works, but I use my iPad for everything and the iOS system is based on highlighting text too - I highlight text and get told “do you want to look this up“ via Apple at the same time I get asked by dA to italicise my texts or whatever. Inevitably then I lose the highlighting entirely and have to retry. OMG I just want to <do this> it is easier, I have been doing <this> for ten years. Then when i am SUCCESSFUL, highlighting chunks of text is really slooooow and cumbersome. Ugh. Also it only works if I have my iPad in vertical mode, if I don’t, nothing happens. Also also, I highlight something, the italic box appears, but rather than being above the portion of text I’m highlighting it flies halfway up the page.

- everything seems hidden away? I have to go hunting to look at my activity or find writer. COME BACK. IN FRONT OF MY EYES. PLEASE. SOB.

- everything is so spaced out and big! I can’t take it all in and it gives me a bit of an overload. Even when writing. Ugh.

- when I type, if I go back to a paragraph to edit more, I can’t start writing on a new line afterwards because the cursor moves back to the paragraph I just edited and inserts text into the middle of the sentence.

- favouriting and deleting deviations was easier when I didn’t have to hover over a corner and hope the favourite icon will appear there or the X. I know that’s very similar to classic dA and am massively grateful for that in itself but I have lost count of how many times I’ve clicked onto comments trying to favourite stuff because it won’t appear.

- I can’t say any of this in the feedback form as it cuts off after a certain number of words are hit, which is cumbersome when you have a lot to say.

- the dA banner is broken and hovers halfway down my screen as i scroll until I move to the top of the page again


- chat feature sounds cool albeit a bit pointless... core members had the shout box thing and notes have always been accessible, so... whoop de doodah another area to chat? Ok then. xD

- notes are being updated, good, I like those although I think eclipse has scared all of my friends away so I’ll just have to talk to myself. Also this new chat feature will replace them so they’ll be obsolete?

- the site looks sleeker and more professional so potential professionals/buyers will be very impressed.

i’m sorry, I know you aren’t staff nor will you particularly care about this, but :shrug: this is what it is for me, it’s not just blind hatred of change, it’s hatred of change that is at present irritating to use. Layout wise I’ve gotten used to it very quickly, it’s just the bugs and stuff that was wiped from classic that I mourn, and I completely understand that this site is new and will be improved too but surely everybody understands that coming onto a new and improved site where things have been chopped, changed, removed or are just so damn buggy the site feels unusable, is going to cause upset. Should people be verbally abusing the staff, no, but people are entitled to feel upset. I don’t think I’ll leave deviantart as it is the only site I feel comfortable using but the thought of battling through this website until all the bugs are squashed is painful. >.<

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My biggest problem with the new look isn't the newness, but rather the useability.

For example, it's laggy and takes longer to browse. Sometimes the typed emoji shortcuts work and sometimes they don't. You can't preview comments before posting them anymore to make sure the codes you typed work (or at least I haven't been able to figure out how yet). The profile page is less customizable (you can still customize it, but less so). And (a big one for me) often it disables you from opening something in a new tab, which disrupts browsing since using their "back" button makes me lose my place and I have to scroll through the list all over again (which, if it's a long list, is almost time consuming).

All that together makes usability really tedious. As someone else noted, it's cool that they put eclipse in Beta and all--but Betas are for finding problems and fixing them, not solely for getting customers used to a new look.

That being said, if Deviantart fixes those problems, I think they'll find that people will warm up to their new design, since there are definitely some features that are really nice.

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Emii-MStudent Digital Artist

The first complain I have with Eclipse is that it is so buggy I can’t even comment anymore on my browser tab and the pages keep on crashing, there is a multitude of others bugs going on but having to use my phone to comment anything is really the most annoying one.

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KhaleesiKiyiyaWolfHobbyist General Artist

So I've been working with Eclipse since it was in Beta phase in 2018 (folks...this wasn't FORCED upon you. You knew back in 2018 this was coming. Being forced to do something means you had zero say from the get go. Kindly learn the term before you use it.)

And here's what I've found thus far;

1. The first phase was hard as hell to adjust too simply because everything was scattered about. It took alot to figure out and after sending staff feedback, tips, ideas, etc, saw that things were improved over the course of a few months as they figured out where things needed and should go (such as SUBMIT now encompasses everything from Journal submissions to polls).

2. Mass removal of deviations wasn't a thing at the start of 2019 and this was irksome when you're in several dozen groups and following dozens more. This even included people you're a watcher of. Again, more feedback was sent in, and the option to remove all devations was made available by clicking on a small box on the first devation and then selecting the remove all option that would then pop up. I have found that this option is much easier to use and handle as there's no lag time in removal of devations whereas on the old site, there would often be lag and or the need to refresh the page to make sure it had removed everything.

3. The site itself is much faster (if it lags for you then it's your computer not Eclipse as I'm working on a now expired Windows 7 laptop that can hardly handle loading MSN messenger but loads DeviantArt perfectly fine and on my stepdad's AlienWare computer, the load time is literally under a second). By smooth lining everything on Eclipse, site staff have made it faster contrary to what many seem to think and or believe (most often this information has come from fear mongers \ o /)

4. The site will be a WIP for at least one year as staff have explained (over and over again, some people just don't listen). With anything that's new, you release it for it's 'test drive' and some of these 'test drives' often means expanding to a wider audience. This is often seen in the car and truck industry and even in the ship industry where massive ocean liners are ocean tested several times a year once they are sea worthy. This often includes having an entire crew on board to make sure certain functions are working and can also mean taking the liner out into adverse weather on high seas. Most often than not, these ships aren't even ready for passengers but have bare basic accommodations in place for the crew and crew only. Eclipse is the same way, minus the high seas. It's like working with any MMORPG where there's weekly/monthly updates that often require bug patches throughout the week following an update's release. Eclipse is new and as with anything that's new, it needs to be given a chance. It couldn't get that with the old site up and running still.

5. The old site used out of date graphics, coding, etc. It was costing the owners money to keep it going and while not often made public knowledge, there were massive issues facing the old site that aren't being faced by the new. The old site was less secure. It was literally every week I would read a journal on the main page, about how someone's DeviantArt had been hacked and most of these folks had fancily coded homepages (coding can allow Phishers access to your information folks!) Now since the release of Eclipse, I've yet to see a single journal in regards to this; coming to the tentative conclusion that Eclipse is far more secure than the old site was. The new site also offers 3 background color options and as someone who suffers from chronic headaches, there would be days where I couldn't use the old site because it would trigger a massive headache. The new site doesn't do this. And the new site's background options makes seeing glowing art much easier to see and even use.

6. For those complaining, how many of you use Facebook? Did you know come next year, the classic facebook won't work on google chrome? You'll have to download Google Chrome Beta, in order for Facebook Live streaming to work and for certain other Facebook features, such as documents, certain games, etc, to work. Classic Facebook is being phased out by next year and there was no warning by site officials (keep in mind that Facebook has over 40 thousand employees...someone could of said something but they chose not to do so). DeviantArt Staff have been heavily transparent with us in regards to Eclipse and they've gotten nothing but hateful comments, threats of bodily harm, and even death threats. All of these came from a wide range of people; both professional artists and not. And their overall attitudes towards site staff, who have actually been listening and responding to questions and concerns, makes me wonder just how mentally stable some of these folks actually are.

7. For those saying this was forced upon you, was it really? Did you not have the choice in 2018 and 2019 to leave to other websites? You can't sit there and say there weren't options when there are. Is your English (or whatever language you speak) that poor that you don't understand what the word forced means? It means the same thing in English as it does in any other language. With two differences from those who are threatening site staff;

Force - Noun - "coercion or compulsion, especially with the use of threats of violence" <-- this is what I've been seeing by those threatening site staff.

Force - Verb - "Make (someone) do something against their will" <-- you had a choice to leave in 2018/2019 but chose to stay. At this point, your bitching becomes invalid as only you removed your choice to leave. Not site staff. Not some petition. No one held a gun to your head and said you had to stay. YOU CHOSE to stay of your own free will.

In South Korea, you don't have the choice as a man to not enter, I believe, 2 years mandatory military service. You have to do it and they can legally force you to enter with the only exception being health issues and these issues have to be severe enough to warrant you not entering some form of police or military service.

That said, many people took hours out of their day to make journals on how you can manage and navigate Eclipse. These journals are many. But if you chose not to read them, then again, it's not site staff's fault you can't find something or understand something. You chose not to find these journals or read them. Why should site staff be blamed for the choices you've made? How is that fair to them?

I know for a fact danlev has been not only listening to questions and concerns, he alongside the other site staff members, such as Heidi and more, have in fact, been answering them. They've even taken many suggestions, ideas and tips into strong consideration and many of these have even been implemented on the website overall.

My final thoughts? If the site is so bad for you that you literally can not stand it, then why are you here? Why continue using something that no longer brings you any joy? Feng Shui means you have the choice to remove negative things from your life. By choosing not to do so, you're just making your own experience on here miserable and honestly, that's no one's fault but your own. If you have fingers, use Google, then you can easily search the web for an art website that best suits your wants, needs and desires. It's really that simple.


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Precia-TProfessional Digital Artist

When I hear one comparing Deviantart system to dictatorship in Korea, where people would be killed for just having opinion, it makes me want to ask you to use your dragons really.

If that was dictatorship, such user would be immedietely removed, banned and their account would be deleted, just for disagreeing. Thats dictatorship. Instead we have bunch of people falling in hysteria and THEY try to force the change by death threats. Really. I can't get harsh on my posts with obvious reasons but if I am to be honest I'd say people are so spoiled nowadays.. with everything they get for free, with comfortable lives, With social services, with services everywhere for everything, they got used to take, take, take don't think about effort and other's people hard work so they can still have fun on the internet. People who know the value of work, who are taught empathy, who were not only getting things in childhood but also earning it, they would NEVER put their opinions in such words as most do.

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KhaleesiKiyiyaWolfHobbyist General Artist

The Dictatorship you speak of is in the North Korea. South Korea is pretty laid back and more easy going (I have American and Canadian friends who moved there and where it would of taken them into their 40s to buy a home, took them 3yrs max as in SK they use your rent money and put it in a special account and when you go to move, you get all that rent back - it's how many South Koreans buy their homes).

But I agree. So many have gotten used to taking that when something changes and they didn't think of it first or if they weren't apart of that change, they flip their shit, even if they had 2 years and 4 months to voice their questions, comments, concerns, feedback, etc in a civilized manner (almost 99% have not and most have resorted to threatening the dA staff).

When I was a kid, I was hardly ever online. If it was sunny, I was kicked outside and told to 'go play'. This was the 'norm' even once we got wifi internet and even after I got my first 'boyfriend' (I say this lightly x'D). Going outside and just being a kid or a young teen, was a thing for me until I hit 15 1/2 when my grandmother, who'd raised me, died of cancer. After that, I had to grow up super fast (long story). I had to learn, at age 16, how to pay rent, pay bills, buy food, etc (all this is legal in Ontario Canada as long as you have a social worker), while maintaining my schooling (high school).

I learned to appreciate right quick that sometimes, some decisions being made, simply don't concern me. That some decisions being made, I can offer feedback, comments, etc, and maybe have my input taken into consideration but again, that at the end of the day if I don't own it, then again, it's none of my business nor my concern because as long as it doesn't affect me directly (such as my ability to pay rent/bills) then I should learn to keep my nose out of it.

While there are professional artists on dA, they seem to not notice they can still make the same amount of money as they would if they were on the old site, just minus the fancy profile page that they originally had. No one really cares what your profile page looks like anyways when they come to commission you. They care about wither or not you offer bundle deals, discounts for returning customers, etc. It's the quality of your work that outshines anything else, including Eclipse. So many have placed too heavy a value in how their homepage looks like, how their journals look like, that they have failed to realize; no one really gives a damn.

You can have the fanciest homepage or journals going but still produce shit work. Or vice versa. You can have the shittest homepage or journals and produce amazing work. As long as your work is quality, no one really gives a damn about these two things and it seems (to me at least) the ones complaining the most, were the ones who invested hours of work into HTML coding their homepages and CSSing their journals that they failed to realize this.

Like I've pointed out, if so many are so unhappy with Eclipse, why are they still here? Why torture yourself with something you're adamant you'll never enjoy? It seems to me, those doing this, just enjoy hurting themselves and hurting others while they're at it.

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DaughterofSachmet Artisan Crafter

Totally agree!

And yes, the DA staff read all the feedback (they told me).

So with all the hate they get, I'm glad that I'm not in their shoes. :|

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I just purchase and collect art as Favorites. It went from difficult to sort my large collection before to almost impossible now with Eclipse. I am super picky about how my pictures are organized but now I can only move them one space at a time. And subfolders are only for the Gallery so I can't sort them with that option either.

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ShadowEclipexHobbyist Traditional Artist

If it was just a new design I wouldn't care, I was ready and willing to adapt to Eclipse, but they didn't even finish Eclipse before forcing it on us. It feels like a downgrade.

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